Dr Neo Cortex

Dr Neo Cortex. The main mad scientist of the whole series... and the one who helped started it all, along with his left hand man Dr Nitrus Brio. He, Nitrus and N.Gin have been friends ever since their days at the Academy of Evil. Neo was always the ring leader though, of their antics. All three got picked on though, while at school and wanted to one day get revenge on everyone who gave him misery and made fun of him.

He actually really disliked animals too, because they always hurt and attacked him! Especially wild bandicoots, for some reason... he only seemed to get along with pet parakeets.

As he got older though, after graduating from the Academy of Evil, and getting through University with ease (besides the constant verbal abuse from his peers) something really devastating happened... while him, Brio and N.Gin were deep underground in their secret little base. One of their chemical experiments back up on the surface exploded (possibly got in contact with fire or somewhat), and destroyed the whole entire town. That included his family, though for some reason he wasn't too shocked (maybe because his family was never really nice to him)... he was in his twenties at the time. But he realized he was on his own now, and only had his two friends left. Now he truly wanted to get back at the world for messing with him...

When he got even older, he finally bought some private islands off the cost of Tasmania, somewhere between Australia and New Zealand. The Islands were very much deserted, besides some tribes folk on the smallest island. He and his crew (even robots) started building the castle, power stations, etc. They discovered many interesting things on these islands, such as strange power crystals, which were a very good source of energy. Soon his schemes were expanding more and more, and it wasn't very long until he started to get into evolution with animals... with the bright neon green crystals (because he needed a large amount of energy to work the Evolvo-ray).

It also wasn't very long until he discovered he had one relation left in existence... the one and only, Nina Cortex (one of his brothers daughters, who he never knew of until now). He decided to get her from the orphanage and he instantly had a soft spot for the little 3 year old. So she came to live with him and the others at Cortex Castle Island.


More Detailed Information:

Description (OBzero):

This was during the time he finally got into evolving various exotic Australian wildlife. He ordered his minions to capture the most rare and exotic species they could find around Australia, Tasmania or even just the Islands. He finally tested some of them on the Evolvo-ray, the Evolvo-ray was his creation ever since the Academy of Evil but he was never able to master it... it always had flaws, and never evolved animals properly... but that's until Dr Brio created the master version, though Neo ended up taking full credit for it anyway.

Soon he had quite a few evolved animals... including Crunch (in year 1992). He didn't really take much notice of Crunch during this time, and thought he was just 'another failure' (because he and Brio evolved him to be really obsessed with exercise, but he didn't seem to be at all! Though he was only very young at the time...) he really thought Koala Kong was the best creation so far, because he was very strong... despite having almost no brain.

Neo was still working on his Cortex Vortex during this time, he hoped to have it done one day, so he can use it on 'freshly evolved' minions, to brainwash them with it, to make the minion loyal to him... it doesn't work on minions that have been evolved for too long though, because they start to get a clear mind on what is right, and what is wrong (thus the reason he never used it on Tani, Crunch, etc). Cortex was becoming frustrated with Nina being too kind though, especially to the minions. He wanted Nina to grow up to be evil, like himself and the rest of the Cortex family... so he decided to turn Nina's hands into Steel-trap deadly hands, and now she wasn't able to hug just anyone, unless she wanted to give them pain... she was much too young to understand how cruel this change was, but Neo thought it was for her own good, and never thought anything was wrong with it.

Nina was now ready to be sent off to the Academy of Evil, even though she was only 4. But she was already very intelligent, and was well prepared for it. Nina didn't want to leave though, unless one of her anthro friends went... so Cortex sent Crystal (Crunch's sister) with her... and they were both sent to the Academy. Cortex also hoped Nina would develop her evil personality over time. Neo Cortex wasn't sure what to say to Crunch and Tawna about their sister leaving, so he decided to lie and tell them that she was 'unfortunately' killed while being tested on the Cortex Vortex.

Crunch and Tawna were very upset, but then Crunch quickly turned from a calm, innocent young bandicoot to an angry, vicious, young bandicoot and attacked Cortex by gnawing viciously on his hand! Cortex screamed like a little girl, like he never had before. (even though Crunch was only very young, not even as tall as Neo himself!). Cortex was infuriated and wanted Crunch to be killed immediately! He almost kills Crunch with electricity but then he calms and realizes that Crunch might actually become a very good minion when he's older... a very bad, ferocious and dangerous killer.

Description (OB1):

It was years later, and not long after he was first defeated by Crash... one of his very own creations, in fact. He decides to head into space, where his newly built Space station awaited him. He rounded up all the best anthros he could that were left on Earth, including many of Dr Brio's minions! (like the Komodo brothers, and Tiny). he also captured Crunch, but wasn't able to capture Tani.

He carries on his schemes to try and defeat and destroy Crash bandicoot, for defeating him in 1996. This carries on for quite some time... until around 1998, he catches some of his minions trying to escape through the escape pods! This angers him, he then found out it was all Kris roo's plan... and goes to punish him by using him as a test subject on his new 'Secret Weapon' (which was actually not complete at the time.)

He and Dr Tropy ended up testing him, but it turns out it wasn't the Secret Weapon... it was the Termination-ray instead! Another of Cortex's machines he had been working on. Thanks to their very similar designs to the Evolvo-ray, they didn't notice it was the wrong machine. Kris roo was killed instantly and vaporized, and Neo Cortex was shocked! He didn't want Kris to die, because each minion is valuable, and creating another uses a lot of power. He gets angry at Tropy, for not telling him at the start. Soon Crunch appears at the scene, angered at what they had done to Kris, he grabs Cortex by the coat and threatens him. Tropy ends up saving his ass though, and then he decides to finally finish Crunch off with the Termination-ray, but Crunch wouldn't give up that easily, so he gives the madman a hard kick, which knocks him into the laser, it goes out of focus and strikes Crunch in the arm instead. Cortex just lay on the ground knocked out.

Later on, after Cortex recovered from being knocked out, he was called by N.Gin to come see him in the emergency room. He was shocked to see Crunch laying there on the emergency bed, and was shocked even more when he realized N.Gin wanted to help save Crunch's life. Dr Cortex just tells N.Gin to use euthanasia on him, because he believed the toxic energy from the Termination-ray would kill him slowly, anyway (and he was too scared to let Crunch live, cos he knows Crunch will hate him for ever and will try to kill him...) N.Gin refuses, but Cortex soon leaves the scene anyway. And believes Crunch ends up dieing... but then he realizes he had lost not one, but two minions. And was distraught about it.


It was now around 3 and a half years later, and Cortex was busy working on his newer and more upgraded Secret Weapon. He wasn't sure which minion to use on it, but decides to evolve one more really strong (but not stupid) minion... by the name of Kuvo Tasmanian Devil. Kuvo was really wild though but was able to speak like normal, very aggressive... but did follow Cortex's commands, cos he didn't want to get hurt by him, and Cortex liked it. 

But shortly after he soon discovers that Crunch was alive! Just staying in N.Gin's area of the Space station all that time... though at first he was spooked and wanted to exterminate him immediately. But then N.Gin shows Neo how Crunch has grown, and he gets quite amazed at how powerful he looks, and is surprised he's reasonably smart (since almost all the tough anthros were unintelligent) so he decides to put a mind controlling device on Crunch, it wasn't easy at first though, and he almost gets killed by Crunch! But luckily the sleep darts stopped him on time.

Crunch was now under his control, and he even forced Crunch to savagely kill Kuvo, and Cortex really enjoyed watching it. And couldn't wait to see Crunch rip Crash apart like that. The Super Weapon failed to work on Crunch though, as the power source just wasn't high enough to work... then Uka uka suggests Crunch uses the elementals, so he does against Crash and Aku aku. Fortunately Crash and Aku defeat all the elementals, and Cortex gets very frustrated with Crunch being under control and then breaks the remote. Crunch gets free from the mind control, and heads for the kill but 'luckily' for Cortex, Aku aku stopped Crunch and then he ran off with Crash to escape the Space Station, which was now falling apart thanks to Uka uka's energy blast at the wall, which struck a main power cable. Cortex and Uka uka then escape with the escape pods...

Description (OB3):

It had been quite a while since Cortex has appeared, but he somehow managed to create a small lab while out in the middle of Antarctica (where the Escape pods landed). Uka uka and Cortex both created the Iceberg lab out of the Space station wreckage, to try and get back at the bandicoots... though along the way, Uka uka ended up being frozen, again. And Cortex gets rather relieved! Now he didn't have that mask bossing him around...

He arrives back near the Islands, and quickly goes to his Castle, and is shocked to see Brio in charge! He quickly overpowers him and gains power, yet again. He creates another minion.... the Bearminator. (one of the giant polar bears living on the island).

Unfortunately for Cortex, the Bearminator gets killed by Crunch in a fight and he gets extremely frustrated! The Bearminator was very close to killing off Crash and Coco, but he had a feeling Crunch suffered from fighting the Bearminator... but was still angered to see his latest creation dead. He simply goes back to his Ice berg lab, to await what'll happen next...

days later, Crunch, Crash, Coco and others arrive back from defeating Crimzon Demoness and he gets angry at Crunch and yells. Crunch is also bloodthirsty for revenge on him, but he decides not to kill the madman, since Crash and Coco were there and he couldn't do it in front of them. Instead, Crunch uses the elementals to cause a storm and tsunami, to send Cortex and his Ice Berg lab blasting all the way back down south through wild gushing water and waves, sending the scientist screaming for his life as he gets blasted away through the sea.

He ends up in Antarctica again and soon becomes frozen, frozen for a long time pretty much....


How I found him-

Pretty much saw him in Crash Bandicoot 2, since it was the first Crash game I played. Always thought he was funny looking, and me and my friends made fun of him often back in our young kiddy days.

So now he's got a big role in my OB series, mostly OB1 though... he's a lot more darker and sinister in this. But he's still funny now and then, I just can't just poke fun at his fear!

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