Pinstripe Potoroo

Character Description:

Pinstripe is one cheesy potoroo with a big obsession with guns, cars and his wife. Pinstripe was once one of Cortex's top minions, and he also was the leader of all the many potoroos that once worked for the Madman himself. But now, Pinstripe only works for himself and his family.

He still has Blaze and Siegdog on his side though, whom live with him and his family as well. Though after OB2 they got kicked off their property in Australia for being 'freaks' and had to go back to Cortex Castle.

More Detailed Information:

Pinstripe before he was Evolved:

Teen Pinstripe (OBzero):

Height- 1.4m

Weight- 27kg

This is the age he was evolved, he was slightly different too. Didn't seem to be into guns and gangster stuff at all. He liked to play video games, and also seemed to like being on his own. He also didn't like to hang out with the other minions, because he thought it was 'un-cool' (it was mainly because there were no other 'teen' anthros around, and no other potoroos at this time also).

How I found him-

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