Chapter 12 - Exploring Tasmania

The gang were deeper in the forest, it seemed like they were going no where…

“Man! Where the hell are we going?” Pinstripe said, “I actually don’t know yet but its best if we just keep on searching… one of us might pick up Tani's track” Crunch said, as he desperately carried on searching. About an hour had passed, and someone had finally found what they were looking for, Crash pointed over in a direction, Pinstripe and Tiffany followed him, “Hey look over there! Crash found something!” Tiffany said, he pointed at a camp, Crunch ran over to it. He knew straight away that it was Tani’s camp, “That’s Tani’s camp alright! Now she can’t be too far!” Crunch said, everyone was relieved… except for Tiny, who was getting rather aggressive, “This you fault Crunch! Tiny sister is lost… WAH!” Tiny growled and cried, “Oh shut up Tiny! This doesn’t have anything to do with me…” “NO! You wrong very WRONG! If you did not live with sister, she would be home with ME!!! SHE IS NOT YOUR SISTER!” he roared, "Tiny... shut the hell up! Why would Crunch want Tani to be his sister?” Pinstriped yelled, “You don not know anything gun boy!” Tiny shouted as he threatened Pinstripe, Pinstripe grabbed out his Tommy gun “Don’t Tiny! We have to find Tani now ok?! Stop fooling around!” Crunch growled Tiny, he grew even angrier “YOU BE QUIET OR TINY KILL YOU!” Tiny lashed out to Crunch and tried to slash him across the face, Crunch avoided his claws but Tiny then grasped around Crunch's thick neck and tried to choke Crunch, Crunch was unfazed but the claws were irritating him so he attempted to free himself with his own hands… “Back off now Tiny, before I really do get serious…” Crunch said and growled in the process, he got loose from Tiny's grasp, “NAH!” he roared, “Crunch! Watch it out man!” yelled Pinstripe, Crash gasped at the sight, “Don’t worry guys, you keep out of this…” Crunch stood there angrily, as Tiny came forward again and tried slashing Crunch multiple times, Crunch grabbed his clawed hands just in time “Crunch cuz! I’ll shoot Tiny, try and hold him still!” Pinstripe yelled out to Crunch “No! Don’t shoot him, Tani wouldn’t like that!” Crunch shouted, he quickly kicked Tiny in the stomach and he was pushed back, Tiny tried to lash for Crunch again but with his large jaws this time, Crunch avoided fighting back and just carried on dodging and pushing Tiny back as Tiny carried on trying to attack him,

Tiffany, Pinstripe and Crash watched Tiny and Crunch fight… they begun to worry, “Come on Tiny! Stop this! We have to find your sister together ok?!” “TINY FIND TANI ON OWN!” Tiny screamed, Crunch suddenly kicked Tiny in the stomach very hard, and Tiny hit into a tree, and fell over, Crunch watched him closely… “Tiny, there’s no need to fight, even though we hate each other, we have to try and work together to find Tani ok?! There's no time for this!” Crunch told Tiny, Tiny got up… he was also unfazed, but didn’t say anything “Eep…!“ Crash gasped, Crunch turned around and said “I’m just trying to calm him down…” but Tiny didn’t calm down, his fury grew more inside of him and he lashed at Crunch again but in an instant! Tiny had his clawed hand up, head swiped straight down towards Crunch’s face, he just missed his face but slashed him right above his teeth, it was a close call… “TINY MISSED! WAH!” Tiny roared, after realizing he missed Crunch's face, but Crunch got stunned by the swipe, he did get hit, but it was unseen by Tiny, Crunch got too furious and lost it, “That’s… IT!” Crunch ran towards Tiny and pinned him down and punched Tiny in the head a lot of times, and didn’t take any chances and didn’t care about what may happen to Tiny, “WOW! This is such a MEAN fight man!” Pinstripe said, as he watched excitedly “This isn’t cool Pinstripe! We have to try and stop them!” Tiffany told, Crash looked at them and frowned, he ran over to Tiny and Crunch, Crunch lifted Tiny up, and smashed him against the tree, Tiny was getting tired… he tried to stand up straight, Crunch stood back and wanted to finish him off with his teeth snarling and his clawed hand read to use, but then Crash ran over to him and gave Tiny a good spin… Tiny then spun around, got dizzy and couldn’t stand straight and finally, he gave up and fell, Crunch settled down as he saw Tiny laying down on the dirt knocked out.

“Phew…” Crash said, and looked up at Crunch, the burgundy bandicoot looked down at Crash, “Yeah thanks, I get carried away sometimes… I didn't want to be too violent around you guys, sorry...” Crunch said, Crash looked at Crunch and noticed that he was bleeding on the side of his month, he was slightly spooked! Crunch noticed Crash’s fearful glare, and Crunch wiped the blood from his mouth “Looks like Tiny did hit me then… sorry, I almost didn’t notice” Crunch said, and wiped his mouth, “it’s just a slash inside my mouth so I’ll just consider myself lucky… Tiny is just so pathetic, I wish he was more intelligent than that…” Crunch told Crash. They both walked over to the potoroo pair, “Yeah, I know what you mean! Lets go and find Tani!” Pinstripe said. Everyone decided to head deeper into the jungles “Hey what about Tiny?” Pinstripe asked, “Who cares about that buffoon, we’ll get him after once Tani’s with us” Crunch told Pinstripe “Okay then, hey… your bleeding, it looks nasty!” he replied, “Maybe if you shut up you wont need to see any of it ok?” Crunch said, and wiped his mouth again “Oops, sorry…” Pinstripe said.

  While the gang was walking through the forest, Crash then shun his torch up at a large building “Hey look! It’s some kind of huge building! She might be in there!” Tiffany told the others as she looked at Crash’s flashlight, so everyone headed over to the building, As everyone ran closer to the building, they saw a fence that appeared to have barbwire over the top “Oh for Pete's sake! A barbwire fence… how original…” Pinstripe moaned, Crash looked at Crunch and gave a thumbs up, Crunch nodded and simply ripped a big hole in the fence without much effort for everyone to get through. They all looked around for an entrance, “The door is right over here guys!” Tiffany yelled out, everyone walked over to her and Crunch attempted to bash the door down, he did it with ease. He entered the room first… >

Suddenly, an alarm set off “damn… I don’t think you should have done that Crunch!” Pinstripe told Crunch “Oops…” he said, “WARNING a prisoner has escaped! Security guards! Warning!” The voice in the microphones spoke “So this place is a prison?” Tiffany said, “Tani must be here then for some reason!” Crunch said, everyone explored around the place, but guards were not far from finding out they all broke in! Crash was running upstairs, he saw random anthros in cells “Hey! Can you get the key!!! Please let us out little dude!” a prisoner shouted as Crash ran past them, some of the prisoners even tried grabbing Crash as he ran “food.... FOOD!” some of the carnivorous anthros growled, Crash was freaked out “Whoa!” he gasped.

Meanwhile, Pinstripe was searching the section where the female prisoners were... "Hey there hotshot, wanna set me free... I'll reward ya..." some random Mouse anthro asked Pinstripe, as well as a bunch of other girls, "Sorry l... I have to look for someone, and I'm married too, sorry heh! SO.... have any of you seen a thylacine chick around?" Pinstripe asked the ladies, "Hmm, I thought Tasmanian tigers were extinct?" one of the girls replied, "No wait! I remember seeing some guards taking her to the questioning room, she looked quite angry!" another girl said, "Ok chicks! Thanks for the help!" Pinstripe said, he then headed back downstairs...

Crunch was searching the un-searched area... he noticed that it was different to the rest of the building, "Hmm, Tani must be in here somewhere... TANI WHERE ARE YOU?" Crunch called, someone then walked up to Crunch... he was a guard, a dog anthro with black and tan coloured fur, "Hey you! What are you doing in here? Are you here to see one of your family members? You must not wander around unsupervised!" The guard told Crunch "Excuse me but I’m going to ask you the question... where is Tani? She’s a Tasmanian tiger and if you don’t tell me where she is I'll seriously pummel your sad canine frame into a pulp!" Crunch growled, the guard looked at Crunch in fear, "Hey man don’t take it out on me! I’m just a guard... well yes I know where a female thylacine is... come this way..." The Guard told Crunch, Crunch followed him.

Chapter 13

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