Tasha Bandiger

Character Description:

Tani and Crunch's first daughter, both parents were concerned on how she or he would have came out but she came out beautifully. 

As she grew, she got closer to Crunch and quickly got into fighting, she started acting more like a boy than a girl, since she did hang out with Tommy and her cousin Collide, she wore baggy pants and trained with her dad now and then. She also isn't very aggressive too, like her parents.

More Detailed Information:

Tasha when she was a Baby (newborn and 4 month old versions)

Tasha as a Teen

Tasha as an Adult


How I made her-

First kid I designed for Tani and Crunch, she's kind of been the same ever since 2002, except that now she's a tomboy instead of another Tani! Its going to be a little while before she's born though, and same with the other two siblings.

Tasha is (c) to me.

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