Vin Vixen

Character Description:

An extremely sly, smart and devious fox... she isn't someone to underestimate or fall for neither too for you fellow canid males. She's Vin, a vixen with a massive interest for jewels, gold and anything alike. She also often uses her charms to get what she wants, and usually proceeds in doing so (since most males she has come across fell for her easily) that's until she met Crunch...

He was carrying the 4 elemental crystals. And to Vin, they were extremely beautiful and she would do anything to pry them from the burgundy bandicoot. She didn't know they were containing powerful elemental masks, but she didn't care. She tries to use her charms on the bandicoot, but he doesn't have any hint of interest, at all. Which offended Vin, though it was a bit obvious as bandicoots naturally dislike foxes, a lot. And he also paired with someone else anyway. Vin didn't give up though, but then something bad happened... which Crunch didn't expect...

Her tail caught on fire instantly! She ran off screaming and Crunch was standing there, with a blank stare. What on earth had just happened? Py-ro will answer to that, that's for sure. And from now on, the vixen stands clear of the burgundy... and she now has a bitter feeling towards bandicoots.


Her Creator:

I designed her years ago, in very early 2004 by the request of Okura (Lee Harrison) he asked me to design a female fox anthro for him, along with a female bandicoot called Cassie. And I did... he owns her personality and such though, of course.

Vin is (c) to Okura.

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