The Characters


These are all the characters that appear in the Outcast Bandicoot series.

"Crunch Bandicoot""Tani Tiger""Crash Bandicoot""Coco Bandicoot"

"Tasha Bandiger""Tayna Bandiger""Tackal Bandiger""Tawna Bandicoot"

"Tiny Tiger""Derick Thylacine""Kris roo"

"Dingo""Croco the Crocodile""Dingodile""Koala Bong""Kuvo Tasmanian Devil""Jaseo Bilby"

"Tiffany Potoroo""Pinstripe Potoroo""Blaze Potoroo""Siegdog Potoroo""Tommy Potoroo""Favorani Potorotii"

"Dr N.Gin""Dr Nefarious Tropy""Dr N.Brio""Dr Neo Cortex""Nina Cortex"

"Komodo Joe""Komodo Moe""Komodo Cath""The Bearminator"

"Vin Vixen""Midelene Swan""Madam Amberly""Crimzon Demoness"


These are some characters that appear in other Outcast Bandicoot related stories, mostly characters owned by my friends, but a few of mine are here too.

Negamentals Kyut

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