Crunch Bandicoot

Character Description:

Crunch has always had a varied life, ever since his evolution back in the early days... though his life consists of many ups and many downs....

Crunch started his life out after being evolved by both Dr Cortex and Dr N.Brio, he was evolved as a young bandicoot, and his age is unknown (like most of the creations) and his original purpose for being created well, he was originally created to be over obsessed with exercising, so he'll exercise and exercise,  to always be in good shape, without getting given drugs that'll make him stupid (like Tiny and Kong). Though it didn't quite work at first, it wasn't until he was nearly an adult that he started to.

He was actually helped out by Crash and Coco to escape the Space station and mind control Dr Cortex had him under, and he was really grateful for it and soon became friends with them, and also soon got to go back to X.Treme Island where his old life and friends awaited him...

He's really quite gentle and kind with most people, and likes to help out his friends and others in need. But he can turn to the complete opposite with those who are bad, and deal with them quite brutally, depending on how evil they are. He enjoys training in most of his spare time, exploring around the islands and learning how to hunt... since he wasn't very good at it after spending a lot of his life in space.

These days he just lives on X.Treme Island, awaiting new baddies and wrong doers... for a bit of action.

More Detailed Information:

Crunch before he was evolved-

Kid Crunch- (OBzero)

He was evolved at this age (age unknown but very young anyway) and he was a lot different. He was rather shy and quiet, and curious of everything around him. He was originally evolved to be obsessed with exercising and staying fit, but it didn't quite work (didn't work until he got older) and thus, Cortex thought he was another useless minion. He has average intelligence, genetically modified to already know how to speak, read and the other basics (most of the minions were made this way).

Though his personality quickly started to change... and he started to get more aggressive because of Cortex...

Teen Crunch (OB1)-

Crunch was much different at this age. He was a smartass, quite rude to others he didn't like and didn't care about anything but himself, Tani and Tawna. And all he wanted to do, was piss off Dr Cortex is any way he could, since he wanted revenge somehow... after what happened to his other sister Crystal.

But after he was taken into space, he started to change quite a lot, started to lose his cheeky personality more and more as the days went by. But those changes didn't start until after being shot with the Termination-ray (which got him in the arm, after he managed to get the laser out of focus off his chest), which almost killed him though... he was lucky that N.Gin found him at the scene and took pity. N.Gin wasn't sure how deadly the laser really was, until Cortex came and told N.Gin to use Euthanasia on him, because of the toxic energy within the laser. N.Gin refused, but Neo left the scene anyway, believing Crunch would just die anyway so he forgot all about him after that.

But surprisingly, N.Gin managed to save his life. He just had to remove his whole forearm though... and replace it with a metal arm. Crunch was very grateful for what N.Gin did, and became quite loyal to him. N.Gin decided that Crunch can stay in his part of the Space station, so Cortex would never know he's there... Crunch also started to think about others instead and not care much about himself anymore.

Crunch soon started to get extremely obsessed with exercising and getting as strong as possible as he was maturing, despite the pain he still suffered from the laser's energy, though it started to wear off his body after a month or more, making him feel a lot better and stronger. Though his arm caused him a lot of problems... as he grew bigger, it got too small and made him bleed and hurt (Because N.Gin didn't know how big he was going to grow). So N.Gin had to keep modifying it... this made Crunch really tense and angry, he really wished he had his normal arm back. But he started to get quite used to the pain from it, and carried on training himself, he just couldn't help it. He swore he'll get Dr Cortex for what he did, and escape the Space Station, somehow.

Description (OB1): (Young Adult)

Crunch as an adult is much different, he started to respect others that respected him, he was very powerful too and was a lot more mature than before but also held a lot of hate inside of him, especially the grudge towards Cortex, but along with the hate, he held sorrow there too, he missed Tani a lot and hated losing all the time. He wanted to soon go and kill him. N.Gin got too afraid and told Dr Cortex... and unfortunately Cortex managed to get him under control with a mind control device, because Cortex saw him as a very powerful minion that could be of good use.

But it wasn't very long until Crash and his team broke Crunch from the mind control that Cortex had him under at the time Cortex tried to take over the world (yet again), Crunch was infuriated and wanted to finally finish off Cortex at the scene but Crash and Aku aku stop him because the Space Station was slowly breaking apart, Crunch didn't understand why they were helping him at the time but he decided to run off with the orange bandicoot and mask.

Wasn't long until he was back on Earth again, he was really grateful for getting freed from the mind control and getting saved. Crunch then became good friends with Crash and his team quickly, and from here on... he went back to X.Treme island and it wasn't long until he finally got back with Tani... and only to find he has a new enemy of his own to face...

It turns out to be an evolved animal, by the name of Jaseo bilby. It wasn't known at the time who created him or who he worked for, but what was known was that he had unusual powers, he was able to generate electricity from his hands as an attack. He wore rubber gloves when not using his powers. Though Crunch ends up defeating him, as a favor to Crash (Since Crash was slightly reluctant to fight Jaseo, because Jaseo was with Tawna) but soon Tawna ended up back with Crash, and everyone thanks Crunch for the efforts.

Description (OB2):

Around a year had passed, giving Crunch a lot of relaxation at X.Treme island. He currently lived with Tani and Tiny, and sometimes fights and arguments broke out towards him and Tiny... he secretly wished Tiny would just get out! This was also around the time Dr Brio foolishly (and accidentally) morphed all humans into anthros. 

So Crunch, Crash and Coco all decided to go on a mission to help reverse the effect, by gathering up the Futurium Topaz for Dr N.Brio. A lot of things happen while they're in the cities, Crunch wasn't very fond of being in the cities... as it was too crowded with too many different species. Though he did have a bit of fun now and then... until he meet a Thylacine named Derick, which taunted him because of Tani.

Crunch later on got into a serious conflict with the male Thylacine named Derick, after Derick attempted to 'abuse' Tani but thankfully, both Tani and Crunch defeated Derick... Crunch was going to kill him (in a similar way to how he killed Kuvo while under Cortex's control), but he thought it was a selfish act and knew it wasn't necessary to kill him anyway, besides personal reasons... so he let Derick run for his life.

Finally... Crunch, Crash and the other anthros put an end to the anthro domination, which was causing more trouble than good. Soon everyone went back to their normal lives, though both Crunch and Tani were really close now, Crunch was still nervous that she might not accept him though, for being a different species while Tani was thinking that she didn't deserve his love, because she's too mean. But then the pair finally fell for one another... (soon after Tiny moved out) they also kept their relationship a secret, to avoid unwanted reactions from others.

Description (OB3):

Only a few months had past but a lot of things had happened. The relationship between him and Tani grew a lot stronger, and they really enjoyed each others company a lot more than before, and enjoyed the peace without Tiny around, especially Crunch himself. But after a while, Tani started to act strangely... she became even more easily aggressive, even towards really small things. She also seemed a bit unwell, and not herself... Crunch was really worried about her but she kept telling him she's ok and that he shouldn't worry.


Soon there was much more serious things to worry about more than ever, a Demoness by the name of Crimzon was on loose and wanted Crunch to join her side. Crunch obviously refused of course, but she warned him if she doesn't change his mind... all the ones he care for will pay the price. Crunch sees this as a serious situation, and tries to think of ways to combat her... he knows he and even his friends alone can't stand up to this Demoness, as her powers and magic are just too strong. So he decides that he should use....

The elementals.

He wasn't sure of it at first, but he's one of the few that's able to handle and even use their power, so he decides to try his luck out... Aku aku isn't very sure about it, neither is Crunch... as the elementals almost destroyed him back around the time he escaped Cortex (Cortex forced Crunch to overuse the elementals back then). He and Aku go to the elemental temple, where they were being held in hibernation state but when they arrive, they are shocked to see that Crimzon had already released them! (She tried to steal their power, but they all escaped, except Rok-ko) so Crunch teams with Rok-ko, and goes off on a big quest to find and try to convince the other elementals to team up with him, and stop Crimzon Demoness's madness.

The Adventure was massive. Many things happened along the way, Crash and Coco did help out now and then when they were able to. Tani unfortunately wasn't able to help much because she was injured and wasn't feeling up to it. Crunch got Py-ro second, but it wasn't easy to learn his powers... as it made him very angry and go out of control very easily. But he was powerful in that form. Humans then got the wrong idea of Crunch and started to think he was evil, and tried to destroy him on sight. But Crunch usually got away without harm, and without harming them in return.


After he got Lo-lo (who was a lot easier to gain than Py-ro) he encountered a rather dangerous anthro who had Crash and Coco held captive... the Bearminator. He was Neo Cortex's latest creation, and that's when Crunch found out Cortex was back! But Crunch didn't have time to worry about Cortex. The fight against the bear was very harsh, Crunch didn't use the elementals, only to destroy the bears weapons. But he didn't want to cheat and use the powers to beat the bear, and he had to save his power for fighting Crimzon later on anyway. He did manage to defeat him though by smashing his metal fist against his head, giving him brain damage. But the bear wasn't dead and got back up this made Crunch infuriated and he kicked him off an ice cliff down to ice shards, which pieced through the bears chest, killing him instantly. Thus, ended up saving Crash and Coco's life. Crunch wasn't spared of the pain though, he was heavily bruised, bitten and sore all over. Coco tells Crunch that there's a surprise for him not too far from here and gives him a device to follow, he takes it and carries on his adventure.

Crunch was suffering quite a bit during this time, as he moved on to find Wa-wa, the last elemental. He was getting tired, and very hungry (from not eating for 2 days) but then things got worse when the army encountered him again and then shot at him. Luckily he only got shot in the arm area, but then he went out of control and slaughtered almost all the men that had found him. He spared the one that wasn't taunting him though, and let him run (because this human was the only one defending Crunch out of the five men). But soon after, Tani finds Crunch and Crunch is extremely relieved. Tani comforts him after seeing that he wasn't feeling good at all, and then she thought maybe the elementals could help healing him, as they were masks like Aku aku. Fortunately, they were able to. It only took a lot longer compared with Aku aku, but it did work and Crunch was feeling a lot better, and even more after having a big dinner with Tani.

Soon they had to part again, as Crunch had to carry on his adventure, and Tani had to head back home. Crunch meets up with Crash and Coco again and they all work together to get Wa-wa (who was held in a water chamber which Crimzon placed him in) Crunch finds him and then quickly learns his powers. Now he was ready to face Crimzon Demoness.


The battle against Crimzon was the biggest he's ever faced, but it wasn't easy. At first he defeated her, but then she revived herself because the Digital Evolvo-ray wasn't destroyed. But then later on, Crash and Coco manage to destroy it, and now Crunch was able to face her with fairness. They fight on for very long, Crunch using all the power he could, along with Crimzon. Crimzon becomes very restless though and then changes into her true fighter form, which looked like a demonic quad burgundy bandicoot. Crunch had a very hard time with this, but then figures out how to defeat it... with using all the elemental powers. Crunch was extremely exhausted after it, but relieved to see Crimzon destroyed.

But it appears Crimzon wasn't dead, after Coco screamed at the sight. Crunch then walked over to her slowly but noticed something strange about her... she didn't look demonic at all. And it wasn't Crimzon.... it was his sister Crystal from over 10 years ago. The Demoness had stolen her soul to use as a physical form. Crunch was very shocked, but very happy to see his sister again, and was glad that she wasn't dead, like Cortex had told him years ago.

The bandicoots all head back home with relaxation, but Crunch then remembers that he had to do something about Dr Cortex when he got back. They saw his Ice berg lab.... Crunch quickly got very vicious at the sight, but Crash and Coco didn't understand why... sure they were angry, but they never knew why Crunch hated him so much compared with everyone else. Crunch takes care of Cortex though, by forming a tsunami which blasts and pushes Cortex and his Ice berg all the way back south, to Antarctica. No one knows if Cortex would still be alive after that, but Crunch knew it wasn't the last they would see of him.

He and Crystal go back home with Tani, and start to talk about things that had happened... Tani was delighted to see Crystal back. Soon Aku aku came and talked with Crunch privately, about the elementals. He asked Crunch if he wanted to be their guardian, Crunch wasn't sure about it at first, but the elementals liked the idea, and it would be safer so they wont end up in the wrong hands, or cause chaos around the world. So Crunch becomes their guardian.

But even more good things were about to happen, as Tani finally told Crunch why she has been acting strange in the past few weeks. She told him he was going to be a father, and he was really happy with the news. They soon had to finally tell everyone about their relationship though, as they couldn't hide it any longer. And about another month later, the baby was born, and Crunch was the first to see her, and name her.

He was feeling really good during this time with Tani and his newborn daughter Tasha, and didn't have to worry about facing evil for a good few years....

Description (OB4):

Over 5 years have passed since the events in OB3, and Crunch has indeed had a much needed and well deserved break from fighting the forces of evil! He has been evolved for over 16 years now, age still not known of course but is around 28 to 30 in Anthro marsupial years (As Dr Brio estimates).

During the 5 years, quite a lot happened. He spent a lot of time raising Tasha with Tani and really enjoyed it! Tasha seemed to be closer to her father too as she grew up, and wanted to be a good fighter like him, at least.  he also finally got to spend a lot of time in the wilderness to learn how to hunt and survive better, as he never got the time to while growing up. He becomes quite good at it, especially catching strong prey like wild boars, sometimes much bigger than himself. Though he also started to act a bit strange, and become very territorial... and didn't like other anthros lurking around his side of the Island, besides good friends like Crash, Coco, etc.

Around 2 years after OB3, Tasha was now growing up more, a lot quicker than a human, for obvious reasons. She was already learning to do reading and counting basics from Coco's teaching! She seemed quite alone most of the time though, but did often get to play with her cousin Collide. Tani and Crunch decided to have another baby ... but when the time came, they ended up with 2 instead! Though Crunch didn't mind of course, since he liked raising the baby bandigers.

Though the conflict between him and Tiny worsened once Dr N.Brio found out some bad news about Tiny and Tani... this started to make Crunch dislike him even more. Tiny was arrogant though, and didn't want to stop visiting Tani, as she was his only 'relation' and he didn't want to believe it wasn't true. Tiny started to blame Crunch for all this trouble and they often fought with one another, but Tani was usually there to break them up before it got too bad. But one night, Tani wasn't there to stop them and Crunch ended up fighting really harshly with Tiny but Tiny had improved his fighting skills over time and was actually worth a challenge to Crunch this time. Crunch got quite a lot of cuts and bruises, but only 2 big cuts ended up becoming scars. But he also beat Tiny quite badly, ripping off half his ear and leaving him a big scar as well. After that, Tani becomes very angry and tells Tiny to stay away from there, for good... and Tiny did. Crunch never saw him again, for a long time that is.

And now it had been 5 years since OB4, and Crunch had other things he needed to sort out...

How I found him-

I first saw him in 'Wrath of Cortex' at a friends house but I didn't really like him... until I rented the game for one night, and then I clung to him (well, idiotic Izabell did anyway lol).

He's a character that has changed my creativity forever, Been a big fan of him ever since then, and I still like to draw him a lot. He got me to make animations, games, websites, fanfics and more...

Even though he is currently ruined in the Crash games (since CTTR) I kind of don't care anymore.... I just don't take notice of the games much nowadays.

Crunch is (c) to Activision but made by the great Travellers Tales Company!

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