Kris roo

Character Description:

Kris is an annoying Kangaroo, who is best friends with Croco and likes to try and be 'funny' every now and then. He also enjoys reading Anthro magazines with Kangaroo babes in them and Croco always tries to take a pep!

Kris always seemed Cheerful with life, rarely sad or angry.... he soon met Crunch, and Crunch disliked him quite a bit. Since he was rather annoying and 'not funny' but Kris didn't care, he just tried to be friends with anyone, no matter what.

After Dingo and Croco were merged into one, he still was friends with Croco err... Dingodile. Because they had quite a bit in common. Crunch still didn't like him much... but that's until a year latter, when he and the other minions decide to try and escape....

Kris decided it was time to get out of the Space station, even though he didn't mind his life there. All the other minion anthros just wanted to leave so he decided to try it. But the plan failed miserably and Kris was punished. Kris was tested on Dr Cortex's New evolution device but as soon as he was zapped, he just disappeared. Not a trace of him was left. It turned out he was tested on the Termination-ray instead!

And that was the end of Kris.

How I made him-

Kris is the very first Crash fan character, made back in 1997. He's changed a lot over the years too, he started off as a brown kangaroo with boxing gloves, then was changed in 2002 into Ripper roo's brother, and was dark blue. And then I changed him again, into a Red kangaroo... and isn't related to Ripper roo at all.

Kris is (c) to ME.  

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