Jaseo Bilby

Character Description:

Jaseo is one unusual bilby. He has electrical powers within his hands, which is why he wears rubber gloves when not in use.

He can be quite aggressive, but occasionally shows off his looks and powers to intimidate his enemies. He knows a few fighting moves, and is very quick at running, but he never slashes or bites, since his fangs are too small and he cuts his claws (why slash when you can zap anyway?) But other than that, he is quite weak.

He also somehow became Tawnas boyfriend, possibly after Tawna left the Moulin Cortex.... a year before Crunch came back to X.Treme island.

Their relationship lasted for a year until they had an argument. Tawna didn't like the idea of Jaseo trying to destroy her brother so she dumped him and he almost electrocuted her to death too.

After he lost the battle to Crunch, Crunch was going to choke him to death, but Tawna 'saved' him just in time... and instead, Tawna gave him a bitch slap, which made Jaseo feel extremely humiliated.

But in Outcast Bandicoot3, he returns yet again. But is teamed up with Derick. Double Trouble!

How I created him-

Jaseo is (c) to ME

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