Kuvo Taz Devil

Character Description:

Kuvo was one of Dr Cortex's last creations, until OB3. He was created, as Neo desperately needed a brand new anthro that was not only strong, but at least intelligent enough to speak normally... and Kuvo ended up coming out that way.

Kuvo was actually very wild, and could still remember his animal life (Since anthros that were evolved from adult animals, usually remember their animal life). Also strong, especially his jaws... as Tasmanian devil's have the strongest bite force of any mammal, pound by pound. Though the rest of his body strength wasn't as high, but was still tough. He could also speak decently too, making Dr Cortex rather happy with his outcome.


Soon after Dr Cortex discovers Crunch is alive and well though, he forces Crunch and Kuvo to fight one another... to see who is the strongest, for the Super Weapon to be used on either one. Kuvo did put up a pretty good fight against Crunch, but Crunch was contempt on not hurting him... because Crunch wasn't sure if Kuvo was a real bad guy or not. But soon Crunch loses his patience, after getting bitten and pushed around by the Tasmanian devil and then he gives Kuvo a very powerful and deep slash to the chest, and a few punches and kicks, making Kuvo give up soon after.

Then Cortex gets angry, and tells Crunch to finish off Kuvo. Because Cortex wanted to see if Crunch was capable of killing... of course, Crunch refuses... as Kuvo is not who he wants to kill. And not to mention, Kuvo pleads for his life and asks Crunch to please not kill him... (because Neo told Kuvo to fight anyone he sees, or else he'll get tortured) Neo gets annoyed with Crunch refusing to kill Kuvo, he then starts to control Crunch's mind with the device on his arm and the remote, making Crunch quickly turn bad... and kick Kuvo against the wall, Kuvo tries to tell Crunch to stop but he doesn't listen. And soon, Crunch lifts him up, bites his neck... crunches down and rips his throat out. Ending Kuvo rather painfully, but quickly... as he cannot breathe now.

And that was Kuvo's ending.

Kuvo is (c) to ME.

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