Dr Nefarious Tropy

Character Description:

Dr Nefarious Tropy, the 'so called' Master of Time, whom he labels himself. And has his grand creation... the Time Twister Machine. It's not quite known where he comes from, but people say he came from the future to the present to see what the world is like during this time.

He decided to team up with Dr Cortex, since the mad doctor had some sort of connection with Uka uka.... a mask Nefarious was familiar with from the future.


More Detailed Information:

Description (OB1):

During this time, he started working for Dr Cortex in 1997. He's actually not very fond of him, but since Cortex has something to do with Uka uka, he decided to stay and put up with him... Neo Cortex also paid him for working with him, so why not?

He also seems to have a big distaste for animals, or anthros to be more precise. He never got along with any of them... and seemed to have issues with Kris roo the most. Though he was really grumpy in general anyhow, and serious almost all the time.

Tropy takes part in the punishment and... unfortunately the death of Kris roo. Though it was actually a mistake that Kris was tested on the Termination-ray, some argue that Tropy did this all by purpose to trick Cortex into getting rid of the 'annoying' kangaroo... hmm... he also aided Cortex in the extermination of Crunch (after Crunch attacked both Tropy and Cortex for killing Kris), but Crunch put up a good struggle to survive and never was able to be killed, after narrowly escaping the deadly Termination-ray to the chest, or anywhere else fatal (though he would have still died if N.Gin didn't find him on time, and didn't get him arm removed to be replaced with a metal arm).

After all those horrible events, Tropy didn't think much of it... and just carried on with his own business.

Description (OB3):

Tropy was now independent. Didn't work for Dr Cortex anymore, after his defeat by Crash Bandicoot and Aku aku in year 2001. He often kept to himself, and worked on his latest Time Machine (after his first one was destroyed, and the 2nd one not being of very good use).

He did however, often check out the latest 'world domination' events, and often lurked around to see what was going on, especially once Crimzon Demoness was released and causing havoc. He also encountered Crunch and had a rumble, but was soon 'defeated' by... the one and only, Rok-ko! (but not for long...)

Tropy meets up with Crunch again actually, and claims that Rok-ko was weak and wasn't kept imprisoned from long within the stone Rok-ko sealed him in for temporarily. He bumped into Crunch accidentally though, after snooping around Crimzon's temple to see what was going on.

This time they have a real fight, and Tropy sure does prove to be a worthy opponent to Crunch, especially for a human being. He actually hurts Crunch a few times, but not seriously... but Tropy neither. That's until near the very end, when he thought he knocked out Crunch when he was about to finish him off with his turning fork... Crunch quickly lashed out and ripped off his left arm! A rather shocking experience for Tropy, indeed.

But Crunch lets him live, because he didn't believe Tropy was evil enough to deserve death. Tropy gets pissed off with Crunch for showing him mercy, and yells back. But Crunch doesn't respond, and he walks off... leaving Tropy there until he finally decided to grab his turning fork and teleport away back to the safety of his secret air base.

Description (OB4):

Tropy has indeed changed a lot, after the harsh fight with Crunch back in 2002. He now had different armor, a lot stronger but more lighter and the 'smog generating' time machine built into the armor wasn't near as 'pollute' as before. He also upgraded his turning fork, it was now longer and one of the ends sharpened to a very fine point that can pierce through flesh with ease.

Since his left arm was torn off by the brute strength of Crunch, he had to get a new cybernetic arm. It's ridiculously large though, but has been of quite good use to the time machine madman.

He also actually doesn't hold a very big grudge against Crunch... but would fight him again if he had to. He'd also try to kill him too... if he gets the chance, heh. But he plays quite an important role in the next story.

(more info to be added once OB4 starts)


How I found him-

I remember first seeing him in Crash Bandicoot 3, as a young 8 (or 9) year old, and I just remember finding it hysterical seeing him in the dark and then walk forward and reveal himself in that CB3 intro (I was a pretty hyper kid back then!)

But yeah, first saw him way back in those days. Thought he was quite cool and badass for a scientist character, and he's been of good use in my series!

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