Chapter 2 - Out in the X.Treme Jungle

The sun was now fading behind the clouds, seemly under the sea but actually setting in the sky. Both Tani and Crunch were both working out in the exercise room, Tani was just punching and kicking the boxing bag, while Crunch was on the ground near her, doing press ups with his left hand... they both looked at each other now and then and talked, but everything seemed so awkwardly quiet.

 But both Crunch and Tani just went hard with their exercising since it was their hobby. Crunch then looked at Tani again and noticed she seemed to be struggling as she kicked and punched... "Hey Tani, donít you think you shouldnít go... so hard on the boxing bag there?" "What you talking about? Iím, Iím fine!" Crunch then carried on with his business, thatís until Tani missed the boxing bag, and fell to the floor, Crunch quickly shot up and kneeled down by her "Tani! Are you ok?" Tani shook her head a few times "Iím, Iím ok! I was just a bit clumsy then!" Crunch started to think she was hiding something from him, "Are you sure you're ok, you seem a bit... different in the past week or so, I just canít help but feel worried..." Tani got up and approached Crunch, she started to feel bad for some reason, she just stroked his sleek fur to try and change the mood, Crunch just stared worryingly at herself though, Tani sighed "Its nothing Crunch, just donít worry about me ok? You need to start focusing on other things ok mate?" Crunch just looked down and smirked slightly "yeah, you're right... Iím just paranoid I guess, lets just get back to exercising then" as Crunch told Tani, Crunch started to hear something unusual calling from the deep X.Treme jungle outside, Crunch stood there listening to the words...

"Crunch... come to me... join my side... ďAnd it kept on repeating, Tani looked at Crunch, "Umm Crunch, what are you doing?" Tani asked, Crunch then shook his head out of confusion "Oh, Tani! Did you hear that?" "Hear what?" "Hear that voice, calling out to me from the forest..." Crunch stood there again and listened... "Crunch... hurry along now... before it is too late..." Crunch was shocked and confused, he wasnít sure what and who it was, but he didnít like to waste time, "Tani! Someone's out there! I'll just go and check it out ok?" Crunch ran to the exit, Tani came running behind him "What? Are you sure there's someone out there though? Its like, extremely cold out there, who would bother calling to you if they can just come up here instead?" "Iím not sure but we'll go and check it out ok?" Tani grabbed her jacket and Crunch just opened the door, "Hey Crunch! You should get a jacket on man its freakishly cold out there!" "Nah Iím ok, letís just go and see who this is..." Both the pair just jumped off the balcony down to the snow covered ground.


Both marsupials ran through the freezing cold snow, Crunch kept on hearing the voice, it got louder and louder as he went furtherer into the forest, "Tani, are you sure you can't hear anyone? I just keep on hearing it! Itís getting louder as we go..." "No, I canít... Are you sure itís someone?" "Yes Iím certain..." the pair carried on running until they noticed a strange ball of light in the distance, which wasnít actually light, it was a ball of darkness, which sparked dangerously just above both Crunch and Tani...

"What the hell is that!?" Tani gasped, as Crunch started at it in fear, then the ball exploded just before Crunch could say a thing, Tani screamed and got blown away from Crunch, Crunch fell the opposite way, "TANI!" he yelled, but she didnít reply, he just rolled down the steep hill, it was too slippery to grasp onto any tree of stone then THUD... Crunch fell onto the ground, which wasnít a nice landing at all.

Crunch slowly got up off the sharp ragged rocks, slightly wounded and hurt but didnít care, he slowly got up off the stones, and quietly growled to himself, he just want to find out who this was, And find out where Tani was, hoping she wasnít in the same situation as himself..

Chapter 3

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