Chapter 6- Havoc breaks lose!

Meanwhile back at the beach, Crunch awaited Tani to answer the phone, she then answered,

"Hi, Tani speaking..." She said "Hey Tani! Itís me Crunch, Iím just checking to see if... everythingís going fine with you..." Crunch asked "Oh Crunch, Iím fine man... donít worry about me, I can take care of myself" Tani told him "Yeah I know, but... I donít know, I guess I canít stop worrying...anyway, are you in Tasmania yet?" Crunch asked "yeah! I got here about half an hour ago, Iím just looking for a place to camp... so far there hasnít been any sight of a single human..." Tani told Crunch "Thatís good then, I wish I could have come... it sounds cool..." Crunch said "Aww man, stop it! Your making me want to come back already!" Tani said "Oh sorry, I guess... besides I have to look after our house!" Crunch told Tani "Yeah true... well, I better get going now, I canít waste the credit! Ok see ya!" Tani said "Bye! Be careful!" Crunch said, and then she hung up "Heh, that was sweet but you donít know all of Tani now do you?" Pinstripe told Crunch "What? Are you saying I donít know her as much as YOU?" Crunch yelled at Pinstripe "I mean like, Tani's not one of the helpless girls that cries 'SAVE ME' or 'YOUR MY HERO!!!' To be honest... heh heh, please donít pummel me!" Pinstripe asked Crunch "Yeah I know Taniís kind ofÖ independent but... I just canít help being worried man!" Crunch told Pinstripe "Heh, Donít worry... I understand cuz! Why donít you come over to us and have some BBQ steak of something?" Pinstripe asked Crunch "I just donít feel like anything at the moment..." Crunch said, then all of a sudden, Tiny was seen.... running towards Crunch furiously and in rage! "CRUNCH STOLE MY FRIEND FOOD COOKER THAT COOK TINY FOOD FOR LUNCH AND BRUNCH!!!" Tiny roared, Koala Kong was seen chasing Tiny "AHH TINY!!! Crunch wasnít stealing it!" Kong screamed, Crunch and Pinstripe stared at Tiny as he came running towards "HOLEY SHIT!" Pinstripe screamed, he jumped out of the way and Crunch stood there "TINY KILL CRUNCH!" Tiny shouted, and he jumped straight towards Crunch, read to pin him down, Crunch simply ducked down and Tiny flew straight over Crunch and straight into the BBQ!

Soon after, a scream was heard ! "WAH!" Tiny screamed in pain! His head was on the element! He quickly grabbed the BBQ loose and smashed it down to the ground and stomped on it repeatedly! "MY FRIEND FOOD COOKER IS EVIL!!! IT HURT TINY!!!" Tiny roared, like mad... the Potoroos were in shock...

"What the hell is going on!!" all the Potoroos said, Crunch stared at Tiny, as if it was all normal, "This is normal everyday life...with Tiny" Crunch said to himself "No! My BARBEQUE!!! Itís DEAD!" Kong cried, and fell to his knees Tiny looked at Kong "oh... Tiny sorry...VERY SORRY!" Tiny said, and he walked over towards Koala Kong, "Jeezers Christ... what the *bleep* is that coming towards us?" Pinstripe said with huge anime eyes! There seemed to be a huge gust of wind that came from Cortexís Castle... coming towards everyone!

"No Its the end of the world!!!" Siegdog, Tommy, and Pinstripe screamed, as Tommy clanged to his father "Its a tornado!!!" Blaze and Tiffany yelled "I WANT MY MOMMY!" Tiny and Kong said, as they hugged each other! Crunch threw himself to the ground, then moments latter... the gust of energy past over everyone, everyone was unsure and nervous to what it actually was...

Chapter 7

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