Tayna Bandiger

Character Description:

Tani and Crunch's 2nd daughter, Tackles twin sister, Tayna... who isn't shy, loves to talk and watch the action.

unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be into fighting at all, she seems to rather go in the direction of fashion instead, Crunch starts to worry and believe Tawna has been visiting and brainwashing her... Tani doesn't know though... no one does, but thankfully, she isn't scared of spiders. Instead she has a strong hatred towards them, whenever she sees one, she tries to kill it in an instant! (she has a bit of Tani's anger problems).

More Detailed Information:

Tayna when she was a Baby (newborn and 4 month old versions)

Tayna when she was a Teen

Tayna when she's an Adult

How I made her-

Another one of the kids, I actually forgot her original name so yeah.

Tayna is (c) to me.

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