Chapter 15 - Shopping Mania

Crash, Crunch, Tani and Tiny were walking in the opposite direction, Tiny sniffed the air... he could smell something tasty "Tiny smell something yummy! Tiny want some!" "Hmm, that place looks like a supermarket... Lets go and get some stores while we can! Since it aint always easy getting them at home" Tani suggested, then they all headed into the Mall.

"Ok guys, we don't want to get lost now, so we'll meet back here at around 3:00pm ok?" Crunch told everyone but suddenly, Coco, Tawna, Tommy, Blaze and Siegdog came through the Mall... "Oh, Oh hi Tani! We were wondering where you guys went..." Coco said "Oh we're fine Coco! We're just gonna get some stores and stuff, I find it amazing how Brio changed all the humans into anthros..." Tani told Coco "Yeah but... it isn't right... I think" Coco wondered.... "Dr N.Brio told us that we have to find the 'futurium' topaz to change all the humans back to normal..." Blaze told the others, "Really... but its better with more anthros... so we don't have to worry about hiding away all the time" Tani said in disagreement, Siegdog butted in "I know why he said that, he just wants all the anthros to be peoples again! That'll suck!" he moaned, "Hmm... maybe we should just have a bit of fun and then go and get that topaz thing?" Crunch said, everyone nodded in agreement, "But where's my daddy? And Mom!!!" Tommy cried "Don't worry, they're gone shopping the other way, we'll meet up with them latter!" Tani told young Tommy, Tommy then smiled.

Crash, Coco, and Tawna got a trolley, Crunch and Tani got a trolley and the two potoroo brothers and Tommy got their trolley.... Crash looked at the others deviously, he smiled deviously, Coco noticed his cheeky grin and said "No Crash... this isn't a time for trolley races ok!?" Crunch heard Coco, and then he looked at Crash and noticed his expression, "Heh, a shopping race? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me, me and Tani will own you with this one!" Crunch said, and smiled with his sharp teeth showing, but Crash didn't back down. He was up for the 'silly' challenge, the potoroos noticed the two bandicoots and got angry, "You guys think you're so great, cause you saved da world! But we'll win this!" yelled Siegdog, and he pulled a sieg at them but poor Coco wasn't sure about the idea "Oh guys, I don't think this is a good idea... you might get into trouble!" Coco said and Tawna agreed with a nod, but the others ignored her and raced off in an instant.. leaving Coco and Tawna behind in the dust... they weren't impressed at all.

Crash ran with his trolley as fast as he could, he had no idea where to go because he has never been in a supermarket before, but he kept an eye out for the fruit section, hoping there would be Wumpa on sale. Crash sighed but he still went on searching, hoping to finish before the others!

Crunch and Tani were going quick with their trolley, and then they suddenly wondered.... where was Tiny? "I hope that idiot isn't doing something... stupid" Crunch said "He'll be fine, I hope!" Tani replied but she was wrong, very wrong, in the distance was Tiny by the meat section "Oh great, you just had to say that ehh?" Tani moaned "Who cares! Lets get the good stuff and get out of this section like we don't even know Tiny!" he and Tani then arrived at the section...

The potoroos were having troubles... Tommy couldn't catch up with the other two older potoroos "AH Tommy! Hurry up or else we're gonna LOSE!" Siegdog screamed "Ok, Tommy! Jump into the trolley!" Blaze yelled, he then grabbed Tommy and placed him into the trolley, the two potoroo brothers started pushing the trolley once again and headed towards the 'magazine' area...

Crash was getting frustrated, he was determined to get some Wumpa fruit so he then stopped, and saw a anthro which was a possum, he walked up to her and tried to do gestures to get her attention, but it didn't seem to be working "Umm... sorry little guy but I don't know what you want! Can you... speak?" she asked him, Crash sighed to himself but then he caught the scent of fruit, it wasn't far! So he headed over to that certain area, when he arrived there... he couldn't believe what he saw "WHOA" Crash gasped, he was amazed at the huge variety of fruit, he didn't see any Wumpa though but there was a lot to chose from, even some fruits he's never seen before. He almost fainted at the sight of it.

Crunch and Tani approached Tiny in a rush and Tiny looked and he noticed Crunch and snarled, "NO NO NO!!! THIS IS TINY'S TEA!!!" he roared but both Crunch and Tani ignored him and started to grab what they could! "Hmm, This meat better be fresh or else..." "There’s no time Crunch! We have to hurry up!" Tani told him, as she grabbed what was best so Crunch grabbed a big ham leg but Tiny snatched it off him and yelled "MINE" Crunch got angered and snatched it back! "There’s more where they came from, so stop being so greedy!" And they carried on fighting, fighting over something small and Tani just sighed "They're like this at home..." and when she was done with getting all the goods, she told the two... "Come’ on guys! We have to get to the 'finish line'!" Tiny didn’t listen, Crunch listened and Tiny was holding the ham, "HAH" he said Crunch then told him "Hey look over there! Someone stole your... uhh... blanket!" Crunch pointed over at the far left of the building, Tiny's eyes widened and then he roared "NO ONE STEALS TINYS BLANKY!!!" and Crunch snatched the ham and ran off back with Tani, "God, so much for getting a leg of ham!" she told him "Well, I wont ever let Tiny over power me" Crunch

The 3 potoroo’s were quickly browsing through all the magazines "Yuck! All of these are full with humans! Where’s the good stuff?" Siegdog moaned "Sheesh, do you have to be so... desperate!? Who cares about the magazines! Lets just finish this game and make the others look bad!" Blaze said himself... "I want Mom and Dad NOW!" Tommy screamed, Blaze started to worry "Hurry up Siegdog!" "Oh great, it looks like there’s nothing but peoples, peoples PEOPLES! WAIT!" Siegdog screeched, he looked over at the 'latest' magazine area, and he quickly noticed the 'Marsupial babes' on the front cover! "WOOHOO!!!" Siegdog shouted, he quickly grabbed it "The Sieg had blessed me once again!" Siegdog then grabbed the magazine, but he then decided to get the whole shelf of the same magazine, Blaze got angry and shouted "THAT'S ENOUGH!" and there was total silence... the three potoroo’s left the scene, hoping no one would care less...

Crunch and Tani, were dangerously speeding with their trolley down the isles, anthros moved out of their path to avoid getting smashed... "Crunch! I think this is a bit... too crazy!" Tani yelled, "Yeah I know but its fun and that what matters!" Tani jumped into the trolley while Crunch was pushing it, "Hey! How come you're going to get a ride while I push!?" he moaned "...Oh Crunch... I think you should watch out behind because... TINY IS COMING STRAIGHT FOR YOU!" Tani screamed, Crunch quickly turned for a second, he saw Tiny running as fast as he could, Crunch was quite surprised, he has never seen Tiny run fast before... Tiny was getting unbelievably close to Crunch! "TINY GET YOU!!!" He roared "Tiny don’t get you is more like it!" Crunch leaped up and leaped into the trolley behind Tani! "What the heck? Who’s gonna push then?" "No one will! Were going faster that I would push this way and look! We're almost at the counter, just around the corner…"

Crash was in the fruit section, his trolley was full of many types of fruit, he grinned proudly, while other anthros stared blankly “You are just plain crazy…” One of them blurted, “Heh!” Crash said, in a smartass way… Crash quickly rushed off with the trolley, as fast as could!

Crunch and Tani were heading for the counter from the right, Crash was coming from the left, all the customers around the place watched them go, they knew that they were gonna smash into each other! "YIKES!" Crash gasped, "NO! We cant move or... stop!" Tani yelled, then Tiny jumped in the way of Crunch and Tani's trolley and yelled "TINY SAID STOP!" and then Crash smashed into Tiny’s backs, and Tani and Crunch’s trolley smashed into Tiny’s stomach very hard, Tiny was stunned... and he fainted and fell to the ground "Wow, Tiny stopped us... a lot of anthros stood there and stared at the mess. Crunch, Tani and Crash were quiet... "maybe this game was a big mistake, I think it went a bit too out of hand... Lets say we both win ehh Crash?" Crunch said, and Crash nodded while having a nervous smile.

After they dragged Tiny and the shopping matter outside, Tiny woke up "Tiny is sorry" he said quietly, "Well... YOU SHOULD BE! You're going home!" she screamed at him, Coco came over and said "Should I open up the portal that'll lead back to Kong’s home?" "Yes, do it... the city isn't a good place for him anyway" Coco used her small remote like device and a portal opened, and Kong’s home was seen, Tani pushed Tiny into the portal... "Well, at least we have that fool out of the way... time to get back on track with things" Crunch said, "yeah, I just don’t trust him" Coco said. Everyone walked over to Pinstripes Car and the three potoroos waited in there patiently "HAH We win suckers! Now who’s da man!?" Siegdog said, then he jumped out of the car and started doing sieg poses, "Uhh ok... Hey guys, Pinstripe just got us a hotel to stay at for a few nights, it's that big flash one across the road!" Blaze told everyone "Oh cool! I can finally feel like a rich girl for once!" Tawna said "You guys can go back to the hotel, me and Crunch are just gonna take a look around the city... its such an interesting place and all" "Yeah, I'll go with Tani, I'll see you guys after!" Crunch and Tani walked down the streets, the others just waved a goodbye.

Chapter 16

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