Nina Cortex

Character Description:

Nina is Dr Neo Cortex's niece, his last living relation to say the least... and the only soul he truly cares about, besides himself of course!

She is a Goth, but not no ordinary Goth. She has steel hands... which Cortex had created for her. She didn't understand the meaning of them when she first got them though, but she made good use of them as she got older, mostly for self defense.

She spends most of her time at the Academy of Evil, as a student. Though she's truly not evil, she just does what she has to either way, to try and impress her uncle, as much as she can. 

More Detailed Information:

Description (OBzero):

Height- 1.1m

Weight- 20kg

Neo Cortex's niece Nina, once hung out with Cortex's early minions when they were younger, she loved them to bits and they loved her back. She used to hug them and play with them like siblings or just pre-school friends, Dr Cortex didn't like it though, he soon saw that Nina was becoming too good for her own good...

Cortex then put her to sleep, removed her arms and made new steal and extendable hands so what ever she tried to hug wouldn't go near her... she was to young to understand so she didn't hate Neo for it and never knew the purpose for her metal hands, even as she grew up.

She was soon sent off to the Academy of Evil, with Chayenne... because Chayenne was her closest friend. She was actually only 4 years old at this time but like most of the Cortex family, she was extremely intelligent for her age.

Description (OB3):

Height- 1.3m

Weight- 30kg

Nina was now 14 years old. And has been doing very well at the Academy of Evil... though she only saw her uncle a few times during her stay there. She was saddened when her close anthro friend was overtaken by the Crimzon Demoness... and thought she was lost forever.

Nina was not only reasonably smart, she was also a talented fighter. Especially while using her steel trap metal hands. She often used them to defeat others in her 'Fighting class' lessons. Though she still had a soft spot for animals, but tried to avoid 'cuddling' them, due to her deadly grasp. She wanted to one day became a Zoologist though, and try to help endangered species... without endangering them even more of course! (points at her steel trap hands).

Later on in OB3, she finally meets up with one of her old anthro friends from Cortex Castle back in 1992... which was Crunch. Though at first she was forced to battle against him by Amberlies commands. They fought in the dark though, so she couldn't really see him. Crunch refused to hurt her back though, even though she did hit him a few times, even almost punched him with the steel hands in his... 'special area'. But Crunch got fed up and decided to capture her, and tie her up with her steel arms, to make her settle down. She finally realized it was Crunch, and she was glad. She even mentioned missing Chayenne, and that gave Crunch flashbacks from when he was really young with his full blooded sister Chayenne.

But near the end of OB3, Crimzon Demoness is defeated and Chayenne's body was finally released from the Demon, and Crunch was now reunited back with his sister, the one that was 'thought to be dead' thanks to Cortex's lies. Nina was overcome with joy to see her best friend back, but she realized Chayenne wanted to go back and live with Crunch and Tani... so they all fare welled Nina, but promised to visit one another now and then.

Crunch also wanted Nina to stay a good person and not turn evil like Neo Cortex, and Nina swore she would stay good.

Description (OB4):

Height- 1.4m

Weight- 40kg

Nina was now 19... an adult, and has changed quite dramatically. She was actually still quite short, as being a Cortex. But taller than her Uncle. She hasn't seen her uncle in years, and often wondered what happened to him...

She was a tad more serious at this age, and more darker than before. She still really liked nature and animals in general... but that didn't mean she was completely 'good'. She did some sinister things, such as going out at night to 'punish' people harming/being cruel to the creatures she cared for, and soon was labeled an 'unknown terrorist' to many people, and was a wanted criminal for taking out these peoples lives. She just simply believed they deserved to be ended.... for their bad ways.

Nina was quiet, and often kept to herself, or with her two teammates Midelene and Vin Vixen. But even then, the three were usually on their own. She still visited Chayenne, Crunch and the others now and then though, and liked their company. And adoring the young Bandigers too, of course! (sadly she wasn't allowed to hug them, for obvious reasons! heh.).

(More to be told once OB4 is actually started...)


How I found her-

First saw her in a Twinsanity article.

Please take note that I made up her age ok? It's not official so yeah, don't take note of it. Only for the OB series. (this means she's 14 in OB3)

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