Tani Tiger

Character Description:

Tani is a Thylacine with an attitude problem, But she loves to hang out with her best 'friend' Crunch and go adventuring around X.Treme Island.

She's got a hard personality, as well as aggressive... She gets angered off very easily, but isn't always like this. But Crunch usually helps keep her cool and calm. She also gets along well with Pinstripe and Tiffany, her two other real friends. Even though she's neutral towards Crash and Coco, she finds them a bit irritating... but tries to be nice anyway, since they're Crunch's friends.

Tani was evolved by Dr N.Brio, by the order of Dr Cortex. She was altered too, by the mind. To be aggressive, since Thylacines are naturally calm and shy creatures, and thus the reason Tani turned out not so shy and calm at all.

She enjoys hunting the most, and is very skilled at it... from living in the forest alone for a very long time. She prefers catching and eating birds, especially jungle fowl. She does actually like to train herself too, she is very strong for a female but her fighting skills aren't as great as she thinks they are. She trains with Crunch most often, but usually tires out much quicker than him, so she just lays around and waits until he's done before they head back home.

More Detailed Information:

Tani before she was evolved:

Kid Tani (OBzero):

This is Tani after she was evolved. She wasn't very aggressive during this time also... but was quite mean to newcomers, including Crunch. But she started to be nicer to him, as she noticed he wasn't mean or annoying like the other minions, so she tries to be friends. She even helped name him!

She was made to be very easily angered and not trust others very easily, but it didn't quite work at this time... until she matured. Real Thylacines are naturally calm and shy.... and she wasn't like that at all, at any time after being evolved.

Teen Tani (OB1):

Tani was really quite a different character as a Teen. She wasn't as aggressive (still) and she was a real tom boy too. She and Teen Crunch always had arguments too, and they fought often but Kong was usually there to brake them up.

Tani was still close to Crunch though, but not the same way as she is as an adult. She also didn't hate Tawna back then, since Tawna was a totally different character....

She was really sad though when Crunch left, and was afraid of what will happen to him while in the Space Station... she actually started to hope Cortex comes back down to recapture her, but he never did (probably because Cortex thought she'd be hiding in the thick forests, making it almost impossible to catch her).

Description (OB1):

Tani was now an adult... even though not near as much happened to her in comparison to Crunch while he was in space, she did have her own dramas here and there (though, no where near as cruel...).

During the first 2 years after Crunch was taken into space, Tani pretty much started to live out in the wilderness, as she became sick of living in Koala Kong's shack. She did enjoy it in the wild though, as she became really skilled at hunting and surviving on her own... but she always wished and waited for Crunch's return.


But after around 3 years of Crunch's absence, she decided she needed a job... because she realized she didn't even have a real 'house' for living in, and nothing else... besides herself. She wasn't sure how to get more money and building materials though until she was suggested to go and work at the Moulin Cortex! She was very reluctant to do it, but the Moulin Cortex was the highest paid Anthro job around the islands... so she had no choice but to work there, but only until she had enough savings to leave. She was there for a little over a year, and went from a bartender, to a dancer (because she wasn't getting enough money...) the dancing wasn't too difficult, though she wasn't as good as Tawna, Tiffany and the others. But small things did amuse the small minds of males who visited there. This is also where Tiffany became friends with her and also paired up with Pinstripe.

Now she was ready to leave the horrid dancing club, and took off with all her savings and left behind the Moulin Cortex. But the boss, Favorani wasn't happy with this, as he needed her (since Tiffany and some others had left) so he sent off some of his gangsters to capture Tani, luckily Tani narrowly escaped them and got away. They never found her again. But however, Tawna knew were she lived, and tried to convince Tani to return... as the place would shut down without more dancers. Tani told Tawna she didn't give a damn and then told her that she only worked there to get profits for building a dream home for her and Crunch, for when he returns. Tawna sighed and told Tani she didn't believe Crunch was ever return, because she believed Cortex would have killed him... as both scientist and bandicoot hated one another. This made Tani extremely upset and angry that she attempted to bash Tawna badly, but then she thought about Crunch and decided not to hurt her too much, since she was Crunch's half sister. She let Tawna run for her life before hurting her more.

Tani finally got to settle down and start her new life, with the help of Dr Brio, Koala Kong and Pinstripe's gang to build her new home and get new goodies to go with it. And now it wasn't very far until Crunch finally made his return...


Description (OB2):

Tani and Crunch seem but be getting closer in this one but they ran into trouble with Derick, which Tani thought was a real Thylacine that'll give her knowledge of what real Thylacines were like. She was oblivious to his lies about Thylacines though, but she was way too determined to learn about her own kind, so she carried on hanging out with him, taking down notes on her species.

But it turns out he was pretending, just to get closer to her (he was a real Thylacine though, but that was just the work of the morpho-ray so he didn't know much about them at all, since he was originally a human being). Of course, Tani never felt for him anyway and both her and Crunch manage to defeat him later on.

After Crunch, Crash and some of his other friends manage to get the Morpho-ray effected reversed, by using Tropy's time machine... things got better for her. Tiny finally decided to move out of her house to live in the Jungle by himself. But now Tani thought about Crunch and thought about how harsh she was during this time... she was guilty that she ever pushed him away during the quest for finding more about her species, and now didn't feel that she deserved his respect. Crunch tells her it's not her fault, and that he understands. She did love him of course, and then she realized he did love her in return too... and they soon finally fall in love, but stay very secretive about it from everyone else.

Description (OB3):

Tani and Crunch keep their relationship a secret during this time, since they're unsure of what the others would think. But after a while, Tani realized something had changed about her... and she starts to act differently towards everyone. She didn't know why until she finally noticed that...

She was pregnant.

Tani was freaked out, and was extremely nervous to tell a soul, even Crunch. She was afraid that Crunch would freak out, and not like her anymore. And was afraid of what everyone else would think too. She was also surprised that she even was pregnant, since Crunch is a different specie, but was still a marsupial though. Guess it has something to do with the evolved form they're in.

Tani managed to hide the secret for a few months, until the end of OB3 when she finally told Crunch.... she was nervous as hell. And wasn't sure what Crunch would think of it. But Crunch told her he was very delighted and happy, and then Tani quickly turned from nervous and scared, to happy... just like him.

The day had finally come, and she was in pain... and a bit of rage, since Crunch was too scared to go and help her, but she carried on screaming until he finally had the guts to come into the room. But Tani then told Crunch that he only needed to just be there for her, and let her hold his hand... so he kneeled beside her, she grasped his hand and moments later, it was over.

Soon Crunch went and retrieved the little baby, and she was very happy. Crunch names her Tasha, and they end up spending a lot of time together raising her. Tani was actually, very rarely aggressive during the time of raising her baby with Crunch... she was too happy to even think that way at those moments.

Description (OB4):


How I made her-

She originally was just a random drawing, not much of a character at all! Until I played Crash Bandicoot... I quickly made her into Tiny Tigers older sister.

And then once I played 'Wrath of Cortex'... She changed forever.

And one note, she is not a Mary Sue... She doesn't have a dark/angst past, she hasn't got a perfect personality, she doesn't steal the spotlight (In the fanfics) and more... there's much worse out there, so no need to make a fuss. It's not my fault she's well known...

Tani Tiger is (c) to ME!

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