Derick Thylacine


He is a very, un-shy guy... looking for romance of his 'new' species... He was one of the many humans who got morphed into an anthro during OutcastB2.

He tries to make Tani fall for him by lying but instead, causes lots of trouble for himself, after Crunch bit his neck and crushed his hand.... and he was shaken for life, almost. But Crunch spared his life instead.

But after everything was taken back into time, Derick was changed back into his normal human form. he also had no injuries, but he still remembered Tani and everything else from that future... and wanted to find her...

Three months latter (in OB3), Derick was still a human for a while but Madam Amberly had found him... because he knew a lot about Crunch, Crash and the other anthros. So she thought Derick would be useful.

Derick wanted to be a Thylacine again, so Amberly decided to change him using the Mega Computer and Digital Evolvo-ray... as long as he worked for her though and he agreed. He was now a Thylacine permanently. But he still had a lot of human on the inside, since he never used his 'deadly bite' in fights, simply because he thought it was 'yucky'

He was also teamed up with Jaseo latter on.... and had a boss fight against both Crunch and Crash. He kept demanding Crunch to 'free' Tani, Crunch tried to tell him she's not interested but Derick didn't believe him one bit and carried on fighting. But soon both Crash and Crunch defeated Jaseo and Derick... but Derick still believed Tani was 'trapped' by Crunch...

However, after OB3 he decided to sneak around X.Treme island and he saw something that would shock him for ever.... He saw Crunch, Tani and baby Tasha at the beach, enjoying themselves. This made Derick freeze for minutes with a blank stare. He had now realized Crunch wasn't lying, and from then and on... he leaves Crunch and Tani alone for good. And goes back to the Academy to work under Madame Amberlies commands.

Derick when he was a human:

How I made him-

I have been waiting a long time to create a male Taz tiger character, who is reasonably smart and tough too so here he is! I didn't just make him to try and stop Crunch from being with Tani, I just thought he'd make things interesting in the second title...

Derick is (c) to ME.

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