Crash Bandicoot

Character Description:

A crazy, cool and brave hero that we all must know by now... Crash was created by Dr Cortex, back in 1996. He first defeated Cortex, only to save Tawna though... because he instantly took interest in her back then. he has ruined Dr Cortex's 'take over the world' plans a few times now, and rather enjoys annoying the mad scientist! And he actually doesn't hate him.

Crash enjoys just sleeping around during day on his home island, N.Sanity Island. He also likes Wumpa fruit a lot, and has a special spinning attack that he got after going through the Cortex Vortex. he also likes to be cheeky with the Tribes folk now and then, and other various inhabitants.

Crash may seem dumb and 'not all there' to some, but he's really not all that dumb at all. He is just unable to speak.... but he's able to drive almost anything. He'll look at a car, bike, etc... and almost always will know how to drive it, even without learning. But then there's his downsides, he was never able to read though nor write.... but he can still understand what everyone says to him.

More Detailed Information:

Crash before he was Evolved:

Teen Crash (OB1):

Crash was in a Teen form after being evolved (he wasn't seen in OB1 though at this age). He was Cortex's 2nd 'independent' creation (meaning, Brio didn't help him with his evolution) Cortex believed Crash would be evolved into a psychopathic killer bandicoot, but he was really quite disappointed after evolving the bandicoot... to see a small, orange teen bandicoot smiling back at him, and wasn't even able to speak! Crash awaited his next task, and then soon he met a beautiful female bandicoot named Tawna, and becomes very fond of her.

Cortex thought maybe using him on the Cortex Vortex would make him stronger and more dangerous... so he does. But things go wrong, and Crash gets rejected! Meaning the Vortex failed on him so Crash quickly turned against Dr Cortex as he realized Cortex was an evil man. Crash was confused and tense, and spun around like crazy as he tried to escape Cortex and his Lab Assistants but then he suddenly smashed out a Castle window, and feel down into the sea...

He lay unconscious on a seashore, as a mask looks over him... a mask named Aku aku. Aku aku wakes Crash, and they soon team up to help thwart Dr Neo Cortex's plans, Crash agrees... mainly because he wanted to go and free his newly found love.

Unfortunately, things don't quite work out for these teenage lovers, and Tawna gets tired of Crash not giving her enough attention, so she leaves a note for Crash saying she's gone off with Pinstripe... he gets rather distraught.

But soon gets over it, and realizes he's got more better things to do. In the next few years, he helps thwart Cortex's evil plans and more...

Description (OB1):

Crash was an adult when he met Crunch for the first time. They first met in the Warp room when he saw his hologram... he was actually rather intimidated by Crunch's appearance, as he's never seen another male bandicoot before, especially a fierce burgundy bandicoot.

Though they didn't 'really' meet until the first bossfight, with Rok-ko. Since Crunch wasn't under control at that time, but Crash didn't know Crunch was under control before, thus thinking he's just yet another evil warrior of Cortex's. Crash and Aku aku end up defeating Crunch and Rok-ko, and leave the scene.


Later on, Crash and Aku aku have to face Crunch, Cortex and all the elementals at once! But Crunch is getting very tired from using the powers too much in too little time, and Crash notices. But he still thinks Crunch is evil during this time, until Crunch starts to act strange during the bossfight and starts to try attacking Cortex. Aku aku then tells Crash that he isn't evil and that he must help him, so he does.

Crash helps by shooting at Crunch with his Wumpa fruit bazooka, it didn't hurt Crunch but it fazed him, and made him snap out of the mind control for a moment. Crunch was struggling fighting the mind control, so he wasn't sure if he should attack Cortex of not, but he did toss him several times (would have been very hard if he was thinking straight! heh), making Neo fly and hit the floor near Crash, then Crash attacked him. Soon Crash had defeated Cortex... and then Crunch fainted from the overuse of the elemental powers... then the powers left his body, and were imprisoned again. Cortex got mad and gave up and threw the remote to the floor. Uka uka got very angry and tried to kill Cortex with a big laser beam, but he moved out of the way and the laser smashed into the wall... where a main power cable was. Everyone was in trouble.

The Space Station started the shake violently, and soon Crunch woke and was confused, then he saw Cortex and turned vicious. He was going to go and attack but then Aku aku stopped him, Crash gave gestures to Crunch to follow him and Aku aku out of the Station, Crunch didn't understand why Crash was helping him, but he decided to follow them anyway. Soon all of them head back to earth on Coco's spaceship, as they watch the station blow apart. They arrive back home on Earth, and Crunch thanks Crash and his family for saving him.


Crash and Coco become good friends with Crunch, he was really surprised when he found out Tawna was Crunch's half sister too. Crash thought maybe Crunch would see Tawna, and tell Tawna to come back to Crash and at least explain herself. Crunch said he will, if he can. Crash and Coco soon both meet his best friend Tani as well.

Not long after though, Crunch tells Crash of a new enemy about named Jaseo, but Crash is reluctant to face this guy, because Jaseo is with Tawna.... Crunch decides he'll take down this new enemy, as a favor to Crash so he does.

Crunch defeats him, and Crash is quite impressed. But he gets a big surprise when he sees Tawna come in. Tawna apologizes to Crash, and then they end up back together again to see if things work out. Crash is really happy to be with her again as is thankful to Crunch.

Description (OB2):

Crash was still his usual self, but was enjoying like a lot more now that he was back with Tawna. But soon trouble starts, but it's not someone trying to take over the world, nope. It's Dr Brio and one of his crazy experiments that went out of hand and caused chaos around the world, turning almost all humans into anthros! With the use of Magic and Science.

Crash, Coco and Crunch soon go on another adventure, to help reverse this effect by finding the Futurium Topaz, which will help reverse the effect.

Everyone heads to a city in Australia, as Coco has just found out that the Futurium Topaz is in one of the museums there! Crash, Crunch and Coco go on a mission to retrieve it, but they had to break in because the museum was closed.

(still writing this)

Description (OB3):

Sadly after OB2 though, Crash and Tawna broke up yet again because Crash had discovered Tawna was working at the Moulin Cortex... again. And he didn't like it. Crash wasn't too distraught however, he found that he was single yet again! He felt he didn't need a new partner anytime soon, since his job of stopping evil would be slowed down if he was still taken.

Crash and his sister Coco help out Crunch on this big adventure, as Crunch goes to find the elementals to help fight against Crimzon with them. Crash isn't very fond of the elementals.... and actually was spooked when Crunch mentioned them.

Along the way he helped with getting information about Crimzon at the Academy of Evil, by sneaking into the school. He had to fight against someone though while there, someone by the name of Midelene Swan. He defeated her though, of course (like most enemies).


Crash started to change in the OB3 adventure though as it dragged on, he was exposed to more serious threats than ever before! He even learned more about how Crunch really is when he's on his adventures. Crash disliked extreme violence, a lot. And didn't like it at all... he also disliked it how Crunch killed the Bearminator, though Crunch saved both Crash and Coco by doing so... so he got over it quickly. Crash also suffered a painful slash from the Demoness, he almost passes out from the shock of it (he's never been slashed before) but Crunch made him stand up and fight back, and he did. Helping destroy Crimzon's power source.

So after that adventure, Crash became more tougher and serious, he no longer freaks out over blood and violence anymore... but he still doesn't believe it's the way to settle things with his enemies.

Description (OB4):

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