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Chapter 1 - A Worrying Start


It had only been three months... After the world was set back to the way it was, thanks to the efforts of Crunch, Crash, and Coco… and not to mention Dr N.Tropy too, after using his time machine. Things pretty much went great after those efforts in saving the world from itself; especially for Crunch and Tani... their lives had changed significantly.

They were obviously in love, Tani was much happier than usual, and not to mention Crunch... They spent more time together, and doing stupid things like annoying the tribe’s folk and wildlife inhabiting the islands and many other things around the three islands. They also kept their relationship secret, since both were unsure of how everyone else would react to it....

Recently however, things have been going a bit out of hand... Crunch has become worried about certain things, such as Tani. Tani has been meaner than usual, she wasn’t too nice to Crash,  Coco… and other friends of Crunch’s, and she just wasn’t herself lately, not even exercising. Not only that, Tawna had recently broke up with Crash and Tawna’s now working at the Moulin Cortex, a bad guy dancing club which both Crunch and Tani despise of... and also, Koala Kong was discovered that he's been taking drugs, which explains why he's the way he is... the Potoroo gang had also been kicked out of Australia, forcing them to return to Cortex Castle to live.

So many things to worry about.


It was now in the middle of winter at the three islands. Snow surrounded X.Treme Island as it usually does each winter, due to Cortex’s toxic machinery, which has messed the weather up all over the place.

Things at Tani and Crunch’s home seemed quiet at the moment however. Crash and Coco came over to see Crunch around about an hour ago, they liked to visit now and then for company. Crash was chilling out on the sofa, Coco was sitting outside on the footstep, typing away on her laptop as she usually does, Tani seemed to be nowhere to be seen but Crunch... however, was training in the exercise room where Tiny once stayed, all he hoped was that there'd be no yelling or roaring for at least today, even with Tiny not living around, it still didn’t change much...

"Who left this damn cup on the damn table!?" Tani roared, Crash's ears flicked up and looked at Tani with a cheeky grin. He stood up quickly, and nodded with a huge 'forced' smile. Tani wasn’t all that amused though as Crash danced along holding the cup in his hands, and dropping it into the sink with a loud ding, "If you do that again I'll scrape that cheesy smile right of that orange face of yours!" Tani told the bandicoot, Crash just laughed and Tani sneered, Crunch heard what was going on, he walked into the lounge "Ok what’s going on?" he asked "Crash is just being a jackass, as usual!" Tani said, as she pointed at Crash, Crash shook his head as he obviously refused to be called that, "Well, I’m not your servant! In this house you HAVE to do your OWN duties!" Crash jumped back a few meters away from Tani as she grew angrier and angrier "Oh come on Tani, its not that much of a huge deal..." "YES IT IS! ONLY BECAUSE THEY’RE HEROES DOESN’T MEAN THEY GET THEIR OWN WAY!" she screeched, Crash ran outside to avoid trouble, Tani then looked at Crunch in the eye... and looked down..

"...Sorry, I guess I got a bit carried away..." said Tani, as she clung to Crunch "Hey its ok sweetie, just try to be a bit nicer to Crash and Coco... It wouldn’t be cool if you guys became enemies" "Nah, we wont become enemies, heck no. He's just good at getting on my nerves I guess" Tani said as they embraced each other, but then footsteps were heard on the balcony, Crunch and Tani’s eyes widened “Someone’s coming!" Crunch gasped, Tani sprinted over to the sink and started doing the dishes and Crunch speed over to the refrigerator and pretended he was looking for a snack, Coco came through the door entrance and went into the kitchen where Tani and Crunch were "Hey, is everything ok with you two?" she asked the pair "Oh, oh yeah everything’s ok! No need to worry Coco!" Crunch told her, "Yeah yeah, everything is a field of daisy’s, no need for concern!" said Tani, Coco had a confused expression, but agreed with them "Err ok then, that’s good.... because Crash was kind of worried! Well, I'll see you two around!" Coco then skipped away like a schoolgirl back outside, Crunch sighed in relief, "Phew, that was a close one!" "You can say that again..." Tani replied, Tani and Crunch approached each other again "Man, don’t you think this is getting too... hard to hide?" Crunch asked "Yeah I have to agree with yah but I don’t think we should tell the others... yet right?" "Yeah true".

Chapter 2

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