Chapter 2 - Truth comes out

About half an hour latter, Crunch returned home, Tani was just in the kitchen chopping up various types of meat, Crunch walked in and Tani saw him and walked up to him and gave him the usual hug, "hey Crunch, so... Crash and Tawna broke up again?" "Yeah, I knew it was coming soon anyway, but Crash is fine, he's glad he's single again for some reason..." Crunch told Tani, Tani just smirked... as she knew why, "Of course he'll be glad, he likes those fan girls you know...sadly heh, I'm not surprised" "yeah, that's true..." as Crunch finished off his sentence, Tani then asked Crunch "Why did Tawna dump him anyway?" "Well, Tawna didn't dump him... he dumped her this time, because she's working at this place called the Moulin Cortex" When Tani heard the title 'Moulin Cortex', she quickly turned around to hide her 'shocked' expression, this is when Crunch got really concerned, "Please tell me what you did when I was gone back then... I guess Tawna wasn't lying when she told me that..." Crunch said, Tani turned angry... "I'm.. I'm going to get Tawna for this! Where is she?" "There's no use beating her up... you should have told me about the Moulin Cortex, if you don't then... I don't think I can trust you anymore" Tani then calmed herself, she turned to Crunch, "Yeah, you're right.... but I didn't want to tell you about what happened when you were gone, because you might think wrong of me..." "I wont Tani... if you tell me that is, and if you don't then... I obviously will, I told you my whole past and you didn't even tell me anything, besides when you were living in the forest..." "Ok ok, I will... I just, hope you'll understand... and don't think I was some kind of skank like Tawna, because I never was and never will be! I had my reasons!" "It's ok Tani, just tell me the whole story..." Crunch asked, Tani and Crunch just sat down on a nearby sofa, "Well... this is how it begun"

Chapter 3

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