Chapter 12 - Heading to the Academy

Crash was back at home resting, then Polar... his giant loyal polar bear companion greeted him with a rather deep growling bark, enough to terrorize the average human but did little to Crash, whilst Crash went to go and greet Polar too, after waking "It's good to have you back Crash! I suppose you need to go to the Academy of evil now then..." Coco asked, he nodded "Well alright then... but please be careful there! it's very unsafe! But here, take this collar-cam! It'll help me see what you see and help me keep in contact with you as well! I need to see how Crimzon was created, so we can all think of a strategy against Crimzon!" Crash nodded with agreement, and placed the cam around his short neck, he walked over to the portal... took a big breath, "Just take care alright big brother? And try to track down the room where Crimzon was made as well..." Crash winked and held a thumbs up, and quickly headed into the portal.

the bright portals light shone and Crash leapt from it, he wasn't far from the Academy of Evil... as he saw the large school gate up ahead, he shrugged and moved on. Crash approached the gate, and glared at the height of it. He just smirked and simply squeezed through the gates bars "Hey Crash, I think you should keep an eye out for any trouble... the academy isn't such a safe place!" Coco spoke to Crash though the small speaker, Crash rolled his eyes and nodded, as if he knew what he was doing. Crash looked around the Academy. The Academy of Evil was a school for children, to be taught the ways of evil and other devious types of educations too. Many of Dr Cortex's relations have been through this academy, including the Doctor himself and his fellow human minions, besides Dr Nefarious Tropy.

Crash walked around the school grounds, the sky was starting to get darker... he couldn't seem to open any of the doors from the outside, they were all locked! he tried to break one of the doors open but then a loud metallic clash was heard! Crash changed from determined to alert, he knew trouble was soon about to rise! The sound of barking and growling got louder and louder and Crash ran from the door, a pack of Doberman dogs chased him away from the buildings and out into the darker tree covered areas, Crash panicked and so did Coco "Oh my gosh Crash! watch out!" Crash was corned in the corner of the fence, the hungry and vicious dogs approached Crash slowly, Crash turned from frightened to annoyed... he didn't want to be pushed around by these dogs, he ran forwarded and gave a harsh spin attack on the first three dogs surrounding him, they all yelped in pain and Crash dashed in to hit the remaining two "Go Crash!" cheered Coco, but three of the canines wanted revenge after being spun, they growled harshly and all tried to go for Crash at once! "WHOA" Crash gasped, and he duck, as the canines narrowly missed him, he jumped up high and did a belly flop down hard, the unlucky Dobermans down bellow got a final knockout blow, and Crash stood up proudly, the remaining two ran away in fear "Wow that was great Crash! Now you really must find a way to get in, try climbing up the steps into an open window, there's bound to be one somewhere!" Coco told Crash through the speaker, Crash headed over to the steps but then more dogs were heard coming! But even more this time, Crash knew he wasn't able to take them all out himself, so he made a quick dash up the steps, with the dogs rushing from behind... he then spotted an open window up the stairs, but the problem with it is that is was on the side of the veranda! making it difficult to climb in, but he had no choice! He jumped off the side of the veranda, and only just grasped onto the windows ledge! The dogs went psycho and tried to jump and snap at Crash, but instead they missed and landed on the ground bellow, Crash quickly pulled himself into the window and got inside.

Crash was standing inside a small room... it was rather dark but he could see various cleaning equipment around, and chemicals on the shelves "Crash, is everything ok now? Did you make it inside?" Coco nagged, Crash replied "uh huh..." "well good... now make your way out of this... janitors room and try to look for Madame Amberlies lab... But be careful! there's bound to be security around here!" Crash headed for the door, and slowly turned the handle... he poked his head out of the door and saw a long hallway, the coast was clear "Ok Crash looks like everyone must be in the dinning room! You better find the lab quick, we don't have much time!" Coco told Crash, Crash dashed down the hallway and looked around, there were many doors and he quickly became quite confused "whoa..." he thought, he tried opening one of the doors and to his surprise he saw a whole classroom but it was empty "Nope this is totally the wrong place Crash! Try going doing a different hallway..." Crash shrugged and headed off down a different direction, he opened the exit door and was now in a square shaped room, with four doors... Crash scratched his head in confusion "Hmm now this is tricky... why not try the one straight up ahead?" Crash agreed, and headed straight for it. He saw yet another log hallway, but with no lights on. It was dark, but various science work was seen, such as beakers, stuffed animals, and a door with the sign 'science' "yes that must be it Crash! Go and check it out" Crash headed for the door eagerly and opened it, but once he peered through... it was deserted. So he thought "Hmm..." he thought he walked inside anyway just to make sure... the room looked like a normal Science classroom, he sighed "Crash I don't think this is the lab... it's just some Science class for those evil children! Try another room..." Crash was now getting quite annoyed, he stomped his way out of the room but... then a smash of glass was heard! Crash gasped and turned quickly, to only see a rather strange looking robot! It's lights were flashing and he quickly ran out of the class "Oh no!" Coco gasped, Crash tried to get away but the sound of smashing beakers and glass was starting to attract attention! Crash was running down the hallway, but he could hear people coming, he was trapped! But after turning to see what's behind him... he saw a vent entrance, Crash scratched his head and thought "Crash that's a vent! Try using your slide attack into it and you should get in with no problem!" Coco told Crash, has was unsure of it "Hurry up! yes it's very cliché but you've got no choice right now!" Crash took a few steps back and did his slide attack into the vents entrance, he broke in and quickly climbed up the entrance! Some Academy of evil kids and a teacher just missed him, and checked out the Science classroom "Huh I wonder whom was in there... Has any of you naughty kids been experimenting with giant rats again?!" the teacher yelled "No miss, of course not! Only Nina's uncle is silly enough to do that!" all the kids laughed, the teacher didn't look too amused at all "Right enough with the laughing, we must head back to the dining room!".

Chapter 13

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