Outcast Bandicoot Cutscene


Days before the death


The day was rather average, with the usual everyday events going on with Dr Neo Cortex’s minions. Though Cortex was actually busy plotting against Crash during this time, as Uka uka had been freed from his temple a few months ago, so now Uka uka had control over Cortex… though the madman still had control over his minions.



The scene was now at the Cortex Café. Where three of the minion anthros were seen having lunch. Dingodile was there, along with Kris roo and even Crunch was nearby. Kris finished his lunch and then looked over at Crunch at the table behind him. He had a cheeky grin

“Hey Crunch! Know that bandicoot girl next door to my room?” Crunch noticed Kris and let go of the chicken drummer he had just picked up. He sighed “Yeah, her name’s Megumi. What about her” “Well, I thought maybe you can ask her out! I mean, she’s a bandicoot… just like you! And she’s also really pretty!” Crunch frowned slightly and looked annoyed, “Err what? Nah, I’m not interested…. Well yeah sure, she’s pretty and all but she’s just, not my type you know? And she’s also a bit nerdy…. And plus, she’s too old for me, you numbskull!” “Hey hey! No need to get defensive, Yeesh! I was just suggesting it…” Dingodile noticed their convocation, he coughed “Well, if you don’t like her, then I’m going to try my luck!” he said with a grin, Kris had a bewildered expression “Umm Dingodile… no offence cuz but I don’t think she’ll be interested!” “Meh, you’re just jealous that I’m going to score her ehh?” Kris frowned slightly “Jealous? Heck no. In fact, I’m going to try asking her on a date myself… just to try to get to know her. She seems really mysterious to me…” Crunch simply scoffed, “Hah. You asking her on a date? You’re way too immature to even date any girl!” “Hmph! You don’t know what I’m like with woman! Wait a second… now that I think of it… I’ve never actually talked to another female anthro, ever.” Dingodile smirked to himself and Crunch was a bit surprised “Are you serious?” “Yeap… no joke.” Kris said, and looked rather down. “Well, why not try talking with her then? I’m not really sure what she’s like, since she seems to keep to herself all the time. Maybe your lame jokes will bring a bit of spark into her life?” “Ha ha, nice sarcasm. But yeah, I’d like to know her…”

Then Dingodile quickly stood up “Firstly, I need to try my luck first! I know how to treat the ladies right, so learn from the expert!” Dingodile said with enthusiasm. Crunch looked blank and Kris seemed to take the dingo-crocodile seriously “alright then, let’s go!”.


The three mammals walked down the hallway, getting closer to Megumi’s room door, which was right next to Kris’s room, and across from Crunch’s. Crunch felt stupid for even going with those guys, but he decided to stay near them to watch their stupidity for amusement.

“Alright Dingodile, go ahead.” Kris told the mutant, Dingodile was all excited and walked right up to Megumi’s door and knocked a few times. Soon a pair of footsteps was heard from behind the door. Dingodile was shaking with excitement. Then the door opened.

Megumi stood there, looking rather shocked with the sight. She was a golden bandicoot, which had blue hair, pale blue eyes and a lab coat outfit on. “Hello there lady! My name is Dingodile and I was wondering, if you would kindly go on a date with me!” he said sincerely, he then bowed down and held one of Megumi’s hands out and gave her a kiss on the top of her hand! She was truthfully scared. “What… what are you doing! Ahh leave me alone!” she screamed, Dingodile stood up straight, took a few steps back and looked shocked “What!? What did I do wrong!?!” he gasped, and then Megumi got scared and shut her door instantly.

Crunch tried not to laugh and Dingodile walked back over to the other two males. “Well, that didn’t go as well as planned…! Sigh, I better stick with canines, marsupials are too strange!” Dingodile said, as he stomped off. “Hah, you jokers. Well I’m bored now, so I’m going to go back in my room and exercise. And Kris err… well good luck. I suppose!” Crunch told the kangaroo as he shrugged, as he left to his room. Kris felt bad for scaring Megumi, and thought “Man, I totally screwed things up now! Sigh, I better go and apologize to her for getting freaked out...” he nervously walked up to her door, and hesitated to knock but he finally forced himself to. Megumi came to the door and opened it again, she looked annoyed “Ok what do you want now… Oh!” she gasped, and looked down to see a shorter guy at the door this time. Kris was actually rather nervous and shy around her. He never felt like this with the male anthros, he looked up shyly, with ears held low and spoke “Umm…. Oh, umm I’m sorry about my friend before… he sometimes gets a bit crazy and umm… yeah. I’m just, sorry about him disturbing you like that… I didn’t mean for that to happen…” Megumi then smiled at Kris “Oh, thank you for apologizing then… have we met before? You seem kind of familiar to me…” “Well uhh nah, we haven’t really met. But my name is Kris, Kris roo… I’ve seen you around but I don’t know much about you…” he replied, still feeling nervous “Oh! You’re in the room right next to mine then! Well it’s actually rather rare for any of Cortex’s minions to even talk to me…” “Really? I thought everyone would! You seem like a cool person to get to know!” “You really think that? No one around here has been this nice to me, I’m either unnoticed or ignored… say, would you like to come in for a cup of tea or so?” Kris didn’t believe what he had just heard. Did she just invite him in? He smiled nervously “Oh really…? Well sure, I’d love to!”.




Kris was inside Megumi’s room, they both sat at the dining table in the lounge area and were talking for quite a while. They talked about various things about each other, and for once… Kris wasn’t being too hyper and annoying like he is with the other minions,

“Yeah! I’d like to get good at fighting like the other minions but.. I’m just not that tough, which is why Dr Cortex doesn’t think I’m good enough for fighting against that Crash Bandicoot guy…” Kris told the female bandicoot, she replied “Hey who cares about being tough or a good fighter! Not everyone needs to be, everyone has something they’re good at and not good at. I’m not a fighter myself too though… just more of a reader, and is into chemistry. I don’t care about Cortex and his boring World Domination schemes, so yeah. Who cares about what he thinks!” “Hmm… I wish I was good at something… at least. I want to be useful, so I’ve had thoughts of helping some of the other minions escape back to earth! But I need to find out where the main Escape pod keys are!” “Hey, don’t talk like that! I think you’re a great person, who can cheer almost everyone up, and it fun to talk with!” Kris looked up at Megumi and blushed slightly, “You really think so…? Well uhh… thanks! But yeah, I do need to think of a way to escape” “It’s too risky though… who knows what Neo would do to you if he caught you!” “I’m willing to at least try it… the others really want to escape! I want to help them in some way…” Kris then got up and turned away, Megumi also stood up and seemed to have felt sorry for the kangaroo… she had a thought though, that may cheer him up and help him,

“Wait, I know where one of the keys are…” She told him, he quickly turned around and looked at her “Really…?” “Yeah, I happen to have one of the maps for one… but please, be very careful! The owner of this key is very smart and can get very angry when people intrude into his part of the Station…” Megumi went over to her desk and searched through her draws. She pulled out a roll of thick paper, which was the map, tied with a string. She handed it over to Kris. Kris roo’s ears shot up which meant he was rather happy with the help, “Wow, I don’t know what to say! This is great! Thank you, Megumi!” “You’re welcome, Kris. But please, be careful…” “It’s ok, I’ll plan this out to try making sure nothing goes wrong… say, would you like to come with us to escape?” Megumi looked down and thought for a moment, “Well to be honest… I don’t know. Maybe it’s best if I don’t, since Neo regularly checks up on me, for the explosive potions and such he needs for his work. It’s just too risky… but I know I’ll escape one day, so don’t worry about me”

Kris then started to head for the door, he then looked back “Well, I guess I should get going now then…! But seriously though, this has probably been the best day I’ve ever had in the Space Station!” “Yeah, me too! I’ve never had any company with anyone in the Station before, and you were good fun to talk with!” Kris blushed again, but even more. Megumi then walked closer to him and to Kris’s surprise, gave him a kiss on the cheek! He felt like he was going to faint, but luckily… he didn’t.

“Well uhh thanks! I am just glad I wasn’t… annoying!” “Oh course you weren’t, you were of good company! Now, good luck with your trip… I’ll most likely see you again, around the Station…” “Yeah, I’ll see you too… of course!” Kris roo then stood out of the doorway, he hesitantly looked out the door, and then back at Megumi. Quite reluctant to leave. “Well, good bye for now… Kris!” “See ya later too… Megumi! Might see you on Earth…” He walked out the doorway and started to head for his own room door, holding the map within his grasp, “Good luck…!” he said, as he smiled and then vanished through his room door.




It was around five days after that single day. Two days after a tragic incident though… Dingodile was seen walking down the hallway, where his two friends once stayed down, he saw Lab Assistants locking up Kris roo and Crunch Bandicoot’s rooms. As they were no longer of any use. Their name tags were torn off the top of the doors. Dingodile felt down, which he rarely did… he now only had the Komodo brothers as company, which weren’t as much as the other two were. He believed both Kris and Crunch were killed those 2 days ago, as he had no idea Crunch was actually currently in surgery with Dr N.Gin in the lower part of the Space Station. Kris was his best friend though, the one he had most in common with.

He sighed as he then noticed Megumi’s door, near the other two rooms he used to visit. He thought to himself, “Well… I suppose I better tell Megumi what happened. But what if she just rejects me and ignores…” he stood there for a moment in front of her door. Then he sighed “I better just try anyhow… at least …” he knocked on her door. Megumi came with slight enthusiasm, hoping it was Kris again. But was disappointed when she opened the door and saw Dingodile there “Oh great, it’s you again! Please… just leave me alone!” “No no no! I’m not here to bother you… I just need to tell you something!” Megumi almost ignored his plea and was about to shut her door but then she remembered, shouldn’t Dingodile have escaped with the others? She then opened her door back up again, and Dingodile sighed in relief “Ok then. What is it? And why are you still here? Didn’t you want to go back to Earth with the others?” “No it’s not that… none of us even got to go. We, we almost done but… we were unfortunately caught…” Megumi gasped “Oh no, really? Aww darn… I hope everyone is ok, especially Kris…where is he anyway?” Dingodile looked down. He didn’t know how to tell her… she looked more and more concerned…

“Please tell me he’s ok…” “I’m sorry Megumi but Kris roo was accidentally tested and… killed by the Termination-ray. Not only him, but then Crunch was killed, trying to save him…”

There was nothing but silence for that moment. Megumi looked shocked, obviously. She almost couldn’t believe what she had just heard… would Cortex actually do this, to his own minions… his own creations? She just sighed, “…Well… thank you for, letting me know. I… I must get going now.” She simply turned away and left. Dingodile also turned from the doorway and headed off down the hallway, back to his own room. “Oh man… I really REALLY need to watch myself now. Maybe if Cortex ever takes me near Earth again, I’ll make an escape! There is now way in HECK I am staying here for life, to end up like my mates… no way.”


Megumi was in her room. She soon broke down in tears, and felt a huge guilt for ever helping Kris roo with the escape plan, she looked up “Oh god… how can I have let this happen… I allowed two lives to just, perish like that…” she was distraught. Had never felt so much grief in her life. “How could Neo get down so low like this…? Those two souls never hurt him in such a terrible way! They didn’t deserve it… never” she then peered out into space.

She sat there for hours, teary but quiet. She then had a thought… “No. I cannot let this grief consume me for good… though, I really cannot carry on living this way. I need to leave Cortex’s side, someway, somehow. Maybe a hero will help us all? I really do not know, but I do hope for it to happen.”





For now.


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