Chapter 4
Searching the Labs

Crunch and Tani finally arrived on Cortex's Castle island, the island wasn't all that pleasant, with hardly any plantation, a large toxic power station which polluted the sea around the island, and many dangerous areas such as long and unstable bridges which leaded to many places...

Crunch and Tani approached the Castle entrance, "Now lets go into the Castle, we have to be very quiet though..." Tani said to Crunch "ok Tani..." replied Crunch reluctantly.

Tani headed inside as Crunch stood there thinking to himself, Tani noticed him and sighed, "well, lets go! We can't waste too much time here!" Tani told Crunch and they both creped through the entrance door… "Now that we're in the castle... Lets go and find that cafe" Tani told her friend, "Yeah ok, but its been a while since we've been here, the place has changed a bit" Crunch said, Crunch and Tani saw some stairs and a long dark hallway... "Where do you think we should go, Up the stairs, Or down that hallway?" Tani asked Crunch "Well... I think we should go and check out that hallway first, then come back to go up the stairs" "Sounds good enough to me!" then they both started creeping through the dark hallway, "No wait! I can hear something..." Tani whispered to Crunch, Crunch then suddenly stopped walking, his ears flicked up like Tani's, to pick up the sound "I can hear it too!"... the hallway was fairly dark Tani couldn't see very well but Crunch could in the dark, though he couldn't see where anyone was, Tani tried to look and sniff around for anyone, the pair just stood there listening to the shuffling in the darkness...

"Grrr what is it..." Crunch whispered, and Tani and Crunch were standing there, looking in every direction then suddenly... "SIEG!!!" A loud hyperactive voice was heard! "AHH!" Crunch and Tani gasped, they jumped back and stood there staring at the figure in the dark, "Siegy SIEG SIEG!" The voice was heard again, it was loud! "That's it! That guy is driving me nuts! He's going to get it!" Yelled Crunch, he lashed towards the fellow and he punched the guy directly into the face!

"OUCHIES!" the unusual guy screamed, he then fell to the ground... barely moving, Crunch stood there smiling proudly "Show off..." Tani thought, then a light was switched on, a Potoroo wearing a gray tuxedo stood there, he had a light orange coloured fur and his name was Blaze, "Siegdog! What the HELL are you doing down here!" Blaze yelled, "Ahh Oh, Blaze my Brother! Hello...." the guy now known as Siegdog spoke to his brother, Blaze was a young Potoroo with orange fur wearing a gray suit, he was young but very mature and Siegdog, was a light brown coloured Potoroo wearing USA clothing, also the brother of Blaze who was slightly younger. He was the idiotic type who seemed to be obsessed with 'Siegs', Crunch then noticed the potoroo brothers... he walked up to them "Who are you guys?" Crunch asked Blaze and Siegdog, Blaze looked at Crunch in a surprised way, "Ehh, where did you two come from? Have you two come from one of those other islands?" Blaze asked Crunch and Tani "Err Maybe" replied Tani, " Because you minions are NOT allowed to just come barging in onto Cortex's Castle Island without permission! But don't worry, I won't tell Dr Cortex!" Blaze told Tani and Crunch, "Well, that's a relief! So, what's your names?" 

Crunch asked the potoroo's "YO! My name is Siegdog! And Me Brother over here, his name is Blaze! Cool to meet you fellas!" Siegdog said to Crunch and Tani, Tani looked puzzled, "Ehh, You’re a dog?!" "No, Siegdog just thinks he's a dog!" Blaze explained "no no NO! I am a dog see!" Siegdog screamed directly at Tani, Siegdog pulled a Sieg at Tani's face "Grrrrr... You’re so extremely annoying!" Then Tani punched Siegdog in the face! "Oww she hit me! She hit ME!" Siegdog cried, Crunch and Tani roared with laughter... even Blaze was smirking, Siegdog then got sad and looked down, "No one has respect for the Sieg! I'm going home now, I don't like any of you!" then he ran of crying, "Don't worry about him, his brain has been severely damaged by the Cortex-Vortex" Blaze told Crunch and Tani "Well that explains a lot!" Crunch said,

"Well, what are you two doing here anyway?" Blaze asked both Crunch and Tani... "Err well... me and Tani were just uhh..." Crunch mumbled... Crunch and Tani didn't know what to tell Blaze... "Well listen you two! Neo Cortex is about to head out into space at dawn... I highly suggest you guys get back to your home island...incase he sees any of you" Blaze warned Crunch and Tani "He is? Well that's great! But why is he going into space anyway?" Crunch asked the potoroo, "I bet he's going there because no one likes him... heh" Tani said, Blaze frowned "Hmm, that could be true... Well, this isn't a joke however. Dr Cortex was recently defeated by a Bandicoot by the name of 'Crash' and now Cortex is going into space with a former Minion named 'Dr N.Gin' to do some furtherer 'World Domination' plans... and they're also taking some other minions with them to make use of..." Blaze told both Crunch and Tani, "Ha! I wonder whom he's taking with him... I hope he takes Koala Bong, Bong has been such a bong lately”

Crunch told Blaze "Ha ha very funny... But I still order you two to get back to you’re own island... just to be safe" Blaze told the pair, then suddenly... there was footsteps heard, "Who's that coming down the hallway..." Tani gasped, "I think its just Siegdog..." Blaze told Tani "No... Its someone else, just look at the shadow, is Siegdog really that short with a huge as head?" Crunch said... Then cheesy 'Darth Vader' music started playing in the background... finally, the unknown figure came up to Blaze, Crunch and Tani... It was Dr Neo Cortex himself...

"Well well, what on Earth is Crunch and Tani doing here?" Neo Cortex shouted at Blaze, Blaze stepped back in fear "Ahh Boss! They're intruding you’re island! You must punish them! I've got nothing to do with them bye!" Blaze said, he then ran off down the hallway like a coward... "Hmm, pathetic potoroo..."

Neo said, Crunch and Tani were standing there... looking at Cortex nervously as Neo Cortex looked at them both "Very well... you two must be the pair that work with Bong in the gold mines over on X.Treme island? Hmm... You two look like you've grown into worthy super animals for my World Domination Minions..." Neo Cortex told them, Tani and Crunch scowled towards Cortex, "Hey listen madman... Me and Tani aren't going into you’re spaceship into space whenever you like it or not!" Crunch growled at Neo "Yeah! Just like what Crunch said! I'm not coming nether! Why don't you take Bong instead?" yelled Tani, Neo Cortex just laughed "Hah. Very amusing... but I am not taking Koala Bong, because he failed to beat Crash Bandicoot first time, so I am not thinking of taking him at all!" Neo yelled, Tani and Crunch were now getting worried, Tani turned to Crunch "Hey Crunch, we can get away..." she whispered to Crunch "no... Neo has all those Lab assistants and Minions... and is he catches us he might...!" Crunch whispered back to Tani... Tani grabs Crunch by the hand and ran off "Hay Tani!" Crunch yelled, "You two come back here!" Cortex shouted out to Crunch and Tani, but the pair just ran anyway...



Running for their lives...

Crunch and Tani ran for their lives, they ran out of the Castle entrance... down the roads not far from the power station, then through strange looking temples... and finally, they arrived at the sea shore  "Tani! We don't have enough time to out-swim Dr Cortex's Minions!" Crunch told Tani "You’re... you’re right! Wait.... Look over there!" Tani yelled and pointed, at a hover-board that seemed to look wrecked..."Hmm, it's one of Dr Cortex's hover boards, I wonder if it still works?" said Crunch, "Come on! We haven't got much time!" yelled Tani, Crunch turned around and saw a large group of Lab Assistants heading towards them, Crunch ran and picked up the Hover board... it then suddenly turned on! Crunch jumped right on it "Hey Tani! It’s working! We can get out of here!" Crunch told Tani, Tani jumped on the back of the hover board, and they flew off...Neo saw them take off towards X.Treme island "Doh! Damn Crunch bandicoot and his little friend! Very well... I am going to have to capture them the harsh way..." Spoke Neo Cortex, as he smiled evilly... Neo grabbed out a microphone like device, he then spoke into it, "Dr N.Gin... I need you to bring a Spaceship down to earth right at this very moment... above X.Treme island also... do not fail me!" "Yes Dr Cortex, I will not fail... I will come at this very moment...”


Chapter 6

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