Chapter 30


Crash, Crunch and And Aku aku we're out of the space-Stadium, and the whole Spaceship was shaking "This doesn't look good..." Crunch said and then Coco Came along in her spaceship...

"Hay, Do any of you guys need a ride?" Coco asked, Then Crash, Crunch and Aku aku, they all went into Coco's spaceship "Get ready!!! We're off!!!!!!!" Coco yelled and her spaceship quickly powered up, and her Spaceship vanished at the speed of light!

Coco's Spaceship finally arrived on Earth, at her and Crash's house "We're home! Lets go inside!" Coco said and she jumped out of her spaceship and Pura came running towards Coco "Meroww!!!" Pura meowed at Coco "Pura!" Coco screamed and she ran and picked up Pura, an hugged him, Crash and Crunch got out of the Spaceship "Come-on inside our house, you can thank us there!" Aku aku told Crunch "Yeah, sure!" Crunch said, and they all went inside the house.

Crash, Crunch, Aku aku, Pura and Coco were inside the house... "Crash, Coco, Aku-Aku, I'm grateful to all of you. If it werenít for you I'd still be under the control of Dr. Cortex! Thank you for believing in me guys!" Crunch told Crash, Aku aku and Coco "Youíre welcome Crunch!" Coco told Crunch, then Coco turned to Aku aku "Hey, do you think that's the last we'll ever see of Dr. Cortex and Uka-Uka?" Coco asked Aku aku "I'd like to believe that my child, but somehow, I doubt that very much..." Aku aku told Coco "Oh..." Coco said.

"Well Crunch, where are you going to go now? If you have no where to go, You can always stay here" Aku aku told Crunch, and Crunch looked at a photo of Tawna on the shelf "Thanks for the offer but... Hey! Is that Tawna?" Crunch asked, "You know that girl... Wow!" Coco told Crunch "Yeah, she's my sister! " Crunch told Coco "Youíre Sister But to be honest, she doesn't even look like you! No offence... " Coco told Crunch "Its because she's my half sis! She not really my sis, so yeah!" Crunch told Coco and Crunch took a look out the window, and he was amazed "Great! Kong's island is just across the sea!" Crunch said

"You used to live over there?" Aku aku asked Crunch "Yeah, but that was years ago, before Dr Cortex took me into space!" Crunch told Aku aku "Whoa, We never knew you lived there" Coco told Crunch "Maybe because You and Crash weren't evolved yet, or something... Well, Sorry to say this guys but I REALLY need to go back to that island! Its, its important!" Crunch told Crash, Coco, and Aku aku "Yes, you may go when ever you'd like!" Aku aku told Crunch "Well, ok...But I'll promise you guys that I'll bring some of my mates over to meet you, Ok see you guys latter!" Crunch said to Crash, Coco and Aku aku, they waved as Crunch went outside, Crash followed him.

"Man, I canít believe this, I'm finally back home..." Crunch thought to himself and Crash came along "Oh Crash! Man, I'd like to thank you a thousand! I owe you one!" Crunch told him, Crash showed the photo of Tawna to Crunch, and Crash looked unhappy... "What? Why are you giving the photo to me?" Crunch asked Crash,

Then Crash gave Crunch a note, that was hidden in the back of the photo, and Crunch started to read it "Dear Crash, Thanks for saving me from Neo Cortex but a guy named Pinstripe Potoroo gave me an offer I just couldn't refuse, Love Tawna." Crunch was shocked! "TAWNA! How could she leave you for Pinstripe!!! That's just so harsh! Wait until I see that dumb blonde! I'm sure as heck she wouldn't be with Pinstripe!" Crunch said, and Crash looked down, with tears in his eyes "Hey, dun worry, I'll try and get her back with you, Cos there's no possible way of Tawna finding Pinstripe... After Pinstripe went on his flying car, and flew off, Cos remember...I owe you one!" Crunch told Crash, and Crash looked up, and smiled "Heh, I never knew you saved her, I wonder why she didn't tell me, Well, I'll see yah tomorrow or something!" Crunch told Crash and Crunch ran through the jungle down towards the beach, and Crash waved.


Chapter 31

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