Dr Nitrus Brio

Character Description:

Dr Nitrus Brio, one of the Mad scientists that has worked along side Cortex most of his life... until Cortex went up into space anyhow.

This shy and gentle fellow is almost the complete opposite of Neo himself. He's much kinder, is nice to animals, but is also a complete pushover and has very low self esteem. But he is extremely intelligent, and has always been ahead of Cortex in that area... though due to his low self esteem, the madder scientist (Neo) always takes credit for his great works of science.

But after Neo finally left him behind on earth, Brio started to become a less stuttering madman, and finally be in peace on earth within the castle. He's also an ally to Crunch, Crash and most of the other evolved animals living on the Islands.

More Detailed Information:

Description (OBzero):

This was around the time Dr Cortex and Brio were just getting ready to start using the now complete, and perfected Evolvo-ray! It was original designed by Neo, way back when he was only a child. But he was never able to build it correctly, it kept killing the test subjects, or turning them into horrible mutants, instead of evolved animals.

So Nitrus thought it'll be nice to create the perfected version, that Neo himself... was never able to do, all his life. So he did, but Cortex quickly took credit for it! Leaving Brio feeling rather sad, but at least he knew the truth, the truth that he was the one that created the perfect Evolvo-ray.

He helped Cortex evolve the early minions in 1992, such as Pinstripe, Koala Kong, and more.

Description (OB2):

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