Chapter 22 - Time Together

Tani ran back to the hotel, she darted inside as fast as she could "Crunch! Are you here?" she yelled "Oh hi Tani! We were wondering where you went..." Tawna said, "Iím looking for Crunch... Is he here?" "No, we havenít seen him all day..." Tiffany replied, "I thought he was with you and that guy!" Blaze asked "NO, That so called 'guy'... grr I donít even want to talk about it ok! Iím going to find Crunch, I'll see you guys latter!" Tani said, she quickly ran out the door... In hope to find her friend.

Crunch was still running, but he slowed down a bit, as he entered a footpath ahead of him... "Man...I donít know if this is worth it, she probably wont even talk to me..." He thought, Crunch just walked slowly up the footpath, which was leading into the city,

Tani... She decided to head towards the beach, since it was the opposite to where she went off with Derick, she ran along the same footpath, and in a distance, she saw Crunch. She slowed down for a momentÖ Nervous of what to say to her Ďfriendí from what she said before. Crunch didnít notice Tani though, he just looked down at the footpath, and Tani approached him slowlyÖ Crunch heard her footsteps from a distance, and looked at her, Tani looked toÖ She just felt so guilty but knew she had to apologize sooner or later, ďCrunchÖĒ She spoke, Crunch slowly looked up and glared back ďyes TaniÖĒ ďIím... sorry for what I did and saidÖ you were right from the beginningÖ I canít believe I never listened and now, I feel like such a sissy for this butÖĒ before Tani finished her sentence, she quickly ran to Crunch and hugged him tightly 

"Iím scared..." She said, Crunch felt Tani cling to him... He knew she was serious... she wasnít playing around, she also shivered, Crunch hugged her back to make her feel more comfortable "What happened Tani? I'll do anything to help, we must stick together when it comes to this!" "Its... It was Derick, he lied... and he only wanted to get with me... I wanted to bash him but I donít stand a chance... he tried to kill me because he thought I was the false Thylacine..." Tani said, as she tried not to cry "That Bastard! Next time I see him... I'll tear him to shreds!" Crunch growled "I think its best if we both try and find I way to fix this problem... of all Anthros being humans and all... Oh but we cant... all because of me" Tani said, she looked down and closed her eyes tightly "Aww come on Tani, surely Dr Brio can do something to stop this! Lets just go back into the city and settle down or something first though... You donít look to happy..." Crunch told Tani, Tani sighed... she was disappointed with herself "Iím just getting worse and worse... Iím usually fearless but now, Iím starting to turn into a god damn sissy!" Tani growled to herself "Stop saying that stuff! Youíre definitely not a sissy! Your definitely not like many girls, your much more than them!" "This is the first time I've ever felt afraid, but with you by my side, I'll try to stay cool... So, can we just forget about Derick?" Tani told Crunch "You know, I think its best to face your fears, because it'll stop you from feeling the fear... But if you'd like to forget about him, thatís fine with me..." "So... lets go uptown or something?" Both Tani and Crunch then headed back into the city...

They came into the city center, Tani spotted Crash in a local bar... Both Tani and Crunch entered the bar... Crash was seen sitting with 3 bandicoot girls... Crunch was unimpressed, as he thought of Crash being unfaithful to Tawna... so him and Tani just walked in to see what Crash was up to

Tani and Crunch stood there staring awkwardly at the females, "Hey look girls, that guy is so much more sexier!" Tracy said and giggled, Crunch frowned slightly and was confused slightly, but all three bandicoot girls didnít notice. Tani screwed her face up but held her anger within, since she trusted Crunch so she didn't say or do anything... Crash coughed annoyingly and stared at the girls, in an annoyed way "Whatís your name hot shot?" Christine said loudly "YEAH YEAH!!! I WANNA KNOW YOUR NAME! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU AROUND BEFORE!" Rachelle yelled, Crunch was getting too annoyed and finally replied, "Err ok, my name is Crunch..." Crash looked at Crunch and noticed he was feeling awkward, Tani was still angered at the female bandicoots but kept her cool, and Crunch was wanting to get out of this place as quickly as possible... "So Crunch... want to come over to my house...?" Tracy asked him, Crunch looked at all three of the girls with an disgusted expression... Crash scratched his head in confusion. Tani was trying not to attack... The three bandicoot females were starting to become restless "... what's wrong? We're like, some of the hotest babes in town! You can seriously be turning us down!" Isabella asked "IM STARTING TO FREAK OUT OVER HERE! I mean seriously, he'd rather hang with that butch than us?!" Rachelle said out loudly, Tani's ears pricked up straight and Crash looked at Tani in fear "eek..." he said with a gulp, "Why doesn't he like me or ANY of us! We're totally perfect! Especially compared with that boring brown haired dog next to him! It's like, whatever!" Christine spoke with a school girl tone, Tani just couldn't take it anymore. She knew she was going to explode with rage. She stood out in front of them. Crunch noticed Tani had a lot of rage within. He smirked to himself and knew what was going to happen, "Well you see girls... it's simply because... YOU BITCHES AREN'T WORTH HIS TIME SO WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASS, YES THAT'S RIGHT! I'LL KICK ALL OF YOUR ASSES! HOW DARE YOU ALL INSULT ME, ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN DONE ANYTHING TO ANY OF YOU!!!" she screamed, Tani lifted up a table next to her and threw it against the wall. Everyone in the bar stared at the show, Crunch and Crash laughed at the sight, the three girls screamed like fire alarms and sprinted off out the door. Tani watched at they ran off and she finally started to settle down... while Crash had a disgusted and rather surprised look on his face, "Uhh?" Crash said with a stare, Crunch walked over to Tani to help her calm down. He put his hand on her shoulder as she breathed heavily after the rage, "Hey Tani, thanks for getting rid of those girls... I was getting so irritated but I didn't want to do anything to them since they're... weak" "Heh... no problem... They were very lucky though, I could have sent them to the hospital!" Tani replied to Crunch and looked up at him, Crash wasnít impressed "Hmph!" Crash said, Tani and Crunch looked at Crash "Crash, what were you thinking?" "Are you sure they were just your 'friends'?" Tani asked "Yeah Crash, thatís no good... I thought Tawna was your girlfriend... you can't cheat on her you know, that's not nice at all!" Crunch told Crash. Crash sighed and nodded with agreement to Crunch "I wonder where Tawna is anyway? I hope she's not doing the same thing" "Bleh, I bet she's shopping for lingerie or something slutty like that!" replied Tani, Crash nodded to Tani's reply "What? She's actually doing that? I so didn't need to know that...." Crunch said with an awkward look at Crash. "Anyway, it's time for us to get out of here. We'll see you later on Crash" Crunch and Tani left the bar building, Crash waved goodbye to both Tani and Crunch as they headed outside.


Crunch and Tani walked around the city. They went to a restaurant for dinner, and a few hours after that, they carried on trying to find their allies around the city. Soon they came across a theme park with rides, food and many shows all over the place "Man! We better check out this place!" Tani told Crunch "Yeah it looks quite fun!" they both ran over to the hot food stand "what would you like to buy?" The guy at the counter said, "I'll have a hot dog and a bottle of water..." Tani said, "I'll have seven of those!" Crunch said, the guy at the counter... his eyes widened and said "... You're joking right?" "Just get the damn hotdogs!" Tani yelled at him "OK OK!" soon after they got them Tani sighed, "Geeze, did you really have to get seven of those? They have fat in them!" "But I feel like having them! And I'll just exercise anyway so it doesn't matter"

They both walked around the place, looking at various games and rides then a very... very familiar voice was heard! "GIDDAY MATES!" Tani and Crunch turned around, they saw Dingodile standing there smiling "Oh hey Dingo! Havenít seen you in ages!" Crunch said, Tani just rolled her eyes "Oh great, the dingo hybrid is here too..." "Yeah man! I came to check out the cities cause everyone seems to be anthros now..." Dingodile said, "You want to know why? Its all because of Dr Nitrus Brio... him and his stupid machines and crap!" Crunch told him "Oh! I see now... Crickey, that man must be mad! Get it?" Dingodile said, he laughed but not Crunch and Tani... "Uhh ok, well anyhow... Crunch and me just want to check out the rides and stuff here... but we donít have much cash on us..." Tani told Dingodile "Cash? Who needs cash when your mates with THE DINGOCROCODILE! I can get you two on the rides for free! Because Iím a worker here at the freak show! But FIRST... Can I have one of your hotdogs Crunch...?" Dingodile asked Crunch... Crunch looked at him with a slight frown "Uhh no, these are MINE!" he growled, "Careful now Dingodile, he gets aggressive when others try to take his food off him!" "Oh please! I dun want to go and buy one cause everyone is scared of me and thinks I'm a freak!" Dingodile begged, he then went down on his knees... and had 'Puppy-dog' eyes... both Tani and Crunch looked at him in a weird way "...Uhh ok, has Dingodile ever done something like that before?" Tani asked Crunch, Crunch shrugged "Come on, just give one to him before he cries, you've got plenty!" "Fine" Crunch sighed, he handed one over to Dingodile and he turned back into normal "Yah! Thanks mate, come with me! I'll get you guys some tickets!" Dingodile told both Crunch and Tani... they then both looked at each other and said "Yeah!!!Ē

Chapter 23

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