Chapter 9 – In Hawaii

The three guys came out of the portal... and were at the front of the island of Hawaii, Crunch and Crash were amazed "Wow, this island is like, way bigger than ours!" Crunch thought. The three guys walked around and had no idea where to go, they then saw a small village "Well, since we don't Know where to go, maybe we can ask the people?" Rok ko asked "What? Are you mad? There's no way I'm going to go near those humans...who knows what they'd do!" "But they look harmless to me, who cares what they think or do! You can kill them anyway!" "Well its not that, its just that people don't know about evolved animals... besides the mad scientists, you see..." Crunch explained, Rok ko was surprised "Oh really? Wow, I so don't know what the world is like today... but who cares, lets go and ask this guy here..." Rok ko muttered, the three guys then approached a random human tourist, he was seen there holding up a camera taking photos, Crunch went up to him "Umm excuse me, but do you know where the largest volcano is around here?" The person then turned to Crunch and dropped the camera, as he stared at Crunch in fear "AHHH A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, as he ran away cowardly, Crunch stood there unimpressed, Crash stared blankly and Rok ko laughed "Oh man, that was priceless! I wonder if all humans are like this?" "Well who cares! I'm not going to bother talking to them, lets just find this place ourselves!"

The three carried on walking through the village, many people of the village stare at them in fear or interest. Crunch ignored all of their stares while Crash looks back with a smile, waving at the children, who seem rather happy to see such unique animals. As they got furtherer into the village, they begin to notice humans running in fear, screaming and shouting in unknown languages... "Hey, I wonder what these people are running from." Rok ko wonders, noticing them all running away. "Who knows, I hope Py-ro isn’t doing anything stupid though... there's already enough fuss as it is!"

As the three guys walk on more and more, two familiar faces spot them, "Hah! Well looks who's here!" One of them speaks, Crunch remembers the familiar voice, and he turns to only see someone so familiar, it was Jaseo Bilby! But to only make it worse, another old enemy stands near his side; the guy was indeed Derick Thylacine! "What! You two bastards!" growls Crunch, Crash stares back looking surprised while Rok ko looks with curiosity. "Who are these freaks Crunch?" The fellow mask asks. Crunch growls, answering Rok ko’s question. "....they're two old enemies of mine..." Jaseo laughs. "Hah! So you've returned for our rematch! With a little orange runt and an ugly looking mask?! How much more laughable can this get!" Jaseo then bursts with laughter, unable to hold it in. Derick couldn’t help but laugh as well, until Jaseo gives a grin to Crunch and speak again, "Aww! What happened to Tani? Did she dump you? What a shame, she would have been better off with me!" Crunch snarls, angered at Derick’s comment. Rok ko grew angrier as well, and not even Crash was spared of the anger, offended by Jaseos’ remark. "Me and Tani are doing fine! She decided not to come this time so that’s none of your business!” Crunch snarls, glaring at his two enemies. "Oh really?” Jaseos responds, then Derick stood in “Heh, nice way to cover it up! I bet she'd like me now, since I am now a true Thylacine!" Crunch scoffs. "True Thylacine? Yeah whatever, I bet you got plastic surgery for that" Derick frowns, a bit angry at Crunch’s comment. "No I didn’t! Madam Amberly made me into one... forever! And look! I even have Tani’s tail!" Derick turns around and shows off his so called tail that resembles Tani’s."Ahh who cares about your stupid tail!” Jaseo blurts out, then turns to Crunch and continues. “So Crunch... I bet you and the orange rat there are wondering who actually made me. Well, Madam Amberly did! And now Derick and I are going to stop Crimzon so we can prove to be super heroes!" After his comment a cheesy superman theme starts playing out of nowhere in the background, not thrilling anyone the slightest. "Uhh Jaseo, sorry but that just sounds gay if you ask me," Derick remarks, rolling his eyes. "Ahh shut up! Or else I'll zap ya!" Jaseo shouts, growling at the flame Derick just threw at him. "Heh, and if you do you'll get fired! You stupid piece of cheese!"

The two guys argue for a while, leaving the two bandicoots looking at each other, Crash shrugging off the two fighter’s stupidity. "This is getting boring,” Crunch admits, faking a yawn. “Let’s move on...." Crash nods, and with that agreement the three attempt to walk away from the scene, leaving the two idiots fighting against each other.

"Hey, where do you guys think you're going?!” Jaseo screeches, spotting the three, trying to leave. “Get back here! We're not letting any of you steal our glory!" "Oh really?" Crunch remarks as the three turn around. Crash smiles deviously while Rok ko just watched. "Crash, it looks like these two idiots want a challenge…” Crunch announces with a smirk, looking at Crash. “Are you up for it?" Crash quickly nods, eager to accept the challenge, they both stand there prepared for the battle while Jaseo and Derick leap closer to the two bandicoots, ready to start the fight.

"Let the battle begin!" Rok ko shouts.

Derick quickly lashes towards Crash. "Come here you little runt!" he yells at the bandicoot, but Crash just runs around in circles with a smile. While with Jaseo and Crunch, the both of them stare at each other, waiting for the first move to be sprung. "So, still got you little sparky powers?" Crunch asks the bilby, not taking his gaze off of him. "Grrr! They aren’t little! I can also fight ya know! I’m not stupid!" "Alright then, give me a piece of that cheese then!" With that said from Crunch, Jaseo lashes out to Crunch furiously. He throws a punch and it connects against Crunch’s chest, but it doesn’t make him flinch an inch, Crunch just stood there leaving his massive chest absorb the blow. Jaseo goes for a kick, but Crunch quickly moves aside and avoiding the kick. He retaliates by taking a step forward and grabs Jaseo by the ears, lifts him up and tosses him a few meters away, the strength of the bandicoot causing him to slide, bounce and roll on the ground.

As for Crash, Derick is getting tired out quickly, running after Crash is not as easy as it might look like. Derick stops for a second to catch his breath, getting ticked at this goose chase. "I’m going to kill you! You damn orange freak!" Crash was having too much fun with this; he runs toward Derick and jumps on his back, laughing annoyingly just to mess with Derick’s head, the guy getting fueled in fury. "Get off my back!!! argh!" He yells, getting Crash in jumping off of him. But instead of a peaceful un-mount, Crash just slams down unto the guy in a body slam, crushing him into the ground from the powerful body slam.

"Aww what’s a matter guys?” Crunch asks, mocking the two villains. “Can’t handle a bandicoot brawl?" The two villains get back up to their feet, angry at how badly the battle has started for them. "We aren’t finished yet; you damn experiment who was created to be tortured!” Jaseo yells at Crunch, furious. “At least I was created to be something!" This comment got Crunch furious, so furious that he finds himself charging right for Jaseo. Though before he could come close, Derick charges and tackles Crunch down. "Not so fast!" "Hey!” Jaseo shouts, surprised and shocked. He snarls and complains: “I could have saved my own ass, thank you very much!" But no one replies, Crunch and Derick are too busy fighting each other. Punches and kicks are thrown at each other, while bites are also attempted. The two males continue on against each other, while at the sidelines Crash watches the battle rage on, concern about his bandicoot friend, wondering if he’s in total control or not. Jaseo glares at Crash as the bandicoot’s gaze falls upon him, grinning to himself. "Heh! Maybe I can beat this little guy over here... to see how amazing he really is!"

Jaseo takes off one of his gloves, aims at Crash with his hand and sparks of electricity shoot out in places and head right for Crash, but the bandicoot jumps and runs, avoiding them all.  Crash sprinted in fear, gasping for air as he jumped a second before the electricity sparked at him "You can't run forever, Crash Bandicoot!" Jaseo yelled, Crash dashed over and landed, he then got up and realized he was cornered off! "Hah! The great Crash Bandicoot... aren't so great now are yah? You're so going down!"  Jaseo laughed, Crash was now scared, He crouched down, and rolled himself into a ball, quite cowardly too... Jaseo couldn't help but laugh even more, he even had tears of joy. "Say good bye Crash!" he shouted, Jaseo then sparked a rather powerful shock of electricity, is quickly dashed for Crash, Crash leant back accidentally at the moment the spark had hit him... The bright light flashed suddenly, for about a second or two. Crunch and Derick stopped fighting for the moment to witness what has just happened, Jaseo had a shocked expression "WHAT THE FUDGE? But I hit ya right on the shoes! how can you still be alive?!" Crash then poked his head out, to see that the soles of his shoes has somehow absorbed the electricity... he smiled.

"Of course... rubber absorbs shocks... heh, didn't think Crash was that smart" Crunch said with a smirk, Derick glared back at him "Is that so? I think it's time for us to settle the fight!" Derick then tackled Crunch, and their rampage carried on, punches and kicks were thrown... here and there...

As for the orange bandicoot however, he took off both of his shoes, Jaseo starred blankly "wow, he is even more stupid that I thought! hah!" he said, Crash ignored his words, he then placed his hands in both shoes, Jaseo couldn't help but laugh even harder, "heh" Crash muttered, he then ran towards Jaseo, Jaseo then attempted to electrocute Crash again, Crash spun as he usually does when breaking crates... amazingly, Jaseos electricity was absorbed again! "Ahh! this is so fudged up!" Jaseo complained, but before he could say more, Crash was standing there in front of the tall bilby, in a fighting pose... Jaseo just store blankly, Crash then spin and let out a punch! Crashes fist may be small, but his spin made his punch stronger than it looked! Jaseo flung back a few meters from the force, and then fell flat on his back. Crash was surprised with what he had done, then he just gave off a smile!

Meanwhile... Crunch wasnt doing so good. Derick had changed, it was quite obvious he was a true Thylacine now, no human in him at all anymore. Amberly had really changed him. Crunch was kicked, to the ground, he got up again "Heh you see, I am a real anthro now! I am far stronger than ever! Such a shame... Tani should have made the right choice!" Crunch snarled, as he got up off the ground again, slightly shaking from the hits he took, but would never give in to the likes of Derick... Crunch didnt want to be too violent, since Crash was watching nearby "Tani has made her own choice... She doesnt like scums like you!" "Is that so? I bet you're got her trapped somewhere! She's a Thylacine! like me! So stop with the lies already..." Derick said is a rather calm way, Derick charged in quite quickly and Kicked Crunch again, Crunch fell on his back onto the sand. "Hmm how should I take out this bastard..." he thought, Derick then came along again and tried to throw a punch down, Crunch quickly grabbed his fist and flipped Derick and smashed him to the ground, Crunch then finally turned around and stood in a fighting stance, Derick got up "Why aren't you fighting me like you usually do? Seriously, I didn't think you'd be this weak!" Derick yelled, Crunch was getting more and more fueled with anger but tried to hide it and hold it in... but Crunch could feel his anger taking over, Derick stood in front of Crunch, thinking of how he could attack Crunch next, he looked at both of his paw-hands "Hmm, Thylacine hands sure look dangerous... maybe I'll try slashing him to pieces like he did to me!" Derick yelled, Crash watched in fear but Crunch then lost it... he grabbed Dericks hand right before is swiped at and growled deeply and tried to crush Dericks had, Derick screamed "Ahhh you jackass! I wont let you break my hand again!!" Crunch snarled as Derick’s free hand connects to his face, the shock of the blow prompting him to let go of Derick’s hand as he takes a step back and rub the back of his wrist to the bruise on his face. He doesn’t know how much of this he can take; Derick has changed a lot. He can safely say his strength is greater than his and he can now pack a punch. Crash could only watch as Crunch’s snarl went from angry to ferocious, his razor sharp teeth exposed in pure anger. The Bandicoot could only take a step back as this fight is about to turn ugly.

“Aww, did I make you angry?!” Derick shouts at Crunch as he rubs his squeezed hand. “I told you won’t break my hand this time!” Crunch charges in. “Then I’ll just break your whole body!!!” Crunch throws a punch, connecting with Derick’s face. The Thylacine yelps as the powerful fist connects to his face, increasing his anger inside. He swings a left hook to the Burgundy Bandicoot, who reacts with a block with his left arm. It was at this moment that Crunch took the opportunity to put this punk down…However, just as he brought his metallic arm up to slam it to Derick’s face, his eyes met the figure of Crash Bandicoot; and this made him freeze in his tracks. While he could easily put down this Thylacine for good, he does not believe the outcome of this blow would do well with the Bandicoot. “I can’t get too violent with him around,” Crunch thought to himself. “No wonder what it’ll do him…”

This pause of action though costs him dearly. Crunch keels over with a strong impact to his stomach followed with a knee to his face, his head flinging back as his body reels back, forcing him to fumble back. “Gaaah!!” Crunch clutches his face a bit but before he could react Derick threw a punch to his chest and another to his face. Crash could only gasp and cover his eyes as Derick continued his beating on Crunch. The Burgundy Bandicoot manages however to regain his composure and attempts to block the Thylacine’s fists and kicks, but that proves to be quite a challenge in the state he’s in. Derick throws a left hook which Crunch leans back to dodge. The Bandicoot counters with a fist from his left arm to Derick’s face, the strike strong enough to get him to back off and give some room between them. “Gah…” Crunch gasps as he takes deep breath, wiping a drop of blood from his jaw. “I admit, you’ve gotten better…But you’re still the asshole from before…” “Ha! Sticks and stones, punk!” Derick barks as he rubs his face. “So are you ready to drop the lies or do I have to beat you up a bit more?!” “When will it go through your thick skull?! Tani doesn’t like you and she never will!!!” “Not until she sees me now! She’ll be mine and soon and we’ll both live happily ever after!!” Derick shouts and throws a punch to resume the fight. Crunch growls and jumps aside, dodging Derick’s attack. The Burgundy Bandicoot lifts a knee and it connects to Derick’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him. “Guuuugh!!” “Even if she sees you now she’ll never choose you!!” Crunch shouts angrily as he brings down an elbow and striking Derick’s back, knocking him down to the ground with such force. Derick coughs and rolls away, quickly jumping up to his feet and charging toward Crunch to resume the beating, he is NOT going to let this Bandicoot get the best of him. Crunch takes a step back and blocks a punch here and there, managing to jump back to avoid a few knees and kicks. Derick cries out in frustration and throws a fast one, managing to get Crunch right on the nose. “Grraaaaahh!!” Crunch cries out in pain as he clutches his nose and countering with a punch, but to his dismay Derick sidesteps and kicks Crunch down to the ground, the kick connecting to his sides.

Crash was wincing and covering his eyes on cue with every blow Crunch received. He wanted to try to help him but against a big guy like Derick, he is better off staying out of Crunch’s way. “Crunch isn’t doing so well, is he?” Rok ko mutters to Crash. The Bandicoot just gives a sigh and rubs his arm, hoping Crunch will be OK and come out the victor from this fight. “Rrraaaaahh!!” Crunch snarls as he throws a punch after getting up, connecting with Derick’s face. “Gaaah!! You bastard!” Derick shouts with a growl as he throws a punch of his own, connecting with Crunch’s right cheek. The battle between these two raged on, each of them exchanging blows. Crunch throws a kick which misses by an inch; Derick throws a punch which the Bandicoot dodges with a sidestep to the left. Derick was starting to get frustrated with Crunch’s stamina and endurance. “You stupid punk!! Hold still so I can clobber you!!” “Not a chance!” Crunch spits as he blocks a punch. He rears back a fist to pummel on Derick’s face, but the Thylacine rears his head to the side, just inches dodging the fist, leaving Crunch in a sudden state of shock and disbelief. Derick couldn’t believe he dodged the attack himself, but he quickly shook away his shock and throws a mean right hook to Crunch’s exposed ribs. Crunch jolts from the impact with a cry of pain before taking another punch to his face, toppling him to the ground after suffering another punch to his ribs once again. “Gaaah!!” He cries as his body topples to the ground, clutching his ribs a bit before getting up on his hands and knees, growling furiously.

“Ha! Finished now?!” Derick grins as he lifts his foot and kicks Crunch’s side, dropping him to the ground again and then stomping on his back. “I seriously don’t know what Tani sees in you! She’s better off with me than with you!” Crunch could only growl at Derick’s comment, with his foot pinning him to the ground there isn’t much he can do at the moment. He tries however to push himself up despite the foot planted firmly on his back. “C’mon, get up loser!!” Derick insults with another kick to Crunch’s ribs, causing the Bandicoot to cry out in pain as the kick gets him to roll once away from Derick.

Crunch slowly got up on his hand and knees, coughing once from the kicks to his ribs before getting up with a growl. “What a loser! I’m gonna finish you nice and good!” Derick approached from behind intending on bringing in the hurt. He grabs Crunch’s shoulder and turns him around, ready for a good punch to the face. “And once I’m done with you I’ll take what’s rightfully mine and she’ll love me for it!” But what he wasn’t expecting was, while turning Crunch to face him, a good slash to his chest. Derick’s eyes widen as sharp claws pierce into his skin and slashes it up real good. “Gaaaaaaahhh!!!!” He screams loudly to the sky as the attack was done. Fumbling back while clutching his chest Derick falls to his knees, slowly taking his hands off his chest as he sees the wound bleeding.

“Youch! That’s gonna hurt in the morning!” Rok ko commented after witnessing such an attack while Crash held his hands up to his muzzle and slowly covering his eyes at the wound. “You…Piss me off…!” Crunch growls as he takes in deep breaths, his hands on his knees and he tries to catch his breath. “Tani…Will never choose you…She will never choose scums like you…She’s…A great person…And will never…Be around the likes of you…!” Derick slowly got up and cringes a bit at the wound, his glare dangerously looking at Crunch’s direction. “Heh…Give him an award for good acting…” Crunch’s eyes widen but soon turn into a dangerous glare; he still thinks he’s lying! “I can tell you’re lying!” He suddenly takes a mad dash forward and lands a good one to Crunch’s face. The Bandicoot was still catching his breath he barely had time to react and just dropped to the ground on his face after such a punch. “Guuuuhhh…” Crunch grunts in pain as he lies there gritting his teeth. He feels pathetic, last time he beat this bozo rather well but now, Derick is much stronger than before, now a true Thylacine. “I’m gonna make you suffer.” Derick expresses with a slight grin. He reaches down and grabs Crunch by the collar of his shirt and lifts him up, holding him up as he sneers at his face. “And once I’m done with you, Tani will be mine…” He smirks. “Just like it should be!”

“That’s it!” Crunch snaps. His eyes open with a dangerous glare and he lifts his metallic arm up, delivering a powerful uppercut to Derick’s stomach. The thylacine’s eyes just widen as the powerful metallic fist collide against his stomach, feeling a warm substance going up his throat and out of his mouth with a loud gasp and grunt of agony; blood. Luckily Crunch didn’t give that strong of a punch, just enough to make him writhe on the ground for a good while if allowed, and he didn’t cough up a lot of blood, just a drop or two as it stains Crunch’s black shirt with a few dots of blood.

But Crunch wasn’t letting up. He would apologize to Crash if this disturbed him in any way. He pushes Derick off and punches his face with his non-metallic arm. He rears it back again and throws another to the face with the same arm. And again. And again. He steps forward every time Derick steps back from a punch, nailing his face. And finally, to make this punk know who he’s dealing with, Crunch throws a side kick to Derick’s stomach, following it with a another side kick to his chest with the same foot. Not letting up on this punk, Crunch comes back around and nails Derick’s left waist with a roundhouse kick and then another to his face. Crunch snarls as he’s not done yet, he brings his foot around almost in a crescent kick but backwards and, with good force, kicks the back of Derick's right leg with his heel and kicks his left waist again, following it to a roundhouse kick to the left side of his chest. It all happens so fast that Derick could not escape from his daze, not to mention to even try to counter or escape. The chain of attacks was brutal, even Crash couldn’t keep his eye on the action as he cringes with every strike done to Derick and covering his eyes to some of the attacks. “You’ll never have Tani!” Crunch shouts as he throws one last roundhouse kick to Derick’s face. “So tough luck, you bastard!” And he finishes it off with a full extended side kick to Derick’s chest, the Thylacine’s body flying back and slamming hard to the ground after such a devastating combo, to writhe and squirm…

Crunch stands tall in victory as he breathes hard to catch his breath. He wanted more after how much this guy has pissed him off, but he has to keep cool, he does not want to show any more brutality to his friends. “Hahah! Well done, Crunch!” Rok ko exclaims as he floats over to the Burgundy Bandicoot. “You showed that guy who’s boss! You really did a number on him!” “Eh, yeah I suppose.” Crunch shrugs. He looks over at Crash as his Bandicoot friend walks over to him. He scratches the back of his head and shrugs a bit. “I’m sorry you had to see that, I guess I’m still rusty when it comes to control myself when I get pissed off.” Crash smiles and shakes his head, giving a ‘not a problem’ gesture. “Hey!” Rok ko cries out to the Bandicoots as he floats a by always from them. “If you two are done we can go on moving, eh!” “Yeah yeah, I know. We still gotta find Py-ro.” Crunch replies with a slightly annoyed glare. “C’mon, let’s go.” With that the group head off to the mountains while behind them from where they once stood lays the whimpering and aching Thylacine Derick as he painfully tries to crawl away. Maybe this time he’s learned his lesson.

Chapter 10

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