Chapter 25 - Saving the World from Itself

Crunch ran back towards the beach, with Tani not far behind… “So, who are we going to see?” “We’re going to see an old friend of mine… he’s the one who saved my life by making my metal arm replacement…” Crunch told her. “Wow, I have got to see this guy…” Tani thought.

They stopped at the seashore deep in the middle of the night. N.Gin's Battle Ship was parked up near the shore, there was a ladder hanging down from the ship “Come on Tani, lets go up…” So the pair climbed up the ladder.

Tani looked around the place “Man, what’s with all these rockets?” She asked “Oh yeah, N.Gin is obsessed with them…” “His name is N.Gin? Heh, amusing” she smirked “Yais, that is my name alright…” N.Gin spoke, as he came out of his captain room. Crunch turned to see him “Hey N.Gin! It’s good to see you again. I have to ask you something important…” Crunch asked him, but N.Gin looked over at Tani “WHOA! That guy has a damn rocket in his head!” Tani gasped “Heh, yes I do… You must be Tani. Makes me wish I was an anthro…heh” N.Gin said with a cheesy smile, Tani frowned and growled “Oh for goodness sake! Why do all your male friends have to be perverted?” she yelled, Tani tried to grab N.Gin but he screamed and hid behind Crunch “Oh come on Tani! Just relax, he’s just joking! Oh and by the way N.Gin… I wonder why you aren’t an anthro, all the other humans are anthros” “Oh yes… now that you ask. Maybe it is because I am a cyborg?” “Yeah I suppose… anyway, I got to ask you something… Do you have a Futurium Topaz?” Crunch asked him. N.Gin thought for a while “Uhh no sorry I don’t… why is that?” Crunch and Tani sighed at the same time, with disappointment “Oh this is hopeless! Now what can we do? I can’t believe Aku aku was wrong!” Crunch growled to himself, Tani was disappointed too… “Wait, you guys want to reverse the effect of the anthro transformations right?” N.Gin asked the pair “Oh course! That’s the reason why we came here… things aren’t going well in some parts of the world…” Crunch said then Komodo Cath came out of her room “Hay! Who’s here? I’m trying to sleep!” she moaned, and then she saw Crunch and Tani “OH MY GOD! Both my Uncle and Aunty are here too!” she screamed with delight, as she ran to Crunch and hugged his leg, Crunch got embarrassed and blushed, Tani giggled “How cute…” she said, “I cant believe it! I have an Aunty! So hey Aunty…. uhh, what is your name?” Cath asked Tani “My name’s Tani, what’s yours?” “Mine's Cath! Nice to meet you!” Cath said, Crunch looked at them in relief “Well, at least you two will get along! So N.Gin, what’s your plan…?” He asked, “Well, do you remember Nefarious Tropy?” “Hmm, Nefarious… yes, I remember him. That twerp who is obsessed with time...” “Yes, I'm sure I can get him to take everything back in time… but, you’re going to have to gather up all your friends and bring them here to take with us, or else they will forget everything from the future!” “Ok yeah sure! Me and Tani will get everyone!” Crunch said, Tani nodded in agreement “HAY! I want to come too! Can I please go with them Daddy, please!?” Cath begged N.Gin, N.Gin thought for a while “Well, it's up to Tani and Crunch… “ “Uhh yeah ok! But only if she’ll be good!” Crunch told N.Gin “Don’t worry Uncle Crunch! I’ll be a goody good!” Cath said, “Come on then Cath, lets go!” Tani said, the three of them headed out of the room, but Crunch stood there “I can smell something so familiar and it annoys me for some reason…” Crunch spoke, “What is it?” Tani asked “Hmm, never mind, I'm sure its nothing to be concerned about.

So the three of them left N.Gins ship… to head back into the city…

but, there was a certain someone lurking behind the crates on N.Gins ship… It was Derick, “Man… This is totally interesting… I am like, the only person that knows about this… I have got to see the time machine man!” He said, He just waited patiently behind the crate.

Chapter 26

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