General Ironfang


Character Description:

One of the new Antagonists in Outcast Bandicoot 4, Ironfang is a formidable foe with a great force of anthros at his command. He originally was an apprentice of a human Sergeant, who both fought for peace and fought against crime. And his original name was Fang. But after a horrible accident Fang suffered, it was almost certain that he would die... but his master wouldn't allow it, so he round up as many cybernetic surgeons as possible, and they managed to save his life. But from now on, he was half machine... and his personality had changed... for the worst.

How I made him-

He's simply a new foe, which Crunch and his team must take on as they first arrive into the future! I created him, to show that not always humans are responsible for wars and troubles in the future...

Ironfang is (c) to ME

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