Coco Bandicoot

Character Description:

She's smart, does karate and hacks computers! She is obviously Crash's sister.

She helps Crash when it comes to hacking computers, spaceships and warp centres, she can even join in with the action now and then, and show off a bit of her karate skills. She has always been very useful, even to Tani and Crunch, especially in Outcast bandicoot 2.

But now in Outcast Bandicoot 3, she is useful yet again. She helps uncover the truth of Crimzon by hacking into super computers. She also gets a chance to get into action, by going into cyberspace!

More Detailed Information:

Kid Coco (OB1):

This is what Coco looked like after she was evolved. She was younger than Crash, so was in a 'kid' form after the evolution. She doesn't appear in the OB series, but she and Crash (who was in a Teen form) were around... just not seen. She, Crash and Tawna lived on N.Sanity island... and she was insanely intelligent for her age.

Description (OB1):

Coco Bandicoot, is Crash's younger sister that helps with Crash during the Wrath of Cortex era, when Crunch is under control using the elementals by the commands of Dr Cortex.

Description (OB2):

Description (OB3):

Description (OB4):

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