The Bearminator

Character Description:

By far, the largest animal to ever be evolved! This brute is new to the league of baddies, and it's unknown what side he takes (at this stage). He's packed with large electrical and laser cannons and has been given the task to slay the whole bandicoot team, which is obviously Crash, Coco and Crunch. Will the bandicoot team be able to face up to this new beast? Or will they be caught and suffer the consequences?

Later in OB3, he managed to capture both Crash and Coco. And held them both above their deaths! Thankfully Crunch came after hearing Coco's screams of help. Crunch and the Bearminator prepare to battle it out, and then it's discovered that he was sent by Dr Neo Cortex! Meaning Cortex had somehow come back... but Crunch didn't have time to worry about him, and had to try and take down this nasty brute...

The fight was harsh, Crunch tried so hard to try and make the Bearminator surrender and give up but he was extremely stubborn and just wanted to kill Crunch as the fight went on longer and longer. The bear was powerful. The reason for his superior strength was because his original animal form had been shrunken down... but he had kept all the power of a real polar bear, making him strong for his size.

Eventually, Crunch couldn't take it anymore and gave the bear a powerful smash to the skull with his metal fist... in hope to save his friends. This caused the Bearminator to almost die, but he got back up! He had brain damage though, and went furious and attacked at anything he saw, this annoyed Crunch too much and he eventually kicked the bear off the icy cliff... and he fell down to his death, after being impaled on Ice shards (which was going to be Crash and Coco's death if Crunch had lost). Crunch had saved Crash and Coco, but was badly injured. The injuries didn't show too much on the outside though however.

And that was the end of the Bearminator.  

How I made him-

Well he's not exactly my character, he's based on the Bearminator from Crash Bash, but I've given him many changes.

Bearminator is (c) to Activision but this version of him, was made by me.

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