Chapter 13 - A grumpy mask of h2O

Crunch, Dingodile and Rok-ko were still in the boat, Crunch has fallen asleep from boredom and Rok-ko was just laying there near Dingodile... they both had been chatting a lot long the way, they seemed to get along quite well "Heh so Dingodile... how long til we get to your place?" "Well mate, not too long now! Just a few more minutes! Yah should wake Crunch up now" Dingodile told Rok-ko "Hell no! He'll attack me! I aint stupid ya know!" shouted Rok-ko, then THUD. The boat hit some underwater stones, "CRICKY!" Dingodile screeched, he pulled on the breaks, and Crunch went slamming into the front, hitting Rok-ko on the way "OH NOES!" he screamed, Crunch shook his head "Sheesh watch where you're driving Dingodile! worse wake up call ever!" Murmured Crunch "whoops sorry mate, I forgot about those darn rocks around here, stupid rocks" "Hey don't bash rocks, rocks rok!" Rok-ko yelled at Dingodile, Dingodile just ignored the comment and then stopped the boat. It was almost pitch dark... and to Crunch and Rok-ko's surprise, Dingodiles home was on a large Ice-berg! The Ice-berg was somewhere out in the deserted South Pacific Ocean... "You seriously live on an Ice-berg?" Crunch asked Dingodile "yeah! I thought it was kind of cool! But that water mask has been pestering me to get off!" complained Dingodile, all three headed over to Dingodiles house, and Dingodile pointed up to the rooftop, and the mask of water was seen, Wa-wa "So mister! Did you drag Py-ro along this time ehh?" Wa-wa shouted at Dingodile, like an Army sergeant, Dingodile gasped "Oh uhh umm... no sorry! Py-ro wasn't in Hawaii anymore!" "BLAST!" Wa-wa shouted, and formed a large rain cloud above everyone, Dingodile started to freak out, Rok-ko got annoyed and Crunch ignored the show "Wa-wa... I need to ask you a favor" Crunch asked the mask, Wa-wa floated down to Crunch "A favor ehh? And what may that be? Blasting Py-ro's fiery mouth clean with the truth that WATER BEATS FIRE! I'll fix that pitiful attitude of his!" "No not that... I just need you and the other elementals to help me fight against Crimzon Demoness..." explained Crunch, Wa-wa frowned "Me aiding YOU? Sorry mister but you are unable to handle the elemental power of water! After that ordeal two years ago! Making my forces of nature look bad!" Wa-wa shouted at Crunch, Crunch quickly got annoyed and bared his teeth "ARGH! but that was Cortex controlling me though! Sheesh, Dr Cortex just has to ruin everything for me..." "No more excuses! I also can take care of myself, that Demon stands no chance against the likes of the water element!" ranted Wa-wa even more, Crunch just rolled his eyes and turned, then thought "Sheesh I have to think of something to convince him to join my forces..." Rok-ko looked at Crunch and saw how annoyed he was, he wanted to try and help in some way "Why don't you want to join Crunch against Crimzon? And why the hell are you so protective of this Ice-berg anyway? it's just an Ice-berg!" "JUST AN ICE-BERG? This is my works of art! I will not tolerate this beast living on MY works of art!" "Oh yeah whatever and I know why you don't want to join Crunch's side, because you're too WEAK! Yes you heard me! You know you're not worth joining because you just plain suuuuck!" Rok-ko taunted Wa-wa, Wa-wa quickly got annoyed "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" He yelled, Dingodile snickered and joined in "Yeah! All ya can do it fly around, and go and scream at people or animals sitting on your precious little Ice-bergs! You LOW LIFE CHUM!" Dingodile said, Wa-wa started to boil with anger "You better shut that big mouth of yours, both of you! Or else I'll drown you!" Dingodile felt scared, and Rok-ko did, slightly... Crunch turned around "Come on guys, insults wont get us anywhere... What can I do to convince you to join my forces then?" Crunch asked the elemental, Wa-wa was thinking for a minute but then Rok-ko blurted "HEY WA-WA! Have you even taken any concern with Global warming lately? I'm pretty sure there's more Ice-bergs out there who need you more than this one ya know!" Wa-wa then floated dead still, with a horrified expression "....Global.... WARMING?! DAMN YOU PY-RO!!! TRYING TO MELT ALL MY WORKS OF ART AND... AND MY AMAZING GLACIERS! NOW THE ESKIMOS WILL NOT APPRECIATE MY ART ANYMORE! Oh Just wait until I wash out Py-ros coal ridden mouth oh just wait!!!" Wa-wa shouted in fury, he went mad and disappeared from the scene, the big rain cloud had stopped "Hey thanks a lot mate! Now my home is saved!" Dingodile told Rok-ko, Crunch looked at Rok-ko viciously, he gulped "oops...." "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND DO THAT FOR!? WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN WA-WA ONTO OUR SIDE!" yelled Crunch, Rok-ko fell on the ground from shock "I'm sorry I'm sorry! I was only trying to help!" Rok-ko said in fear, Crunch just sighed and get go of his temper "Crunch, I think you seriously need some relaxation! Come on inside, I have a roast inside, that's almost done!" Dingodile told him, "Mmm sounds good! Well thanks Dingodile, and you're right. I should just forget about those mental masks for a while... They're bound to cry for help once Crimzon starts to get on their trail" so everyone followed Dingodile into his home.

Chapter 14

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