Tiny Tiger

Character Description:

Tiny Tiger is one of Dr Cortex's most powerful but also, most unintelligent minions of all time. He is also one of Dr Cortex's personal favorites, which is why Tiny doesn't hate him.

But however, after Crunch was found and then put under control, Crunch quickly became Cortex's new 'favorite' and Tiny was just pushed away with the other minions... and Tiny HATED that. He never got to see Crunch in person though at the time, but that could be a reason why he hated him at first sight on X.Treme island... (but Crunch doesn't remember much of being controlled... at all.)

He is also assumed to be the sibling of Tani Tiger... after Brio looked through files on the computer Cortex had left behind at the Castle. Though it hasn't been confirmed... but he easily bonded with Tani anyway, as he had no family before. But moved out a year later, since he just couldn't get along with Crunch!

More Detailed Descriptions:

Description (OB1):

Tiny was evolved rather late during his life time, compared with most other minions. He was already a full grown thylacine when Dr Nitrus Brio evolved him with the Evolvo-ray. But he went a bit overboard with the strength settings, and Tiny was evolved into an extremely large, slightly deformed beast! His upper body strength was massive, but his lower body was a lot smaller and weaker in comparison, but was still stronger than most of the others.

Dr Cortex was so impressed with this creation of Brio's, that he couldn't help but capture him to use in his own Schemes! Tiny had been defeated by Crash just when Cortex and his team retrieved him though... but Cortex didn't care. He thought Tiny would be of very good use in the future, despite being very unintelligent.

Strangely, Tiny actually became very loyal to Dr Cortex... because Cortex treated him well, and spoiled him (since he was his favorite) but a few years later when Cortex manages to get Crunch under the mind control, Neo quickly starts to neglect Tiny and focus more on Crunch and destroying Crash with him. Tiny gets very angry and upset with seeing Crunch being the 'top warrior' and gets insanely jealous! Then Cortex sent him (and the other minions) down to earth, to help with finding and killing Crash.

Description (OB2):

Tiny was still living on X.Treme Island with his sister Tani and her friend Crunch... but it wasn't very peaceful, as arguments and sometimes fights broke out between the two! He believed Crunch was just there to break the bond between him and his sister, and that he was trying to take Tani away from him!

He and Crunch end up fighting for real, for the first time. But Crunch ends up beating him (with Crash knocking him out) but he did manage to slash Crunch, while he didn't get to.

Tiny doesn't really get involved much with this story, but near the end he finally decides to go and live somewhere else on X.Treme Island, but still visit his sister now and then.

Description (OB4):

After the events in OB3, Tiny was still living on the other side of X.Treme island, near other anthros such as the Komodo brothers, Koala Kong and Dingodile. He sometimes tried to go and visit Tani though, but it often causes bad conflicts with Crunch (because he's territorial) and they fight, a lot. Though someone is usually there to break them up before things got ugly, but one time on a stormy night... no one did for long and Tiny got into one of the worst fights with Crunch ever.

They hurt each other so badly, slashed, punched, bit and kicked each other until one gave in! Tiny even managed to give Crunch two deep cuts (which became scars) but Tiny wasn't spared neither. Tiny ended up getting a scar on his neck too and even lost half of his right ear! Tani actually did come in time to break it up, both guys were quite worn out by then anyway... but it was an obvious sign that Tiny had improved immensely with his fighting.

The reason why the tension between him and Crunch got worse during this time is because Dr Brio found out some sad news... that Tiny and Tani, are not related at all... after all. Seems that Cortex had made a mistake with the files. Tiny is too devastated to believe it, and never does... but Tani knows Brio is right, because Tani never was with Tiny as a thylacine pup. But the good news from it is, is that there's hope that there's more thylacine blood lines out there...

Tani did still care about him though, since he was like a brother to her and still is. But after that fight with Crunch, she tells him to stay away for good and never come back, which really hurts Tiny but he does as she said...

(More to be told in OB4...)


How I found him-

First saw him in Crash Bandicoot 2 of course, and I remember always wondering "What the heck is his species?!" but yeah, then around 2002 I thought he was a Thylacine and I still do.

I won't accept the 'new' Tiny neither (wait I'm sorry, that's actually Tiny?!) heh. Tiny will always be a Thylacine in my work and views. And no one aint going to change my opinion anytime soon.

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