Tawna Bandicoot

Character Description:

Tawna has had a quite a messed up life... constantly switching sides, never really knowing if she's an evil or good person... though she's not evil at all anyhow.

She was originally created as a normal, happy girl who liked to be with her siblings and seemed really cheerful and caring. But as she got older, and was still on Cortex's side by force... Neo thought that she was useless, and therefore, forced her into the 'Moulin Cortex' business, for entertainment purposes for minions. She was reluctant at first but after putting her through the Cortex Vortex... it completely changed her mind.

More Detailed Information:

Tawna before she was evolved:

Description (Kid OBzero):

When she was first evolved, she was a sweet and innocent little girl, who cared about her brother and sister very much. She's Crunch and Crystal's half sister, meaning that she's a hybrid of two different bandicoot species... but she resembled her Eastern Barred Bandicoot side more. The burgundy bandicoot features were only her paws, muzzle, tail and height.

Description (Teen OB1):

Tawna as a teen was never seen in OB1, but was around. She never saw Crunch and Tani neither, and often wondered what happened with them...

The original purpose for her evolution was to be a source of entertainment as a head dancer at the Moulin Cortex, so this trait obviously came into place as soon as she hit her teenage life, she started to act a bit too maturely for her age, like a whore to say the least... (but wasn't truly one, since she never went with anyone yet) she just liked the attention she got from guys, but she had a thing for Crash after she was rescued by him, but soon after, she dumped him and ran off with Pinstripe, and quickly got into the Moulin Cortex... and grew up around it.

Description (OB1):

Her relationship with Pinstripe lasted a few years but they grew tired of each other and soon broke away, since Pinstripe found true love with Tiffany instead, this made Tawna angry but she didn't care at the same time. This was around the time Tani had to come at work at the Moulin Cortex. Tawna was quite happy to see Tani after so long, but Tani disliked her right away, cos of her appearance...

latter on in the Moulin Cortex, this is when Tani left and Tawna was ordered to try and convince Tani to return, after she had a talk with Tani, she said something about Crunch that hurt Tani's feelings, and Tawna ended up getting beaten by Tani, leaving Tawna badly hurt... but not too badly (since Tani knows Crunch might get upset if he finds his sister hurt).

Description (OB2):

Description (OB4):


How I found her-

When I first played Crash 1. She has barely any personality so when I added her to the OB series, I made her act a bit 'whorish' and girly but however, she changes later on in the series after she has a child (proof that she wasn't a real whore, if she was, she'd have 20 kids by now, heh).

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