Chapter 34

Chapter 34



Crunch and Tani were up late talking about things that happened while they were separated "... And yeah! Ripper roo was stuck down my chimney once and I had to put some gun powder down the chimney and as I lit the powder, Ripper roo went flying into the skies like a freaking shooting star!" Tani cracked up laughing, Crunch did too "That’s so psychotic!" Crunch laughed, "Well yeah, that's all I can think of... I'm gonna crash out now... good night!" Tani said "Yeah, good night Tani!" Crunch replied, Tani lied down on her mattress on the floor near her fireplace, Crunch laid down on the couch, 

"Man... I, I cant believe I'm back on Earth with Tani and Tani looks so..." Crunch turned and looked at Tani "NOCK NOCK Tani! Are yah awake?" A Loud voice was heard from outside Tani's house, Crunch got a fright and Tani woke "I'm coming!" Tani said, she then got up and opened the door "Pinstripe? What are you doing here at such a late time?" Tani asked Pinstripe, Crunch then to got up "Hey! Pinstripe! Long time to see!" Crunch said, "Is dat who I think it is? Hey Crunch! It looks like you escaped the old Scientist! Good as!" Pinstripe said "well anyway, there's a new bad guy on the loose! He stole my Flying car just a few hours ago! So I had to steal a helicopter to get to you’re island to warn you he may be coming here to find power!" Pinstripe told Tani "Oh god, not another Mad Scientist on the loose!" Tani sighed "Nah, its not a mad Scientist, It one of us! An Anthro! You know, an Evolved animal..." Pinstripe explain "What? That's weird... what did he do or say?" Crunch asked Pinstripe "Well Crunch, he just came outta nowhere and said 'Gimme you’re flying car' and I said 'nah, get stuffed!' and he then pointed at me with his finger and electricity blasted straight towards me, I ran off and he stole my car just like that! Man am I pissed off!" Pinstripe said "Whoa, this guy must have been created by Dr Cortex if he's wanting to take over the world..." Crunch said "Well yeah but, Neo hasn't ever created a Minion with powers like that..." Tani said "Well anyway guys, I've gotta go home now, I'll catch up with you gangsters latter, bye!" Pinstripe said, "bye" Crunch and Tani said, then they both went back to sleep.


Chapter 35

The new enemy


It was early in the morning, Tani was still asleep... while Crunch wasn't, he was in the kitchen... "Hey Tani! Wake up!" Crunch yelled out to Tani, Tani got up of the mattress "Crunch? You’re such an early bir- I mean Bandicoot!" Tani said, then Crunch came to the dinner table "I just thought I'd better cook up some bacon for breakfast!" Crunch said, and Tani laughed "Hey, I didn't think you could cook...!" Tani snickered "Well... since I stayed alone in the Space station, I had to learn something useful..." Crunch explained, Tani smiled and came to the dinner table.

Crunch and Tani were just sitting at the table easting the Bacon that's until Crunch noticed something outside by the seashore... "Hey Tani... there's something outside by the seashore, should we go and check it out?" Crunch asked Tani "Yeah..." Tani said, Both Crunch and Tani went outside and down towards the beach, they then noticed something vary familiar... it was indeed Pinstripes flying car... "Hey, that's Pinstripes car... that guy should be in the car..." Tani said quietly "Yeah, lets just be quiet and wait to see what he does..." Crunch replied quietly,

Pinstripes car stopped, then a door opened... Out came some guy, wearing dark blue clothes with yellow and white fur, and long ears, his name was Jaseo Bilby... "Hmm... I hope this is the right island..." Jaseo spoke, and then the other door of he car opened, and someone very familiar came out, it was Tawna! "Well, I haven't been here in years..." Tawna told Jaseo...

"Tawna!" Crunch yelled, and Tawna looked at Crunch "Crunch? Is that you?" Tawna said, and then Jaseo looked and Crunch, Tani then stood up "Tawna! What are you doing with that guy!" Tani yelled at Tawna "Hey Tawna, who the heck are they?" Jaseo asked Tawna "Oh Jaseo, well That's Crunch, he's my brother and that's Tani..." Tawna told Jaseo "Hey you! That car doesn't belong to you, it belongs to Pinstripe Potoroo! Hand it over now!" Crunch yelled at Jaseo, and Jaseo smirked "Hah, what makes you think I'll hand it over to you!" Jaseo yelled at Crunch "If you don't, then you’re gonna have to deal with me!" Crunch told Jaseo, Jaseo smiled evilly "Heh, you have no idea what I can do to you... I am the Mighty Jaseo Bilby! I have powers unlike any other animal on the face of the Earth, I have electricity!" Jaseo laughed, Crunch growled angrily "No Jaseo, just don't, just don't use you’re power on him...!" Tawna told Jaseo "Hey, don't worry baby, you’re brother here wants a challenge, he'll get one!" Jaseo said, "Don't even think about taking over the world too... Rabbit!" Crunch yelled at Jaseo, Jaseo got furious "I'm not even gonna take over the world you idiot, I'm gonna become world famous then everyone can worship me and Tawna here and then nothing can stand in my way! Now prepare to face my power!" Jaseo yelled, Jaseo then raised his hand up, Crunch watched Jaseo carefully... "Hah! You’re so gone... Crunch!" Jaseo laughed, Tawna was worried, so was Tani "Crunch, why aren't you moving? He’s about to zap you..." Tani whispered to Crunch "Don't worry Tani, I've got an idea in mind..." Crunch replied to Tani, Tani smiled,

Jaseo suddenly released his had and a blast of electricity blasted straight at Crunch, the electricity hit Crunch in the chest... But nothing happened, Jaseo was shocked... "Say WHAT? You... you... That's not possible!" Jaseo screamed "Ha, You see Jaseo... I can withstand electric shocks, I've been electrocuted by Lab Assistants many times and I've gotten used to it, so I guess you’re little sparkly powers are useless!" Crunch told Jaseo, Jaseo got mad, Tawna was surprised, and Tani was impressed “That was awesome Crunch Now lets take down this Bilby..." Tani said, Both Crunch and Tani walked up to Jaseo, "hey look! A Helicopter!" Jaseo shouted "Its like I'm gonna fall for that!" Crunch said, "Freeze Nigga!" Pinstripe yelled, from up in a helicopter... Dingodile and Siegdog were also in the helicopter, Crunch and Tani looked "...Oh, he wasn't lying..." Crunch said, Jaseo then took off he ran as quickly as he could to the car, Tawna was waiting in the car "SHOOT HIM" Pinstripe yelled, Dingodile grabbed out his Flamethrower, Siegdog grabbed out his... Water gun?! Pinstripe, Dingodile and Siegdog tried shooting Jaseo, he was quick, Tani and Crunch stayed clear "Gee, this is almost like watching a cheesy Dragon Ball Z episode..." Crunch said, "You can say that again..." Tani replied,

Jaseo reached the door of the car "Stop shooting! You guy's shoot my beautiful car!" Pinstripe screamed, Dingodile and Siegdog stopped firing... they all watched as Jaseo and Tawna took of with the car "God dammit! We'll never catch them now!" Pinstripe cried, Pinstripe then parked the helicopter on the ground "You almost got him Pinstripe... to bad he escaped" Tani told Pinstripe "Yeah... But I will get revenge on that bugger!" Pinstripe yelled "Man, I have a feeling that this guy is gonna cause trouble among the human race... then they will all find out about us Anthros then we'll be doomed..." Crunch said "Yeah, you’re right Crunch... Jaseo did say he wanted to become world famous... we must stop the guy! And rescue Tawna from him..." Tani said, everyone agreed,

Crunch then noticed Dingodile “Hey! Is that you Dingo?” Crunch yelled out to Dingodile, Dingodile looked at Crunch “Holey cow mate! Is that you Crunch? Hey! You did survive! That’s great!” Dingodile yelled, and he ran over to Crunch “Good to see yah again mate! All the Minions thought you had died!” Dingodile told Crunch “Well, its good to see you too Dingo, where's all the other Minions now?” Crunch asked Dingodile “OH, they’re out at my home in the Desert, after we lost contact with Neo, we decided just to start up our own lives!” Dingodile told Crunch, “Well, that’s good!” Crunch said, Dingodile then looked at Tani "Woo! What a nice looking dingo over there!" Dingodile said, Crunch frowned "She's not a dingo..." Crunch told Dingodile, Dingodile ignored Crunch and walked over to Tani "Hey hey hey Sheila! Look-in good ehh?" Dingodile said to Tani, Tani looked at Dingodile and frowned "My name isn't Sheila, so get lost Dingodile!" Tani growled Dingodile "Hey hey hey, no need to get angst! I'm perfect with the lady dingoes!" Dingodile said, Tani got angrier "Ok I'm warning you Dingodile, I am NOT a dingo and sorry I have no interest in hideous Reptilian-Canine hybrids!" Tani yelled at Dingodile, Crunch was laughing to himself as he watched Tani yell,

"Come on honey! You just need some sweet loving!" Dingodile told Tani, Tani couldn't take it anymore so she then gave Dingodile a hard kick in the face, and then Tani punched Dingodile into a nearby thorn bush! "Take that!" Tani screamed at Dingodile, Crunch walked over to Tani "Man... that was cool Tani! You smashed him!!" Crunch's said, "Well, I never fool around with idiots like him..." Tani told Crunch... Dingodile then got out of the thorn bush "Yikes! I better keep away from her, she's dangerous!" Dingodile said, "Oh Tani, I also brought along Tiny, he's asleep in the back of the helicopter!" Pinstripe told Tani "Oh that's great! Now Crunch can finally meet my bro for the first time!" Tani said, Crunch looked "Oh cool!" He said,

Siegdog and Dingodile woke up Tiny "Hey Tiny! You’re sister is outside!" Dingodile told Tiny "Tiny sister outside! YAY!" Tiny screamed, he got out of the helicopter and ran straight to Tani, Tiny gave Tani a huge hug "Tiny... I... can’t... breathe!" Tani gasped "Oh, Tiny sorry!" Tiny said, then he let go of Tani "Tiny, I want you to meet my best friend, Crunch!" Tani said, and Crunch came up to Tiny "Hey, I finally meet you! Great to see you Tiny" Crunch said, he tried shaking hands with Tiny, but Tiny growled loudly "Grrrrr.... Tiny no like you, you try take sister away from Tiny... YOU BAD!" Tiny roared at Crunch, Crunch growled back "How dare you say that! I'm not trying to take Tani away from you!" Crunch shouted at Tiny, Crunch and Tiny both looked at each other furiously... They wanted to have a challenge… "NO! Don't fight! Stop arguing!" Tani yelled "But he started it!" Crunch said "Nooo! But Crunch is naughty boy!" Tiny shouted,  Tani got angry "Tiny! Don't be silly! You started it so you get back home and stay in you’re room! Come out when you’re ready to say sorry to Crunch!" Tani growled Tiny, Tinys ears flopped down, and he walked slowly back to Tani's house... "Thanks Tani..." Crunch said, "That's ok, I don't know what his problem is..." Tani said.


Chapter 36

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