Chapter 1

The Story...


A calm morning it was... here on the X.Treme Island. One of the three exotic and relatively unknown islands, not far from the coast of Tasmania, not very far from Australia and New Zealand, themselves. These islands were not ordinary islands. Though they were near Australia, most of the fauna wasn't the usual you'd expect. It ranged from vultures, monkeys, polar bears and more. Not so Australian now is it? X.Treme Island also had various temples around, from hundreds to thousands of years ago, and even a small active volcano. But that wasn't what was unique about these islands, there was something else much more unique to anything in the whole world living around here...

There were Evolved Animals, or Anthros as humans would commonly call them. All created from normal, natural Australian creatures captured by mad scientists, who also happened to be living around the islands. One Anthro though, was different from the rest and was often labeled the most successful creation of the lot, except he didn't like the idea of his 'masters' world domination plans...

He currently lived in peace with his friend in a large Tree house, somewhere in the thick jungle of X.Treme Island... staring out into the horizon, thinking about all that happened years ago, after being evolved with the Evolvo-ray... he said,



"Well it all started off in this huge castle, obviously owned by the twerp himself... Dr Neo Cortex.

I don't remember anything from my previous bandicoot life, but all I know is that I was the first of my family to be evolved. I have to admit I don't know if it was Brio or Cortex that created me. But I refuse to believe Cortex did...

Then I was zapped with the Evolvo-ray, the evolution probably didn't last long and next thing you know I was evolved! And that was my beginning. I was quite blank. Had no idea who I was, but I seemed to know a lot of things... I even knew how to talk, read and other stuff without even learning them! I sure was confused.

I soon got to meet the other minions such as Koala Kong, Pinstripe, Tani Tiger. Soon my sisters, Tawna and Crystal came into my life too... and I meet a little girl named Nina. She was Neo Cortex's niece, but was far more kind hearted, that's for sure!

Cortex also seemed to hate me right from the start, I actually tried to befriend him, but he kept pushing me away. Such a fool I was!

It wasn't long until Crystal disappeared and then Cortex told me she was tested on the Cortex Vortex and was killed. I was furious! I tried to attack Cortex but I ended up getting hurt myself from his defences... and that's the reason I despise of him. Me and Tani were soon sent to X.Treme island. A dream home for us both. Though we often visited Cortex Castle, to piss off Neo now and then, it was good fun but serious at the same time. I swore to get my vengeance on him... but after seeing the rest of this movie, you'll see how my hatred for him goes even furtherer.... "


Chapter 2

As Teen's


Teenage Crunch and Tani ran down the long, sandy coast of X. Treme Island in what appeared to be a game of rugby. The two had grown up together, straight from the moment they were evolved. Even though they fought and argued often, they were still very good friends.


"Hey Crunch! Hurry up, you slow 'coot! Come and tackle me like a real fighter, you wimp!" yelled Tani, dashing up the shore with a rugby ball under her arm. Crunch wasn’t far behind her, running as fast as his legs could carry him. “I’m coming! I'll tackle you like you've never been tackled before, you sissy!" he shouted to the tiger. She ran ahead, and Crunch was quick to give chase. That’s when they abruptly came to a halt in front of someone. This person was huge, and muscular. From the looks of it, he appeared to be daydreaming. He turned out to be none other than Koala Kong.


"So, kiddies, uh, what are you two doing here, uh, yah!" he spoke. Crunch and Tani glance at each other briefly. "Kong, we're NOT kids anymore; is your memory that bad? Anyway, we're just having a game of rugby!" Tani told him, "Yeah, Kong, and you’re not playing because you’ll probably just forget how to play in a matter of minutes. You’re getting dumber everyday!" Crunch added. The koala didn't really seem to notice, though; he didn't understand all that well. "Yeah, Crunch is right, mate," Tani stated. "But, you can play Rugby with us if you can do the ABC's!" she snickered to herself. Kong tapped his finger on his chin thoughtfully and started to think. "Uh, okay, yah! Uh, A... B... 1... 2... 9... X… Me don't remember the rest. I like eucalyptus leaves!" said Kong, raising his finger towards the sky. Crunch and Tani gave him odd looks, "…Err, okay, but your head is still full of rocks, so, sorry; you can’t play!" Tani said to him. "Uh, okay. Yeah, I'm going to go and throw rocks at monkeys now, bye bye!" Kong then walked off into the jungle, leaving Crunch and Tani by themselves. They were really starting to worry about the dopey koala.


“Crunch, do you reckon we should tell Dr N. Brio to make him a brain or something...?" Tani asked "Nah! Why should we bother? Kong can do what he wants, and we can do what we want!" Crunch replied. “Yeah, you’re right!” the tiger added, and the two of them eventually left.


Chapter 3

Searching for a snack

The duo had gone straight to Koala Kong’s shack, where the three currently lived. But, the place was an absolute mess with ripped sheets and pillows lying around, eucalyptus leaves all over the floor, broken beer bottles strewn all around. The house was a virtual pigsty! Tani searched the cupboards only to find that they had since been inhabited by spiders. Crunch checked the fridge, and found nothing but beer, whiskey, and even more eucalyptus leaves.

"Oh, man! What happened to all the meat! I'm starving!" Crunch moaned as he slammed the fridge door shut.

"Yeah, you're right. Sometimes I wish we were still living at Cortex Castle... But, yet again, there's no freedom there." Tani replied from nearby. "I'd never live near Dr Cortex, no matter what!” Crunch said with determination in his voice. "Well, Crunch, I guess we better head over there to steal more stuff, since Dr. Brio's not allowed to see us anymore." the tiger pointed out. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Well... I just don't like going over there.” Crunch said, looking down at his feet sheepishly. "What's a matter? Scared?" Tani joked, giggling at him. Crunch didn’t think it was so funny, though. "NO! Of course not! I just hate it over there, that's all!" he protested. 

"Well, lets go, then! Or else we starve!" Tani lead the way out. Crunch scowled for a moment, before hesitantly following after, despite the fact that he didn’t want to.


Chapter 4

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