Megumi Bandicoot

Character Description:

Megumi, a minion that Brio created to help out around the lab, especially with the chemistry equipments and such. She's quite a very intelligent girl, and very mature too for that matter.

These days though, she just spends her time around the Castle, working with her perfume experiments and such, to try and make the perfect perfumes for anthros and humans around that may like to buy them off her. She also makes shampoos and conditioners, and other various products that are safe for anthros to use (as human products sometimes harm them! heh).

More Detailed Information:

Description (OB1):

During this time, she was actually kidnapped by Cortex to be forced to work within his Space Station. Since he noticed her as a very intelligent and useful type, that would help out around with chemicals and other stuff related. She was rather annoyed with this, as she enjoyed working in the Castle with Brio instead... and was quite fond of working with the minions such as Blaze.

She's not seen very often, but she is in the Space Station. She did sometimes encounter the minions though, such as Kris roo, Dingodile and Teen Crunch. Kris actually had a slight attraction to her but she didn't seem to think much of him, until she decided to just date him out of pity. Dingodile was going to try his luck also, but she was too frightened by his appearance and ran away from the scene. She actually helped Kris with the escape plan, by telling him where the escape pods are and the maps.... though still, she didn't feel for him the same way he felt for her but she did think he was a good person. (she used to just think he was some immature lunatic, until he got to know him).

But during the Wrath of Cortex era, she was sent back down to earth with the other minions, to try and destroy Crash. She obviously didn't bother and just went back to her home at the Cortex Castle. And that was that...

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