Chapter 5- Dr Nitrus Brio's new creation

Dr N.Brio, was seen... from high upon Neo Cortex’s castle, which seemed to be now owned by Dr N.Brio himself... As Neo Cortex was long gone.

Brio watched over his and Cortex's evolved animals for the past few years, he began to wonder, and talk to himself… "It-it-it so wonderful how the Evolved animals have c-c-c-come out to be! It-it-it makes me feel s-s-s-so proud! It is a shame how Neo has taken my creations and claimed them as his own..." Brio said to himself he then thought to himself, he then turned to look at his new creation "This new machine.... w-w-w-will allow me to join with them, I-I-I-I-I-I would finally be in a s-s-s-sociality with the evolved animals of the f-f-f-f-future!" Brio said, in an emotional way... he then walked up to his creation, his machine... that he made on his own "I-I-I really hope it'll work, I will finally become an evolved animal, I want to see what i-i-i-it’s like being one, It'll be great!" Brio said with glee! He then walked inside his machine... it slowly powered up, and as it did so... anyone could tell something was going to happen, something that would affect more than Brio himself.

Chapter 6

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