Chapter 17 - Getting the Topaz

Crunch left the gym, he couldn’t stop thinking about what might happen, he thought to himself… “Nah, Tani’s not a silly girl, she'll know what to do if 'anything' happens… besides I need to catch up with Crash and Coco” then Crash and Coco stopped Crunch walking across the park “Hey Crunch! There you are! Me and Crash have been looking for you and Tani for hours!” Coco yelled, both Crash and Coco came over to Crunch “Oh Crunch, where’s Tani?” “She’s…. well, I don’t really want to talk about that now, lets just get that gem stone thing and finish the job!” Coco looked at Crunch “No, tell us where Tani is… Is she ok? Or has she gotten into some trouble? Come on Crunch! You can tell us!” “Well, Ok… She went with this thylacine guy to learn about her kind, but I don’t think that guy knows anything…” Crash and Coco's eyes widened “WHAT! You must go back and get her then..." “It's her choice, not mine… and I’m sure she wont be silly enough to let him do… anything so lets just get that gem ok and we can all go home and forget about this!” Crunch told both Crash and Coco in a mean way, Crash and Coco were worried.

Crash, Crunch and Coco headed towards a museum “Ok guys, the Futurium Topaz is located in here, we’re going have to steal it, we have no choice…” Coco told the guys, Crash felt slightly strange about doing something 'bad' but for a good cause, “This isn’t really a bad guys choice, so don’t worry…” Crunch told Crash, so the three bandicoots walked up to the museum door, it was locked “Oh just great, why do things have to be locked when we need to get in?” Coco said in an annoyed kind of way, “Hmm, I’m going to have to smash open an entrance somewhere, maybe at the back…” “Yeah, and then Crash can sneak in and get the gem!” the three Bandicoots ran behind the building, and then Crunch looked closely at a wall, he hit the walls a few times to see which parts were hollow, he got to the right spot “OK, This spot here will do, watch out” Crunch warned, he ran up to the wall and punched it with his metal arm, a big hole was left in the dust and debris on the ground, the hole leaded into the building and a loud alarm was heard! “AHH An alarm! Hurry up guys! Get in and find the topaz!” Coco screamed, Crash crawled through the hole and Crunch tried to but he couldn’t fit! “Damn! I’m have to stay out here!” Crunch said in frustration, Crash looked out of the hole and gave Crunch and Coco a thumbs up, "Well ok Crash, hope you can do this on your own then!" Crash then ran around the museum, the place was huge... he tried to search around and then he finally took a look at the map. He looked at the map but… the problem was, was that he couldn’t read!

Crunch and Coco waited cautiously and then some police cars came to the back of the building, Crunch and Coco stood there, “PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” One of the police dog anthros yelled, Coco was freaked out and screamed “NO IM NOT BAD I'M JUST TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME!” “Calm down Coco, I’ll take care of these mutts!” Crunch said he walked over to the police officers “Sir! Put your hands up, you are under arrest!” The officer yelled, Crunch simply grabbed him, then threw him at some other police, one of the police grabbed out a gun but Crunch grabbed the gun and squashed it, making it useless. Then he grabbed on to one of the police cars, lifted it and threw it and it smashed into another car, causing the other police to run away from the scene, the rest of the police that stood there were frightened, “My god, that thing is… powerful! Lets run for our lives!” and they ran off “Wow Crunch, they could have shot you!” Coco said “Well, yeah but making myself look even more powerful will fool them and make them think I cant be hurt that easily…thus meaning they wouldn't waste their timing trying to shoot at me” then Crash was heard from inside the hole, he was pointing at the map in frustration "oh dear.... don't tell me he can't read?" Crunch asked, “Aww darn! Yeah Crash can't... oh why me! I’ll get my hair dirty if I go in!” “Just go in Coco, don’t be a wuss like Tawna!” Crunch told her “A wuss!? OK I’ll go in!” she crawled into the hole, “Ok Crash, listen up and follow me!” Coco told Crash, Coco ran and followed the map and then not long after, she stopped in front of the glass cabinet, “There it is, get it Crash! We have to hurry before more cops come!” “Whoa!?” Crash gasped, then he grabbed the topaz, and both brother and sister ran as fast as they could back to the entrance, they both crawled out “Come on you two! We better get out of here as fast as we can!” Crunch told them, the three bandicoots quickly ran out of the area, and back to the hotel where the others were staying.

Chapter 18

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