Chapter 11

Chapter 11- The Warp Room

Everyone was inside Crash’s home, “So where is this warp room?” Blaze asked “Its right down stairs!” Coco replied, everyone followed Coco downstairs, and some were amazed “Wow this place looks wicked as!” Siegdog shouted, “Ooooo! Tiny like pretty lights!” Tiny said “This warp room is st-st-st-stunning Coco!” Brio complimented “Very impressive Coco… For someone at your age” Blaze said “Thanks!” Coco said as she blushed, “Hmm, this place seems very familiar but I've never been here before…” Crunch mentioned, “Well Crunch, this is the warp room me and Crash used to find the crystals and battle Dr Cortex last year! And to rescue you of course. I didn’t think you’d remember this place… because while you were under control, you saw this place…” Coco said “Hmm, I see..” Crunch replied, “Geeze, I didn’t realize Neo Cortex was still trying to take over the world last year… what a freak!” Pinstripe said “Ehh? I thought you were on Cortex’s side?” Coco asked “Nah, I left his side years ago… I wanted to make my own side…” “No wonder Crash didn’t fight against you again… hmm…” Tawna said and thought.

“Well guys, I’ll stay here and operate the warp room, while you all go and find out what's going on!” “Hmm, I better stay too! Someone’s got to look after the house!” Tawna said, “I w-w-w-want to stay t-t-t-too! I’m t-t-t-to scared to g-g-g-go with you guys!” Brio said, “Well, it looks like its just us… five” Crunch said, “You guys can go through the portal now!” Coco said, so Crunch, Pinstripe, Tiny, Tiffany and Crash entered the portal.

The the portal opened. everyone stood out and were right along the coast of Tasmania, they saw a large forest ahead of them, “So this is Tasmania… wow, no houses anywhere, just a forest and beach?” Tiffany said “Well guys, we must find Tani now! I hope she’s ok…” Crunch said, "Hey don't worry about her! Yeesh, she's not some damsel in distress!" muttered Pinstripe, Crunch just ignored him and he led the way into the forest.

Chapter 12

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