Tackle Bandiger

Character Description:

Crunch's youngest kid Tackle, who wont appear in the series for a long time yet... He's very shy, quite like when Crunch was first evolved, but shyer... he hides behind Crunch or Tani whenever strangers come over... and sometimes growls, heh. He is very small, but hey, he's still young, who knows how big he'll be when he's an adult... 

The older Tackle is a slightly different character too. Mind.

More Detailed Information:

Tackle when he was a Baby (newborn and 4 month old versions)

Tackle when he was a Teen

Tackle when he's an Adult


How I made him-

I actually created him way back in 2002, when I was planning on Crunch having his kids much earlier, his original name was Crush too, but the name Crush is far to common so I chose this name.

Tackle is (c) to me.

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