Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - Obvious Mistake

It was close to sunset, Both Derick and Tani were walking down one of the streets. Tani had her notepad out yet again, taking notes "So Derick. Did thylacines like the dark of night?" "Well Uhh no. They liked the sun, they... liked to bathe in the sun, to show off their natural beauty" he told her "Hmm, thatís odd... I seem to like it more at night but yeah, thatís probably just me" Tani said. Derick looked at Tani and thought, "Man, Iím not sure if she likes me... But I know she will if I take her into my room... heheh" Derick then told Tani "Hey, Tani... I have some thylacine uhh... photos I have to show you inside my house! Just follow me!" He said, they both walked into Dericks home, it was a large and expensive looking home, Tani was unsure... since she saw nothing related to any thylacine, but she awaited where Derick headed anyway... Derick walked into his room "Come on in darl- I mean Tani! I have some things to show you!" He said, Tani entered Dericks room, she felt uneasy... "I keep the photos hidden in here so people wont find them" He told her, Tani walked over to see what Derick was doing, he wasnít even looking for anything. He was just pretending... "You lied..." Tani said and growled, "What are you talking about? Come on babe, we're the last of our species... we belong together! If we don't, then it'll be the end of us!" Derick said, he stood up and Tani was very angry "I never came for love you knob! I came for some answers and now your telling me theyíre all FAKE!?" 

"What do you expect? Thylacines have been extinct for years and at least I am one, me and you are the last of our kind and thatís all I know!" he told Tani, He grabbed Tani around the waist "Come on honey, I'll make you happier than before... I'll do anything for you" Tani tried to get lose, "LET GO OF ME NOW!" Tani roared, "You donít have to lie babe, No girl can resist me... you can tell me anything..." Derick told Tani, Tani got loose and punched Derick in the nose very hard, Derick smacked into the wall, he had some blood coming out of his nose... he has never been punched so hard before, "I'll... I'll GET you for this!" Derick yelled and got up, "Crunch was right! You donít know anything, and you are a freaken faker!" Tani yelled, Derick lashed out towards Tani, she dodged him "I'll get you for this! I donít even think youíre a thylacine anyway, just some experiment freak!" He yelled, Tani was quite frightened... "You're just as cold-hearted as the worst of the human race!" She told him, Tani ran and smashed out of the window and jumped down to the ground, she had a few cuts from the glass but didn't care, Derick got up and went to see if Tani was dead, but she wasnít even there.... she had ran off.

Chapter 22

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