Chapter 8 – Ready to leave the islands

The three guys were now at Tani and Crunch’s house, “Ohhh so who’s Tani? You’re little love doll?” asked Rok ko, Crash chuckled as Crunch just rolled his eyes, “Do you really have to be so immature? Seriously, don’t be a smart ass around her, She’ll kick your ass” “But, I don’t have an…” “You know what I mean!” Crunch told the mask, the three guys then entered the room where Tani rested, Crunch quickly headed over to her and Crash waved “Hi Tani!” “Hey boys! Who’s that freaky looking mask with you?” “Oh him, he’s one of the elementals, the element of Earth” Crunch told Tani “Oh yeah, I remember you telling me stories about them, its nice to finally see at least one of them” Rok ko quickly hovered over to Tani “It’s nice ta meet ya too baby!” Said Rok ko, Tani frowned slightly and Crunch got nervous “…Rok ko!” Crunch growled, “Opps! Sorry I, just couldn’t resist cause you look so innocent and sweet unlike how Crunch describe ya!” “You think I look WEAK?” Tani yelled, Crash ducked down for cover, Rok ko floated backwards “yikes I’m sorry I’m sorry!” he panicked “Well, you better be… listen to Crunch next time, he knows me best” she said, as she stared into Crunch’s eyes and he stared back but then they both realized they weren’t alone “can we have a little bit of privacy for now?” Crunch asked Crash and Rok ko “Yeeeah suuuure, We’ll just be waiting out siiide” Rok ko told Crunch, both him and Crash headed out of the house to the balcony, Both Tani and Crunch sighed in relief “Finally, we’ve got peace for now” said Tani “Yeah… Tani, I just have to tell you that I’m going to use the elementals again, to help beat Crimzon…” “The elementals! Are you sure? I remember you telling me that they almost, killed you…” “Oh that, that’s when Dr Cortex tried to make me use all of them at once, but I don’t remember that since I was under control and that’s what N.Gin told me…” Crunch told Tani, Tani placed her paw on Crunch shoulder “…You go and get Crimzon, okay? And do me a favour; just don’t worry about me ok?” “Yeah ok Tani, I think I’m starting not to as much as I should… You just be careful ok? Don’t do anything crazy ok?” Crunch told her, Tani giggled “Gee I wont, I can’t hardly stand up anyway… but if I manage to heal in time, I’ll do what I can to help out ok?” “Yeah, that’ll be great, I think I should get going now…” “Yeah go on Crunch, blast some demon ass for me ok?” Tani told Crunch, Crunch smiled slightly “heh, yeah I will…” he replied, Tani lent closer to him and hugged him tightly as he did as well, “My luck goes to you, and Crash…and the elements” Tani told Crunch, "Thanks..." he replied, the hug ended as they nuzzled each other in an affectionate way, "Hurry up Crunch" Yelled Rok ko, both Tani and Crunch rolled their eyes... "I better get going now..." Said Crunch, "Yeah you go on, you just be careful with those elements too ok?" "Oh now look who’s worrying" Crunch chuckled then Tani just gave him a kiss, whilst he did back in return "...I love you..." Tani told him "You know my answer.... I love you too" Crunch replied, and then complaining was heard yet again "Come on Crunch! We have to go now!" Rok ko shouted yet again, Tani and Crunch just smiled "Well, you better get on going now then..." "Yeah I better... I'll be back though..." Crunch told her, he got up and walked towards the door, and looked at Tani one last time "Good bye Tani..." "Bye... Crunch" Said Tani, Crunch then finally left her blushing and walked outside to the balcony where Crash and Rok ko awaited, they seemed to be smirking, Crunch got slightly annoyed "What? What’s so funny?" he asked, Crash didn’t say a thing, while Rok ko on the other hand "Well, now that you've finished your little 'talk' how we're gonna go to Hawaii?" he asked, "But we WERE talking! Nothing more, nothing less!" Crunch told Rok ko, "Yeah right...... Kissy kissy...hehehe!" Rok ko sung as he noticed a small amount of lipstick on his muzzle, Crash just busted with laughter while Crunch started to loose his temper "Rok ko....!" "Sorry but I know the truth!" he replied, "Next time you say something smart to me... you can say hello to my metal fist" Crunch warned Rok ko, Rok ko then floated away from Crunch "Ok ok! Geeze, don’t need to be so serious....”

Crash, Crunch and Rok ko all headed back to the Bandicoot hut. They all followed Coco downstairs to the portal room, Coco headed over to the main super computer, she typed away furiously on the keyboard, "Ok boys, I have the co-ordinate’s for Hawaii up and ready! I just need to finish off a few things here and there and you’ll be ready to go!" Coco told the guys, "So you're the little girl who got Crash to get the crystals.... I don’t think I can trust the likes of HER!" blurted Rok ko, everyone just rolled their eyes at the same time and didn’t bother replying to Rok ko’s remark, Rok ko didn’t care though. Coco then finished and a brand new portal opened in the warp room, Crunch, Crash and Rok ko stared at it “Well, I guess this is it!” said Crunch, as the three of them entered into the portal.

Chapter 9

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