Chapter 26 - Racing Ridicule


Crunch, Tani and Cath headed back into the city to gather up all the other evolved animals, “Hey Uncle Crunch, does this mean I have more uncles and aunties?” “No no no! There are no Aunties and Uncles ok? How old are you anyway? You should know better…” “Well, I am four years old! But that is in human years, human years are so slow!” Cath moaned “Oh yeah true… Man, years confuse me sometimes… I feel like I’ve grown up too fast because of human ages!” Crunch said and thought.

The three of them were back near the city once again, “So, I wonder where the others are?” Crunch asked “We’ll go and get Crash and Tawna at the bar and hopefully they’ll know where everyone else is!” Tani replied, the three of them headed into the nearby bar and Crash and Tawna were seen in there, “Oh hey guys!” Tawna shouted, Tawna was seen sitting there with Crash, "So how have you two been?" Crunch asked "Oh totally fine! I bought myself a heap of sexy clothes, which I am sure Crash will enjoy seeing me wear, hehe!" she replied, Crunch gave off an awkward express and said "err... ok" "Bleh, why do you have to act so slutty? You don't need to be like that to earn Crash's love!" ranted Tani at Tawna "What do you know about love? You don't know anything so shut your face!" screamed Tawna in return "You don't know crap about me, girl! At least I'm not a whore like you!" “Hey hey settle down girls! Tawna’s well… she’s not.... she isn’t really a whore anymore, she just…. acts a bit like one sometimes” Crunch tried to say, Crash had an anime sweat and Tani looked over at Tawna again and saw about ten guys checking her out from afar, Crunch noticed it too moments after but didn’t bother to do anything about it “I bet she is enjoying that…” said Tani, "Enjoying what?!" replied Tawna "Don't play dumb with me! And you know, if Crunch wasn't here, you would so be getting a beating!" “Come on now Tani! We have to gather everyone up... I know you two don't like each other but... yeah, we have to focus on other things” Crunch told her “Umm where to?” Tawna asked “We found a way to reverse the effect of the anthros being humans, well… Crunch did, not me!” Crash got up and did a thumb up to Crunch, “No problem Crash, see? I didn't betray you and Coco! Well, we'll find the potoroo’s next, do you know where they may be?” “Oh, I remember where they went! They were boy racing around a street!” Tawna told Crunch, and Crash nodded with her “Wow, Tawna’s actually useful for once, well lets go guys!” Tani said, so everyone left the bar to find the potoroo gang.

Everyone walked up the city streets at night, there were lots of gangsters around, Tawna was nervous “I’m scared…. There’s lots of scary anthros around…” Crash noticed Tawna's concerns, so he walked even closer to her to comfort her, she smiled back at him and put her arms around him and he did the same… Crunch walked up to one of the gangsters and asked, “Hey you, do you know anything about a boy racer named ‘Pinstripe potoroo’?” “Yo! Well uhh… there is a race on tonight in da city, it started like a minute ago and da racers should be race, in around da corner ova there! You’ll see 'em but you won’t be able to stop 'em, homie!” Crunch thought for a sec, “Oh great! How the hell are we supposed to get Pinstripe's attention when he’s in some stupid race?” Tani moaned “Wait, I have an idea… But its risky… lets go and wait over by the sidewalk for Pinstripes car…” Crunch told her “Ehh? What for, I doubt he’ll stop just to see us!” Tawna told him “Exactly… That’s why I’ll stop him myself” Crunch said, Tawna Crash, Cath and Tani gasped “WHAT! Are you sure about that?” Crunch nodded at their question. The group headed over to the sidewalk, everyone heard the sounds of the racing cars furtherer down the streets… Crunch decided to go onto the road, Tani placed her hand on Crunch’s shoulder “Please be careful…” She said, Crunch smiled “I’ll be ok, just don’t worry…” He said.

Crunch stood in the middle of the road, the sounds of cars were getting louder… Crunch wasn’t nervous though, he’s dealt with things similar before, everyone else was quite nervous though, even the random gangster was concerned.. Crunch stood in the middle of the road as the sounds came closer in a matter on seconds, and from up the streets were a pair of shinning lights, that came towards Crunch at high speeds, everyone didn’t even have enough time to gasp and… SMASH.

Crunch stood there pushing the car, he stopped it right in its track, Pinstripe was in the car confused and angry “What the hell is going on!” he shouted, Siegdog and Tiffany were surprised too, Crunch struggled to hold the car, so he quickly turned around and threw the car into the sidewalk… the car stopped its engine and sat there. Crunch feel to his knees, Tani quickly rushed over to get him “Hey man! Are you ok? That didn’t look too fun…” Tani said, “I… think I’ll be fine… I’m just exhausted” Pinstripe got out of his car, angry and infuriated “Ok! Why the hell did you do that! I could have won da race! I was go'in at like 150 miles per hour man! I could have killed you too! Never mess wit mah cars!” Pinstripe yelled, Siegdog and Tiffany came out “Wow man, I thought we just hit a wall or something!” Tiffany spoke, everyone looked at Crunch… who didn’t seem to badly hurt then they looked at Pinstripes car, and laughed “Well, it seems like your car has the most damage, check out those handprints Crunch did at the front!” Tawna said, he laughed and Pinstripe got angrier “Yo shut up orange hoe!” Tawna then noticed Crunch and was worried, she went over to Crunch, “Umm brother, are you ok?” she asked, “Why should you care, you only care about yourself…” he replied, Tawna backed away a little… “Ok Pinstripe, Tiff and Sieg… We have found a way to reverse the anthros back into people, So all of you have to come with us!” Tani told them, the potoroos didn’t seem to convinced “What? Hell no! Its way better with more anthros around! Are you guys on crack?” Pinstripe asked them, Crash, Tawna, Tani and Crunch had serious expressions written on their faces, Cath was smiling though “heh heh! That was a funny joke!” She said while there was silence “We’re being serious Pinstripe, it's something that must be done! If we don’t do it then the anthros will cause complete havoc, haven’t you seen what’s been happening? There’s fights between Herbivores and Carnivores… anthros versus humans, and anthros are destroying the land like the humans did, there’s more but I can’t be bothered telling stressing it!" Tani said, the three potoroos looked down in shame, “You're right Tani… anthros aren’t supposed to do the bad things that people do, it’s a shame really… I wish all of us animals and humans can just get along…” Tiffany said “Me too but it's just the way it is, nothing can be perfect… we’re just going to have to live with it” everyone decided to head back home to get the rest of the gang.

Chapter 27

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