Chapter 33

Tani meets Crash and Coco


Crunch and Tani were running through the jungles "Man Tani, you’re just too fast I cant catch up...Wait!" Crunch yelped and Tani was running ahead of Crunch "Hah! I guess I’m still faster than you!" Tani told Crunch but then Tani stopped, right in front of a large as tree, and Crunch stopped, then walked up to Tani "Ehh... where's your house?" Crunch asked Tani "Its right up there Crunch!" Tani told Crunch, and Crunch looked up "Oh cool! This is you’re house! Its wicked!" Crunch told Tani "Thanks man, Now lets go inside, and chat!" Tani told Crunch, and Tani then ran up the stairs, and Crunch followed her.

Crash and Coco were still following Tani and Crunch "Hmm, I wonder who this Tani-Girl is?" Coco said and Crash shrugged "Well, She could be one of Crunch friends or relatives..." Coco thought. Crash and Coco were still just walking down into the jungle.

Crunch and Tani were inside Tani's house "Man, this is such a kick ass house! Just look at the view out there!" Crunch told Tani "Thanks! Gosh, you've changed soo much, you look stronger… wanna have a wrestle?" Tani asked Crunch, Tani smiled deviously, and Crunch blushed “Ahh yeah, if you want…” Crunch said nervously, then both Crunch and Tani both hand their hands against each other, “Oh no… I don’t wanna be to hard on Tani…” Crunch thought, as Tani was winning… Crunch was about to fall “Hay come on! I thought you’d be better at this game!” Tani yelled at Crunch, Crunch then said “I’m not gonna loose that easily!” He then suddenly pushed Tani, Tani slipped and fell… Crunch fell right on top of her “Darn! You won, but I’ll be better next time!” Tani told Crunch, “Ahh I’m sorry Tani! I shouldn’t have done that!” Crunch said nervously, Tani then snickered “Done what? Geeze don’t worry about me I fine! You just fell on me!” Tani said, “Ok…” Crunch said, Both Crunch and Tani stood up, Tani starred at Crunch’s metal arm “Hey… how did you get that metal arm?” Tani asked Crunch 

"Well, I don't really want to talk about that Tani..." Crunch said "Hey Crunch, Its ok to tell me, I wont tell anyone and besides, I'm you’re my best mate!" Tani told Crunch, and Crunch smiled "Well, ok Tani... It was when me and this kangaroo were trying to fight some Karate Assistants so we can escape but, the kangaroo got caught, and I didn't, Neo and this guy named N.Tropy took him to the lab, I followed, and he was being tested on this machine, kind of like the Evolvo-ray and they tested the thing on him, and he just got vaporized!" Crunch said, and Tani gasped "Oh my God! How could Neo do that? That Stupid...bald...headed..." Tani said angrily "But there's More... and straight after that happened, I got angry and tried to kill Neo but N.Tropy smashed me with this metal fork thing, and I fell to the ground, He picked me up and Neo told him to lock me into the table, and I was placed down, and I couldn't escape..." Crunch told Tani "Grrrrr... I just fell like ripping out Neo's head as I hear you speak!" Tani yelled "Me to Tani! But... As I was placed down on the table, Neo got up, and turned on the machine, and he pointed the laser beam straight at my face, I was trying all I could to get loose, and luckily my leg got loose, I kicked Neo, he smacked into the laser beam and the laser-beam shot out a laser and the laser shoot me straight into my right arm, and that was it... Then a guy named N.Gin saved my life, by giving me a metal covered arm, but he saved me... I don't even understand why.... But the kangaroo called Kris never lived... It’s all my fault... I'm just a big as let down to everyone...." Crunch told Tani "Ohh... That's how it happened, You really didn't have to tell me... I feel soo stupid now..." Tani said, "No Tani! I'm the one that's stupid! I never jumped off the spaceship, and I'm responsible for Kris's death... I'm the stupid one...I'm the 'let down'... even to you..." Crunch told Tani "Don't say this! Its Neo's fault! He's just trying to make you believe you’re responsible for everything! How dare he!"

Tani told Crunch, and she hugged Crunch, and Crunch was surprised "Tani, you don't need to feel sorry for me... I failed you too..." Crunch told Tani "No Crunch! I should have come into space with you..." Tani told Crunch "What? Hell no! You’re lucky you didn't need to go through all this bad stuff, like me!" Crunch told Tani seriously "Yeah, I guess you’re right... Let’s just be glad you’re here anyway!" Tani told Crunch,

Tani’s door then opened, and there was Crash and Coco starring at Crunch and Tani, as they were hugging "What the..." Coco said and Crash was staring, and Tani looked at Crash and Coco, and she stopped hugging Crunch "Who the hell are you two?" Tani said and Crunch quickly turned and looked at Crash, and Coco "Ahh! Crash Coco, what are you doing here?" Crunch asked Crash and Coco, Crash then looked at Coco "Well, me and Crash were wondering where you were, because you said you were going to come over and introduce you’re friends to us..." Coco asked Crunch, "Well, I was but you didn't have to come forging you’re way into Tani's home, you know!" Crunch said, 

"Ok ok ok! What's going on? Who are you two? Crunch, do you know the pair?" Tani asked Crunch "Yeah sure! They're Crash and Coco! and they helped me escape out of Neo's Space station, in fact… they’re the ones that saved me!" Crunch told Tani "Oh really! You never told me boy!" Tani yelled at Crunch, and Tani pulled Crunch's ear! "Ouch! Hey, stop embarrassing me!" Crunch yelled and Crash smirked, Coco was giggling, Tani walked up to Coco "Hey, Tani's my name! Nice to meet the pair of you!" Tani told Coco and Crash, and she shook hands with both Crash and Coco "Hey, nice to meet you too Tani! You’re got such an awesome home, nice furniture!" Coco told Tani "Ahh Thanks Coco! I guess Brio is kind of spoiling me with all this furniture! Hey, maybe you and Crash could come over one weekend, and we could go surfing, driving in the jeep, etc" Tani told both Crash and Coco "That's sounds awesome! But Crash and me are busy on our house at the moment... But we'll see!" Coco said, "Ok Coco, well...We'll see you two around!" Tani told Coco and Crash, Then Crash and Coco got up and headed out Tani's doorway, and they both waved out to Tani and Crunch.

"Hmm, I never knew Crunch had such a cool Friend, or Girlfriend? Hmm, I don't know... But yeah!" Coco told Crash and Crash looked down, Crash was still sad about being alone... without Tawna.


Chapter 34

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