The New Mob
(beta version of Outcast Bandicoot. Written early 2003)

The New Mob chapter 1

A Bandicoot meets a Taz-Tiger

It was a late night, In Tasmania, the air was calm, and the skies were midnight blue...

And down in the long grass, was a young mischievous Bandicoot, with Dark red fur, and floppy ears, walking around, looking bored "This is so boring, I want some action... life is lame, as lame as the rock right next to me..." The Bandicoot moaned, as he fumbled around in the long grass, then he suddenly heard something, something running towards him, and out of the long grass jumped a small figure, and it landed right in front of the Bandicoot

"Grrr!... It’s a dog! You better back off!!!" The Bandicoot growled and the creature came out of the darkness, it was young, it had light orange fur, with black stripes on her back, she also did have a resemblance to a canine, the she replied...

"Hey! I’m not a dog! I am a Tiger!" She growled at the Bandicoot, "A Tiger? What’s that??? I think your lying! My parents told me Dogs like to trick us Bandicoots! I’m not going to let you trick me!" The Bandicoot yelled at the Taz-Tiger, "Hey! I’m not lying! I’m on a runner from the Humans! I’m going now! And I think you should make a run for it too! Dum-Bum!" The Tiger told the Bandicoot, and then there were human voices heard "Oh no! Humans are even worse those Dogs!!! I’m running too!!!" The Bandicoot yelped, The Tiger just got up and ran straight into the deep jungles, and the Bandicoot followed her...


The New Mob chapter 2

Watch out for the humans!

The Taz-Tiger and Bandicoot  ran deeper into the jungles, and they stopped.

"I think the Humans won’t find us now... what? Why are you following me!?" The Tiger asked the Bandicoot

"Cos humans are like....the worst! And anyway, who...are...YOU!??" The Bandicoot asked "Well...My name is Tani, my parents named me that!" The Taz-Tiger now known as Tani said "Ha! I never got a name... who needs one! Oh well!" The Bandicoot said, and Tani was standing there, looking nervous...

"I think I can sense something...." She said "Really, I can’t sense anything... oh wait..." The Bandicoot said, nervously and they both stood there, nervously "It’s some...DOGS!!!! We better get outta here! Or else...we're DOMMED!!!" Tani yelped, and she ran off "DOGS! Oh NO!" The Bandicoot gasped, he followed Tani.


There were a group of people, with German shepherd dogs on leashes, walking through the jungles "We better find that Tasmanian tiger, we cannot afford to lose any of them!" a Person spoke, "Yes sir! I will unleash these Dogs, and they shall track it down!" Another person spoke "But this Tasmanian tiger is very young, make sure those Dogs don’t do any harm to it, or else...!" The person told the other, and he replied "Don’t worry boss, these Canines are trained to handle young animals carefully!" and he unleashed the two Dogs, and they ran extremely fast through the jungles, to search for the young Tasmanian tiger.


Tani and the Bandicoot were still running, "Oh no! They're coming this way!!!" Tani cried, "Ahh! No!!! I knew I should have stayed with my parents!!!" The Bandicoot yelled, and they stopped, right in front of a big rock wall! "Oh no!!!" Tani yelped, and then 2 dogs had The Bandicoot and Tani trapped "Well, isn’t it the so called and so important Tasmanian tiger!" One of the dogs said "Keep away from me! I’m not going back to that horrible place!" Tani cried "Come-on! Let’s get her! As the humans wanted us too!" the other dog growled and they both slowly walked up to Tani "Back off you mutts!" The Bandicoot growled "Heh! What are you going to do you little....whatever you are...!" a Dog smirked "I’m a Bandicoot you dork!" The Bandicoot told the 2 Dogs "Oh really? But Bandicoots are weak anyway! They don’t stand a chance against us canines!" One of the Dogs laughed "That’s it! I’m doing as my master says!" The other Dog yelled, and he ran up to Tani, and he grasped her in his mouth "Ahh Tani!!!" The Bandicoot yelped "Just run!!!" Tani yelled, as she was being held in the Dogs mouth, The Bandicoot had no choice but to...Run,

But then... the pair of humans came just at the right time...

"Great! Your Dog captured the Tiger safely... and isn’t that a Bandicoot?" One of the humans asked the other human "Well, It looks like one... we better take it, since they are rare species...!" the other human replied

"Ok mate, let’s capture it!" One of the people said and he slowly walked up to the Bandicoot...

"What can I do... Is this the end of my life.....?" the Bandicoot thought to himself and the human grabbed the Bandicoot in his hands.


The New Mob Chapter 3

Mad Scientists

The two humans took both The Bandicoot and Tani to some kind of 'Secret base'


(Story gets canned and restarted)

The New mob                   
The New Mob chapter 1
The beginning

There are weird thing's in this world, I mean weird things like humanised animal's and mad scientist’s well let me tell you a story about a few character's you should already know and character's that you haven't heard of.

One dark rainy night there was an island not far from New Zealand and Australia with a huge castle and in the castle there was a mad scientist known as Dr N. Brio working on a kangaroo the kangaroo had dark blue fur it was almost dead "no don’t die please d,d,d.ont die" Brio cried so he had no choice but to put the kangaroo into the evolvo ray and bring the kangaroo back to life so he did and the kangaroo got a big zap and was up and running like a mad man (it's not Ripper roo ok!) "I’m free! I’m free! oh thank you human!!!" the kangaroo yelled "it c,c,an t,t,talk" Brio said proudly "oh how can I ever repay you um, what's your name, is it franky?" the kangaroo said " I I’m Dr N.B,B,B,rio and y,y,you" Brio whimpered "um, I was called Kristen NOT CHRISTEN ok, and I’ll call you Doc, how do yah like that?" Kristen said "oh I’m so proud that my creation work’s, oh you can call me d, d, d, or if you w, w, w,ant!" Brio whimpered again " hay, you don’t need to talk like that mate!" Kristen explained " o, o, ok" Brio said to Kristen.


The New Mob chapter 2

The pair of koala's                                                                                                                     
the next day Brio captured a pair of koala's that Kristen saw badly injured and Brio thought he should use them in the evolvo ray "Oww I hope it's not too hard on them two" Kristen mumbled " y,y,yeah but I’ve got no c,c,hoice" Brio said sadly and the koala's where put in to the evolvo ray "rahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! where's my girlfriend!!!!" the male koala roared "yike's he's mean as" Kristen screamed "over her honey" the female koala whispered Wooow your sooo pretty" the male koala yelled "who done this to us, I feel so strong and powerful" the male koala shouted then Kristen pointed at Brio and brio screeched "u, u, um it was me, gulp" Brio whispered "what a little human created us!" the female koala shouted "he's not lying, because he created me too" Kristen explained "hmmm? I believe the kangaroo Thanks’ you for changing us we will do anything to protect our creator aye Kaycey!" the male koala said to Kaycey " yip of course well will Kong" Kaycey said.


The New Mob chapter 3               

A rare species                                                                                                                      
Koala Kong and Kaycey were very good at fighting Kristen even had a rumble with Koala Kong and nearly got knocked out!!! Ouchy’s!!! It was week's after Kristen's creation and Brio was board then there was a phone call 'ring ring ring' Brio got the phone "h, h , hello there" brio said "hay Dr N, Brio we have found a very rare specie's" the person on the phone said "ow ow ow what specie's" Brio said excitedly "it's a Tasmanian tiger but it's in very bad shape it looks like she's going to die soon you better come and check it out" the person said " i,i,i'll be as fast as I can to c,c,come!!!" Brio screamed. Brio got out his jetpack and clipped it on to his back " hey where are you going" Koala Kong said "I,I,Im going to a a a lab not far from h, here don’t worry, I’ll be b,b,back soooon" Brio whimpered "okay" koala Kong said. 

The New Mob chapter 4

Kaycey on a runner O_O                                                                                                                  
Brio flew away and Kristen was up to no good going into the fridge and eating whatever he thought was yum Kaycey was board I want to go into the city's it suck's here!" Kaycey shouted "No Kaycey, we can't go into the city's yet" Koala Kong explained Oh why not!" Kaycey yelled "because the human's will see what we are and they will, they will, well I’m not sure what they will do but…" Kong said " but what, they can't do anything, they're just human's so I’m going, if you like it or not!!!" Kaycey yelled "oh no you won’t!" Kong shouted and he grabbed Kaycey and Kaycey struggled " hey what's going on!" Kristen said " shut up you" Kong yelled at Kristen " hay break it up! Break it up!" Kristen yelled then Kaycey got lose and ran out the door and koala Kong ran after her but it was too late Kaycey had already ran away "Kaycey, where are you, I’m sorry! Maybe we should have gone" there was no answer, “Kaycey!!! Come back" then Kristen saw Kong standing there staring at the ground "hey don’t worry she will come back to you mate, and your still got me" Kristen said to Kong "hmm, it's just not the same without her" Kong said sadly then Kristen and Kong went inside to wait for Brio.


The New Mob chapter 5

Tani gets created                                                                                                                         
Brio arrived at the lab, over on another island  he saw the Tasmanian tiger it was attacked by a dog "oh no, poor thing I better take her, she's only a juvenile too" Brio said seriously " yes take her, and there may be hope for her specie's" a scientist said, Brio wrapped her up in a blanket and flew back as fast as he can. Kristen was trying to cheer Kong up "hay come on, she will come back " Kristen said to Kong" no she won’t" Kong said sadly then Brio arrived "hey what's that Brio!" Kristen was jumping around with excitement " K-K-Keep away, she not w,w,well" Brio yelled at Kristen  " okay you sound serious!" Kristen backed of brio went into his lab and placed the tiger onto his table "oh no, she need combination evolution" Brio was upset and he had only one choice, to combine her! But with what animal? It remains’ unknown.

Brio was up late working on her and she was ready for the evolvo-ray, Kristen was up watching Brio, koala Kong was outside and Brio put the tiger onto the evolvo-ray and the electricity hit her and she got up and started running around like wild and she ran into one of Brio's other creation's called the vortex ( that will soon be could the Cortex Vortex) "No!!!!!!!!! d-d-don't going the VORTEX!!!! It hasn't been tested!" Brio Screamed "Ahhhh!!! she jumped into the Vortex, she's in the Vortex!" Kristen shouted "No!!!!!!!!" Brio yelled and a big blast of light filled the room,  Kong could see the light " oh no they're in trouble!" Kong said seriously and he ran inside and saw Brio lying on the ground knocked out and Kristen barely moving and then Kong saw something moving under the table "hey you, come out of there" Kong said to the creature " no, I’m the one who caused this, it's all my fault!" the tiger growled then Kong lifted the table up and saw her staring at him "Who is that?" Kong shouted "is she okay Koala Kong?" Brio said to Kong "hey don't forget about me mate!" Kristen yelled "Brio is this the new creation, she really stubborn" Kong said to Brio "oh she survived! She's o-o-okay!" brio said with joy

"hmm you’re the one that saved my life, ow where am I, I can’t remember anything and and oh I don't know!" The tiger said "oh don't  worry your safe now" Brio said to her "safe? safe? Ha I can take on anyone!!! I don't need a body guard!!! Safe, that's for losers!" The tiger said in Brio's face " okay o ok okay you don't have to be safe, well do you remember what your name was?" Brio said to the tiger " hmm, I remember now I’m Tani hmm, not sure if it's right but I like it!" Tani said to Brio "Tani, nice name" Kristen said "nice...nice....I'm not Nice!!!!" Tani shouted "Jeez" Kristen said to himself.



The New Mob chapter 6

Danger come's!                                                                                                                           
The next day Tani was getting taught how to fight by Kong "Nice punch's for a kid" Kong said " Ha I'm only warming up boy!" Tani said to Kong, "hay can I have a rumble with you'" Kristen said "but you might get knocked out again!" Kong said to Kristen "did he get knocked out? Shame!!!" Tani said "hey it's not funny!!!" Kristen shouted. Brio was sitting inside doing his work then there was a phone call ring! ring! ring! "Hello Dr N.Brio's lab how can I help you" Brio said nicely " well Dr Nitrus Brio It's time for me to by those beautiful islands of yours!" the person on the phone said "a ahhhh! Dr neo Cortex, n no please don’t, buy the I I island's" brio screamed "shut up Brio, talk properly for once! I'm coming to buy the island's whenever you like it or not!" Cortex shouted then Cortex hung up on Brio, Brio stood there in shock "Kristen, Tani, Kong, and come inside, I I’ve got some bad news “Brio said seriously ”ow this doesn’t sound good" Kong said "yeah" Tani said. Tani, Kristen and Kong went inside and Brio said " w well there's a mad scientist, even madder than m me! And he wants to buy these islands of me!!!" "Oh no that's not good, then where will go?" Kristen said sadly " Rrrrr! That Cortex fella's gonna get a bash if he tries to kick us of!!!" Kong yelled "n no Kong!, w-w-we c-c- can't let cortex see you’!!! Because he will find out about the evolvo-ray and the V-V-Vortex!!!" Brio said seriously!

then everyone was silent...nock,  nock, "Ah it's h-h-him! Hide everyone, h hide!!!" Brio screeched then Kong, Tani, and Kristen ran and hid where ever they can hide, then Cortex walked in "well Brio, it's time for you and your stupid evolvo-ray thing and that vortex to move out!!!" Cortex said then Cortex let out an evil laugh mooohhaaahhhhaaahhhha!!! " I will do anything to stay on this I island!" Brio whimpered "ha! Why would I want a brainless fellow like you? Lab Assistant’s, Get Him!!!" Cortex yelled and Cortex's lab assistant’s run and grabbed Brio and Brio screamed then Koala Kong jumped out and smashed the robots "ow thanks Kong!" Brio said happily " Ahhhhhhh! That-that-that's a humanised Animal!!!!!! I shall find out how you created that beast!" Cortex yelled "oh no" Kong said Brio and Kong were surrounded by heaps of lab assistant’s and then Kristen and Tani came out and started fighting the robot's " grab those two animal's you stupid robot's!" Cortex shouted and the robot's grabbed Tani and Kristen and Kong was trying to fight through the robot's but there were to many holding him down " well are you going to show Me how to create Humanised animal's, or you can kiss you and your animal's Good Bye!" Cortex warned Brio "u um... Only if you let me and my animal's stay on these islands, and then I will show you my secrets, o okay" brio said unsurely "Hm.... I suppose I will need a slave, okay but if you’re lying about your secret humanised creature creator, your dead!" Cortex said and he let out another evil laugh Moooohhhhaaaaaahhhaaaahhaaaaaaa!!!



The New Mob chapter 7

Tani meet's Crunch
Brio was sad so was Tani, Kristen, and Kong as well "ha I bet I create better and more powerful creature's than those! Ha! Ha! Ha!"  Cortex laughed "shut up you stupid ugly big headed loser!" Tani yelled "rrrr! How dare you say that, I don't have time for smart remark's, brio!!! My lab assistants have captured some animals for humanising!" Cortex said to Brio "oh what's k kind of a animal’s” Brio said softly "ahhhhh!!! Don’t talk like that it makes me mad!" cortex yelled "I’m sorry" Brio said sadly "well there's 4 potoroo, a kangaroo, and 4 bandicoot" cortex said proudly "o ok, what an animal should I change fi first" brio wined "Hm.... I think a Bandicoot should change first...NOW!!!!!!" cortex yelled "Ahh! Ok b-bo-boss!" brio screeched Brio walked over to the cages with the bandicoot's and looked at the bandicoot's "ow look at th-th-the cute little th-th-thing's!" Brio said nicely "ahhhhhhh! Just hurry up and change one, or else!" cortex said evilly "o ok b boss" then Brio picked up a bandicoot and it was a young and furious bandicoot "Aaahhhh it by bi bit me, it bit m me!!!" Brio screamed 'I don’t care! Hurry up and show me how to humanize an animal!!! now you idiot!" cortex yelled and Brio was holding on to the bandicoot tightly while it was struggling and put it into the evolvo-ray table and the bandicoot was struggling an Brio was staring at the bandicoot and the bandicoot was staring at Brio with an angry as face brio felt sorry "hurry up Brio, hurry up!" cortex shouted so brio turned on the evolve-ray and the electricity shocked the bandicoot and he slowly changed into a humanised animal and it was done.... O_O


Cortex was amazed to see the bandicoot humanised and the bandicoot got up "huh, what, what am I do ‘in on this table!!!" the bandicoot yelled "it talk's I can’t believe it, it's true!!!" cortex said then the bandicoot broke free "now who the heck locked me on to that table thing! because it's pounding time!!!" The bandicoot yelled "he’s a funny one" Brio laughed " call me funny Frankenstein!!! ha, have you even had a look in the mirror lately!' the bandicoot said to Brio "I have indeed" then Brio cracked up laughing "shut up Brio and you bandicoot!" cortex shouted " ha there's another freak in the house, this is going to be a whole lot of arguing going on" the bandicoot said to cortex and brio "well what's your n-n-name?" Brio said to the bandicoot " um, I don't have a name, I never got named because I, I, I just don’t have a name!" the bandicoot yelled "well m-m-maybe I can name you, or my friend Koala Kong, Koala Kong, c-c-can you c-c-come here for a minute" brio said then Koala Kong walked in holding a packet of potato chip packet and looked at the bandicoot "hey a new fella" Kong said to the bandicoot 'hey this koala guy is cool, mmmm chip's, Chip's!!!" the bandicoot said excitedly "oh you can have them" Kong said to the bandicoot and the bandicoot ran and grabbed the chip's "YUCK!!!! What’s this flavor man these are crunchy as" the bandicoot said "Crunch good name for a fella like y you" Brio said proudly "crunch, I like it, you kind of cool for a mini Frankenstein!" Crunch said to Brio. "hey Kong, why don't you take Crunch to go and mm meet Tani" brio said to Kong "okay Brio, what about Kristen?" Kong said to Brio "o oh, Dr Neo Cortex take him somewhere, I I’m knot not sure where" Brio said sadly "oh, ah Crunch will get to meet him" Kong said to Brio.


Kong and Crunch walked down deep into the jungle and ended up at a beach "what now, where's that Tani or whoever it is?" crunch said angrily "wait there Crunch, she's probably hiding away" Kong said to Crunch "Ha, I bet she's too Scared to see me!" Crunch said to Kong "scared huh! so a new fella has come to work with us Kong, he looks like a whimp"

Tani said "I’m...not ....a...Whimp!!!!" Crunch roared "Hay no fighting! and Tani, what do you mean by come to work?" Kong said unsurely "oh, Dr Cortex said to wait at this spot and he'll take us where we’re going to work, dumb aye!!!!" Tani said angrily "Man that suck's" Kong said angrily "what!!! so that's what we're going to do all our life!!! ow wait until I see that Cortex!!!" Crunch said furiously "yeah!" Tani said to Crunch, then Cortex came on a hover board "so, can you animals swim, because all of you’ are working on that other island!" Cortex said to Tani, Crunch and Kong "I can!" Kong said "me too" Tani said "um, I can! obviously!" Crunch said proudly and they got into the water and started swimming over to the other island and Cortex followed behind them. They finally arrived onto the other island and it was a beautiful but cool island "far out! it's way better here than in Brio's lab!" Crunch said excitedly "yeah way better!" Tani said to Crunch "and anyway, what's your name?" Tani said to Crunch "um, it's Crunch" Crunch said quietly "Crunch? Hmm kind of weird but cool" Tani said to Crunch again. Cortex walked up to Kong "well, you look like someone capable of doing this job!" Cortex said then he let out a laugh Moooahahaaaaaaaa "That laugh is a pain it the neck you know!" Crunch said too Cortex "Yeah! Get a life man!" Tani said to Cortex "Tani, Crunch, Don’t make him mad! Who knows what he'll do to you’!" Kong said seriously " Yeah! Listen to the Koala, he knows how to be good!" Cortex said evilly "fine then! Well anyway, what's our job! Huh!" Crunch said to Cortex " well, you’ are working in a gold mine not far from that volcano over there" Cortex said to everyone "Gold! Are we going to get paid! Huh?" Crunch said to Cortex  "what! Of course not! You two are my worker's! Okay!" Cortex shouted, "that's skink's man! Tani said angrily "hey Tani, forget about it, Cortex has many guard's don’t try it!" Kong said to Tani "yes! Listen to Kong! He knows best!" Cortex said to Tani. Kong Tani and Crunch followed Cortex and ended up by a cave "now go in there and get your equipment and start working!!!" Cortex said to Kong Tani and Crunch and then Cortex flew off into the sky "yes he's gone!" Tani said "now we can go and explore the jungles!" Crunch said excitedly "no! if Cortex find's out we're not working, then you two will be in deep trouble!" Kong said seriously, "Okay" Crunch and Tani said.



The New Mob chapter 8
Crunch's Step Sister

Now at Brio's lab "now it's time for the last bandicoot to get humanized" Cortex said to Brio "o-o-ok" Brio said to Cortex so brio went to go and grab the bandicoot and it struggled to escape from Brio and Brio put her onto the table and the electricity shocked her, and she got up "hay! Get me of here! Now!" the bandicoot screamed "she's a-a-per-pretty one!" Brio told Cortex " thank you boy" the bandicoot said nicely "I don’t care about pretty animals!!! I want powerful and intelligent animals! Another failure-.-!" Cortex yelled "what's wrong with him?" The bandicoot whispered to Brio "not sure brio whispered back to the bandicoot "you can have her, she's no use to me!"

Cortex said furiously then Cortex walked of out the door "well what should I name y-y-you" Brio said to the bandicoot "I want a beautiful name" the bandicoot said nicely "well, there was this girl at my School many years ago, she was very beautiful, like you,” Brio said happily "ha! I bet I look way better looking than her!" the bandicoot said proudly "okay, and her name was Tawna, do you like that name? it suit's y,y,you!" Brio said nicely "yeah! I like it!, it's a pretty name" the bandicoot called Tawna said.


The New Mob chapter 9

back on the other island......

"Oh this is boring as!" crunch said furiously "yeah! I want to go home!" Tani said viciously "I do too but there's guard's bye the beach! we can't just swim back, because the guard's will tell Cortex! there's nothing we can do-_-!"
Kong said angrily "ok:(" Crunch and Tani said sadly then Kong sat down and dozed off "he's asleep Crunch, he's asleep! let's go into the mountains!" Tani said to Crunch "but what it Kong wakes up!" Crunch Told "hay! Koala's sleep 18 hours a day! he won’t wake up until tomorrow afternoon!" Tani said to Crunch "yeah! true!" Crunch said back to Tani.


Crunch and Tani ran out of the cave and into the jungles "let's have a fight!" Tani said to Crunch "ha I’ll take you down!" Crunch yelled, they were about to pounce on each other, then..... they heard a Roar "what the heck was that!" Crunch yelled "I’m not sure? let's go and see what it is!" Tani said excitedly then Tani and Crunch ran deep into the jungle then they heard the roar again "it's up there Tani!" Crunch said to Tani 'well we're going to have to climb up then!" Tani said to Crunch, Crunch was unsure about climbing up the mountain "I don't know, what if Kong wakes up! then we'll be in trouble!!!" Crunch said unsurely "He won’t okay, are you scared?" Tani said to Crunch "No!!!" Crunch yelled "well come on, let's go!" Tani said back to Crunch.


The New Mob chapter 10
Crunch's Other sister......

Now back at the lab (that is now called Cortex's lab!) "change the last bandicoot!!! She can be another worker in my lab, With her sister!" Cortex said viciously at Brio "o-ok Boss, I'll humanize her as fast as I c-c-can!" Brio whined and Brio grabbed the last bandicoot as she struggled to get away " hurry up and change that last bandicoot!!!" Cortex shouted and Brio was still holding the bandicoot, as it struggled and then Brio put the bandicoot down onto the table "Brio! what can the Vortex do?" Cortex said to brio "um.... well..... I’m not sure?" Brio said " well.... TEST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cortex yelled at the top of his voice "OKAY! OKAY! " Brio told Cortex and Brio went over to the Vortex and placed the Bandicoot onto a seat that goes into the Vortex "hurry up! show me what this thing can do!!!" Cortex yelled and Brio saw the switch, and he pressed down hard on it, and the seat with the bandicoot on it went into the Vortex and the bandicoot looked down at Brio with a vicious look on her face and then the light filled the entire room "what’s happening!!!!" Cortex shouted and Brio was screaming and the room was back to normal, but the bandicoot had gone with the blast! " where is she! the-the BANDICOOT!" Brio cried and Cortex was lying on the floor and he got up " your stupid Vortex!!! it almost killed ME!" Cortex shouted " what about the bandicoot? did you see her?" Brio whimpered "I don’t care where she is! I'm going to have tea now! bring it to me!!! and don’t try anything dodgy, or else I'll get my Lab Assistants onto you!" Cortex warned Brio and Cortex walked out of the lab and Brio was looking everywhere for the bandicoot " oh where is she!" Brio cried and Brio had searched the whole lab, and there was no sign of her and Brio stood there crying " Brio!!! hurry up! I'm starving!!!" Cortex shouted " I'm coming" Brio said sadly, and he walked into the kitchen........


The New Mob chapter 11

Crunch and Tani in TROUBLE!

Crunch and Tani where climbing the mountain and they finally got to the top " yes! We finally made it!" Tani said excitedly " yeah!" Crunch said back to Tani and they saw a dark forest "ha I bet you're too scared to go into that forest!" Crunch said to Tani "What did you SAY!" Tani yelled very loudly and then Tani ran and tackled Crunch "hay! I was only joking! jeez!" Crunch said to Tani then there saw a loud roar " That roar! it came from there!" Tani said excitedly " let’s go and have a look!" Crunch said to Tani and they ran deep into the dark forest and they were at a dead end " Oh where is it!" Tani growled "Oh let’s go! this is boring" Crunch said and Crunch sat down on a big white fluffy thing....... and it started to move...... " AAAAHHHH CRUNCH!!! your sitting on something.... that’s ALIVE!!!" Tani said seriously "AHHHHH!!!! it’s a giant polar bear!"

Crunch shouted and Crunch and Tani ran off as fast as they can and the polar bear got up and started chasing them " Crunch! run on all fours! its faster!" Tani shouted out to Crunch " I can’t!" Crunch shouted back at Tani, and Tani was way ahead of Crunch then Tani got her shirt caught on a thorn bush and Crunch ran past her and stopped and the polar bear slowed down and slowly walked up to Tani and Tani growled and Crunch ran and kicked the polar bear in the eye ball and the polar bear was roaring like mad! and Tani got lose and ran with Crunch "thanks Crunch! I owe you one!" Tani said to Crunch "No prob" Crunch said back to Tani and then they were at a cliff then the polar bear had them trapped "Oh no!" Tani and Crunch said then Koala Kong came and tackled the polar bear and he was holding it down "Run!!! Tani, Crunch, Run!" Kong yelled and Crunch and Tani ran off and saw the cliff where they climbed up before, and they quickly climbed down the mountain and got to the bottom and ran back to the cave where they were working in " Crunch! we have to see if Kong's okay!" Tani said seriously "I'm sure he'll be okay" Crunch said unsurely and Crunch and Tani just sat down and waited for Kong, then......... " Tani!!!!!!! Crunch!!!!!!! you are in trouble!" Kong yelled at the top of his voice "Ah!!! it wasn't my fault" Crunch yelped "It wasn't me!" Tani cried "who was the one that left in the first place anyway.....Tani! Crunch! tell me!!!" Kong shouted "It was Tani! she's the one that thought of going up the mountain in the first place!" Crunch said to Kong " What! but you’re the one that woke up that polar bear!" Tani shouted at Crunch and then Tani punched Crunch and then Crunch got mad and punched her back then there was a big scrap "Stop it!!!!!!" Kong yelled very loudly! the Crunch and Tani were silent "Enough! just, forget about it! just be happy that you are okay! and that Cortex didn't know you left!" Kong said to Crunch and Tani, "Okay" Tani and Crunch said sadly.


The New Mob chapter 12

Brio's Good and Bad News

Kong Crunch and Tani where sitting there then Brio arrived with his jetpack on his back "hello Crunch, Tani, and Kong I’ve got some good and bad news:(" Brio told them nervously "what’s the news, the good news!" Tani asked Brio "yeah what is it!" Crunch asked Brio as well "well I'll tell you’ the good news first, Its Tea Time!!!" Brio said very loudly and he grabbed his bag and opened it "yum!!! gum leaves!" Kong said excitedly "ewwww!!! gross!" Crunch said to Kong "yeah! disgusting!" Tani said to Crunch "that’s not all" Brio said to Crunch and Tani and Brio opened the bag more "Pizza!!!! with no veges! now that’s Yum!" Crunch said and he grabbed a piece of the pizza "Hay! don't forget about me boy!" Tani yelled out to Crunch and Tani grabbed a piece of pizza, Brio sat down and stared at the ground "hey, what’s wrong Brio!" Crunch asked Brio "w-w-well it's one of your s-s-sisters" Brio wined "My sister's!!! where are they anyway?!" Crunch said to Brio "you have sisters!" Tani asked Crunch "w-w-well, one of your sisters, Now named Tawna is up in the castle, and your other sister......a-a-and" Brio gulped "what is it!?? did she........" Crunch was silent "She's g-g-Gone! the Vortex was too much for h-h-her, th-th-that’s why she's gone" Brio started crying and Crunch ran outside "Crunch! Wait up!!!" Tani yelled out to Crunch, then Crunch stopped and sat down on the grass "I should have done something to help my sisters! I feel sooo stupid!" Crunch said furiously "It’s not your fault Crunch! It's Cortex's fault okay!" Tani told Crunch, and Crunch thought...."yeah I suppose your right" Crunch said sadly "don't worry, you should be glad you never went into the vortex, cause I did!" Tani told Crunch "Wow! You did!? but how did you survive?" Crunch said "Well I'm not sure? Well anyways, let go back inside, I bet your sister is still out there..." Tani told Crunch "yeah, maybe ;_;" Crunch told Tani, and they both went back inside.

The New Mob chapter 12

Siegdog and Blaze

4 yrs. latter, Brio's Castle was now called Cortex's Castle, and there were many power stations, even a waste station! but Kong, Tani, and Crunch stayed on the 2nd island, "Hey Crunch! let’s go and spy on Cortex and his Minions!" Tani said to Crunch "Yeah! cause no robots are guarding our island anyway!" Crunch said back to Tani "Well let’s go!" Tani told Crunch and they ran down to the beach then "Tani! Crunch! where are you’ of to!!!" Kong asked Crunch and Tani "Hey come on Kong! it’s not like your our Dad or something!" Crunch said to Kong "Yeah! can well go and see Brio?" Tani said to Kong

"Well....... I suppose that’s okay, but... Don’t Pick On Cortex and his Minions!" Kong warned Crunch and Tani, then Crunch and Tani ran and splashed into the water and quickly swam towards Cortex's island "Those two" Kong sighs.


Crunch and Tani finally arrived onto Cortex's island "Lets climb up the Castle! and see what Cortex gets up to when he thinks no one's watching him O.o!" Tani told Crunch "Yeah! you never know what a Mad Scientist will be up to!" Crunch said back to Tani "well, let’s go!" Tani said back to Crunch and they both climbed up as far as they could and they reached a window and climbed through it "YES!!! we finally made it!!!" Tani said excitedly "I wonder what’s in there?" Crunch said unsurely then Crunch and Tani saw some stairs and a long dark tunnel "Where should we go? Up the stairs, Or down that tunnel?" Tani asked Crunch "Well....... I think we should go and check out that tunnel first, then come back to go up the stairs!" Crunch told Tani " Cool idea!" then Crunch and Tani started running "Stop!!! I can hear something!!!" Tani yelled out to Crunch,

then Crunch stopped running and Tani was standing there listening to something "what is it?........Wait a minute....I can hear it to!!!" Crunch said and Tani and Crunch were standing there "SIEEEEEEEEEEG!!!!!!!!" A loud voice was heard "AAAHHHHH!!!!!" Crunch and Tani yelled "Siegy SIEG SIEG!!!!!" The voice said again "That’s it! he's putting me of! now you’re going to get the BASH!!!!" Crunch roared at the top of his voice "Ahhhhhh!!!!!" the unknown fella squealed and Crunch was chasing after him and then Crunch jumped and pinned the cheeky fella down to the ground...................


"Siegdog!!! what the HELL are you doing down here!!!" another fella said "ahhhhh!!! oh, oh Blaze bro! hello...." the unknown fella now known as Siegdog said to the other fellow known as Blaze,

Then Crunch got up "Who are you! and you!!!!" Crunch asked Blaze and Siegdog "He? where did YOU come from??? did you’ come from Cortex's 2nd island?" Blaze asked Crunch and Tani "Well, hush...." Tani said quietly " Because you are NOT allowed to leave that ISLAND! but don't worry, I won't tell Cortex!" Blaze told Tani and Crunch "thank goodness, so what’s your name, and you!" Crunch said to Blaze and Siegdog "YO! my name is OL Siegdog! and my bro over here, his name is Blaze! Cool to meet you’!!!" Siegdog told Crunch and Tani "aye? You’re a DOG!!!" Tani told Siegdog " No-no-no! Siegdog just thinks he's a dog!" Blaze explained to Tani "NO NO! I am a DOG!!! SEE!!!" Siegdog yelled at Tani then Siegdog pulled a Sieg at Tani's face "Grrrrr!!! your annoying!" Then Tani punched Siegdog in the face "aaaaaroooww!! she punched me! she punched ME!!!!" Siegdog screamed " Well that's what you get for being an idiot!!!" Crunch laughed then, Crunch and Tani cracked up laughing even Blaze was giggling "No one has respect for the Sieg!!!" Siegdog cried and he ran of crying "Don't worry about him! he's just been effected by the Cortex-Vortex" Blaze told Crunch and Tani "Well that explains a lot!" Crunch said  "Well, what are you’ doing here anyway? have one of you’ come here to see a relative? because if it's only to come and cause trouble, I'm going to have to tell Cortex about this!" Blaze warned Crunch and Tani "Well I've got a sister here!" Crunch said to Blaze " You have a sister!!! oh yeah, The blonde one!" Tani said to Crunch "yes, her!" Crunch said back to Tani " I know her!!! she's that sexy bandicoot that Siegdog has a CRUSH on!" Blaze said to Crunch " Tawna's her name! okay!!! I haven't seen her in years! I wonder if she's still dyeing her hair yellow with that’s fur dye stuff O.o" Crunch said to Blaze, then Blaze started to giggle "hey, what’s so funny?" Crunch asked Blaze "she actually dye’s her hair Super-BLONDE!!!! I knew it!!!" Blaze laughed then Crunch and Tani looked at each other "But it was a joke :O" Crunch told Blaze, and Blaze didn’t listen, "Let's go, this is begging to bore me!" Tani said to Crunch " Yeah! this suck's" Crunch told Tani, then they just ran off.


Tani and Crunch saw the doorway into Cortex's lab "There it is!, give me a boost up to that window, and I'll see if there's anyone in there!" Tani said to Crunch "okay" Crunch said, Crunch ducked down and Tani jumped onto Crunch's back and then Crunch stood up and Tani was standing on Crunch's shoulders, then Tani had a look through the window on the door that goes into Cortex's lab "it's clear! there's not a scent of a human in there too! let's go in!" Tani said to Crunch "okay" Crunch said to Tani unsurely and Tani opened the door and then Tani and Crunch slowly crept into lab.


The New Mob chapter 14

Cortex’s first creation

"Man it’s scary in here! NOT!!!" Crunch said to Tani "Wow!!! look all those cage's! they're full of animals! let's free them!" Tani said then she heard someone coming "There's someone coming Tani!" Crunch said seriously and then Crunch and Tani ran and hid behind the shelf full of potions, then Cortex and Brio walked in! "Oh no! bad timing! now we're going to get snapped!" Crunch said seriously "No we won't! so be quiet!" Tani growled Crunch "shesh!" Crunch said to himself "I heard THAT!" then Tani bit Crunch on the ear! "yelp!" Crunch yelped "What was that!" Cortex shouted " I-I-I Don't know, mi-mi-maybe it was one of those K-k-kangaroo!" Brio whimpered "Good idea! I could humanize a kangaroo! now go over to that cage with that weird looking BLUE kangaroo" Cortex said to Brio "o-o-okay Boss!" Brio said sadly and Brio walked over to a cadge with a mysterious kangaroo......... and he grabbed the kangaroo, and it didn't struggle "Hurry up you idiot! I want to humanize an animal, NOW!!!" Cortex said with anger! "I, I, am! I am!" Brio screeched! and Brio quickly ran with the kangaroo in his arms to the Cortex Vortex "Now! I hope the Vortex has improved since last time!" Cortex said furiously to Brio then cortex grabbed the kangaroo off Brio and put it onto the seat that goes into the Cortex Vortex and the kangaroo wasn’t even struggling to get away! And as the seat when into the Cortex Vortex Brio thought something terribly wrong was going to happen while Cortex was just looking confident and the kangaroo finally reached into the Vortex and the light filled the room “Wow! I wonder what will happen to that kangaroo fella?” Crunch asked Tani “I’m not sure” Tani told Crunch and everything was silent, "Where’s my creation! My minion!" Cortex yelled and then out of nowhere jumped a CRAZY looking KANGAROO!!!!!! and it was mad as hell! "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! it’s CRAZY" Brio screamed and the kangaroo was jumping around like MAD and ripping everything with its long sharp toe nails "AHHHH!!!!! It’s all your fault BRIO!!!!" Cortex shouted and shelves were falling down and curtains were being ripped to pieces and potions smashed and caused explosions and the whole lab was all messed up, "AHHHHHH!!!!! Somebody save ME!!!!" Brio screamed and Crunch and Tani were watching them

"Now’s our chance! RUN FOR IT!!!" Tani said to Crunch and they both ran towards the exit and ran down the dark tunnel and you then…”Where do think you are going? Hmm???” Blaze said to Crunch and Tani “Well, well….”Tani said unsurely then she looked at Crunch and Crunch shrugged his shoulders  “Well, I was trying to find my sister! Yeah, that’s what we were doing eh Tani!” Crunch told Tani “Yeah, We were just looking around the lab for Tawna!” Tani said to Blaze “Well, You shouldn’t of ran off, because Cortex or one of his Lab Assistants could have found you’! You two should have stayed with me!” Blaze tolled Crunch and Tani “But why would we want to stay around you, While yah laughing like an idiot!” Crunch said dramatically then Tani started to giggle “Hay! It’s not funny! Oh well, your sister is in an experiment, I should have told you before” Blaze said to Crunch “What! My sister is in an experiment!!! Where?” Crunch yelled at Blaze “Down there, Then turn left, and the door on the right! Okay! Hurry up now, Cos she might not make it!” Blaze warned Crunch “Make what?” Crunch yelled at Blaze “The experiment, The evolution” Blaze said to Crunch “But she’s already evolved you dumb ass” Crunch shouted at Blaze “Sheesh! I mean, she’s being tested on the grouth-ray, What makes anyone older than they really are” Blaze explained to Crunch “Ah! We have to stop Cortex! Hurry up Tani! This way!” Crunch said seriously to Tani, and they both ran as fast as they can down the hall, “Why are you so serious about this?" Tani asked Crunch “I don’t want another of my sisters to die! You should know that!” Crunch yelled at Tani “Ow, I’m sorry, I should have shut up” Tani was quiet as well as Crunch.


The New Mob chapter 15

Tawna’s Evolution

Finally, Crunch and Tani found the door that led into the lab where Tawna was, Tani tried opening the door “It’s locked! Bugger!” Tani told Crunch, But then Crunch just ran an smashed the door wide open “Whoa! Now that’s tough! But I could have done that :p” Tani said to Crunch “No time for jokes, We have to find Tawna!” Crunch told Tani “Yes sir!” Tani said back to Crunch and they both ran inside the lab looking everywhere and still no sign of Tawna “Where the hell is she?” Crunch said to himself then there was a scream “Was that Tawna?” Tani asked Crunch “Yes! It’s her! Come-on! Let’s get her!” Crunch shouted out to Tani then they both ran where the screaming was coming from and then they stopped and saw Tawna on a desk struggling “Crunch! Help me brother!” Tawna screamed then a group of Lab Assistants ran towards Crunch and Tani, “Just great! Now we have to face the brainless robots” Tani said to Crunch “That’s it! I’m going to go and free Tawna, You wait here” Crunch shouted out to Tani then Crunch jumped over the group of Robots and ran towards Tawna but then a robot grabbed Crunch and electrocuted him “Nooooooo!!!!!” Tawna screamed

“Ahhhh!!!! Crunch!!!” Tani yelped and Crunch just fell to the ground barely moving and then, a huge laser beam flashed at Tawna, and the light filled the whole entire room and the Lab Asistaints blew up for some reason and the light finally diserperd “Crunch! Where are you?” Tani cried “Over here Tani!” Crunch yelped and Tani ran over to Crunch and Crunch got up “Where’s Tawna! I’ve gotta find her! She cant be dead!” Crunch cried

“Whos That over there?” Tani yelled and over in a corner was a tall blonde, orange fured, she Bandicoot, that looked like a 18 year old “It cant be!” Crunch thought “Aw! What happened? Am I in heaven?” The Bandicoot said “Oh My Gosh! Its Tawna! Shes a woman bandicoot! That’s soooo Shocking!” Tani said seriously and Crunch was silent “Who are you? Crunch’s girlfriend?” Tawna said to Tani “I AM NOT CRUNCH’S GIRLFRIEND! I’m his best friend!!!” Tani shouted at Tawna

“What ever! That’s what they always sayXD” Tawna gigled “Okay Tawna! We better get outta here, Before Cortex or his other Lab Asistaints comeO_o” Crunch said to Tani and Tawna, and then they all ran out of the Lab, and down the hallway “I’m tried, can we rest?” Tawna puffed “Fine then -.-” Crunch said to Tawna then Tani, Tawna and Crunch stopped and rested in the hallway “Your so lucky that groth-ray thing didn’t make you into a grany XD” Tani said to Tawna “Yeah, and when I was in the Lab I saw the most handsome bandicoot in the world^.^” Tawna said to herself “Really? You must have been dreaming :-p” Crunch laughed “No I wasn’t, cause, he had the most coolest haircut, and the most beautifull eyes, the sweetest smile, He may have been younger and shorter than me, But best of all, he was orange! Like me! Awwwwwww!!! He’s so gourges^^” Tawna said peacefully Crunch and Tani cracked up laughing XD

“Hay its not funny!” Tawna shouted very loudly, Then they heard some robots running down the hallway “Ahh!!! They found us! All thanks to TawnaO_O” Crunch yelled at Tawna so Tani, Tawna and Crunch just ran as fast as they could and then Tawna tripped up and fell to the ground “Ahhh!” Tawna screamed and the Lab Assistants grabbed her “Oh man!” Crunch yelled, “We cant save her! Cos we’ll get caught aswellO_O” Tani warned Crunch, So they both ran away, and outside, and into the forest, Then ended up at a big steal wall “Oh just greatX_x, A wall! A stupid wall!” Crunch moaned “Who cares! We’ll just have to jump it O.o” Tani told Crunch, Then they both jumped as high as they can, and got to the top, then jumped down to the ground and ran straight towards the beach, “Where do we go now?” Tani yelped “Duh! Back to our island :-b” Crunch “Oh, Silly me x_X” Tani growled so they both just ran into the water, “There they are, Get them!” A Lab Assistant screamed Crunch and Tani stared at the three Robots “(rolls eyes) Not again!, Now what do we do?” Crunch asked Tani Just wait, and see XD” Tani whispered to Crunch “Eh? But they’ll get us$_$” Crunch said as he rolled his eyes “You can be so thick sometimes XD” Tani giggled and the Lab Assistants ran down toward the water and splashed into the water, But something happed “What’s happening to them? O_o” Crunch said and then the Robots started to spark and BOOM! The Lab Assistants blew to pieces, Crunch & Tani just cracked up laughing XD and just swam all the way back to Kong’s island.



The New Mob chapter 16

Koala Kong is beaten?

Crunch and Tani finally got to the seashore on Kong’s Island and quickly ran back to the Cave where Kong was “Kong! Kong! Where are yah?” Crunch shouted, “Kong man! Where are you? Oh man, where is he?” Tani yawned “If he’s gone somewhere, We’re FREE! XD” Crunch yelled “Shut up! He wouldn’t just leave like that O_o What! I think I know where he is^_^” Tani yelped “Where Tani?” Crunch asked Tani, “Down the tunnel, where we used to work, you know, where the gold was^^” Tani explained to Crunch “Oh yeah^^ Lets go and have a look n_n” Crunch said back to Tani so they both ran to the place they used to work (The gold mine :-p) and they couldn’t believe what they saw

“Kong! Wake up! Wake up!” Tani cried “Hey bro! What happened?” Crunch said to Kong “It was the fricken orange guy X_X” Kong shouted “Orange guy? How did he beat you?” Crunch said to Kong “I do NOT have TIME to talk about this krap OKAY!” Kong Shouted “Whoa! Okay, forget about it O.O” Crunch and Tani said seriously.



The New Mob chapter 17

The scream of Cortex

It was almost dark, Crunch and Tani were wondering what’ll happen to Tawna, and all the others at Cortex’s Castel “I wonder what’ll happen to your sister Tawna? And all the others?” Tani wondered “Yeah, I suppose there’s nothing we can do-_- Cos anyway, The Robots will be on our tail!” Crunch yelled at Tani “But, You don’t have a tail! Or do you? o.O” Tani wondered again “You know what I mean ?_?” Crunch shouted as he rolled his eyes “Sorry :-p XD” Tani laughed, Crunch just laughed as well then everything was silent “Hay Crunch! What that light up on top of Cortex’s blimp thing?” Tani asked Crunch “It looks like green, blue, and red light! O_o I wonder what’s going on up there?_?” Crunch said to Tani so they just sat on the grass watching the light flashing and still didn’t know what it was! And suddenly… “AHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” A scream was heard, Crunch and Tani looked up at the blimp “OMG!” Crunch and Tani said seriously and a figure was falling down at high speeds and BANG! It hit the ground hard !_! “What was THAT!” Crunch yelled “I do not know ?_?” Crunch said amusingly “Ah who cares, it might have been one of Cortex’s Lab Assistants XD” Crunch laughed “Yeah XD” Tani laughed as well, Then Crunch and Tani got bored, so they just went back inside their newly built house.


The New Mob chapter 18

Earth is where we will stay

It was a sunny morning, Kong lying down on the sand, Crunch and Tani chasing each other around the beach like typical Teenagers "Hay Crunch! Hurry up and catch me:-p" Tani giggled "Shut it! I can catch you!" Crunch yelled and they both ran and SMACK! "Huh? Get out my way Las Assistant! Gosh! Leave us alone X_x You two are just a pain in the ass!" Crunch moaned "Dr Neo Cortex and Dr N.Gin want to take some minions into his mighty Spaceship, Do not underestimate MY master, Dr Neo Cortex" One of the Lab Assistants said to Crunch and Tani "Blah, Whatever :p" Tani laughed "Yeah, Did Cortex even make you a brain?" Crunch giggled "Well, isn’t it Crunch Bandicoot, and Tani Tiger,

Well you two are really useful minions" Cortex tolled Crunch and Tani "Useful? What do you mean?" Crunch asked Cortex "There’s no way we're gonna work for YOU again!" Tani roared "No, You two are really great Minions, because none of my other Minions have ever snuck onto my island without being caught! And you have destroyed many of my Lab Assistants, and one of my other minions have done something like that O.O" Cortex said to Crunch and Tani "Duh! Us two are the best dam Minion thingies there are :p and you just had to admit it XD" Crunch laughed and Tani started to laugh as well "This is no joke, Crunch, and Tani, I'm moving into space with a good friend, called Dr N.Gin" Cortex tolled Crunch and Tani "Wow amusing -_- it’s not like we're going into space with you! Are we???" Crunch was nervous and so was Tani 'No!!! Sorry! But Crunch and I belong HERE! So get stuffed :p" Tani yelled at Cortex "Grrr! You two are coming with me! Not matter what! Super Lab Assistants, GET THEM!" Cortex shouted and the Robots ran towards Tani and Crunch "Come-on, Lets BEAT the krap outta them!" crunch roared and Tani ran and tackled one of the robots,

"Take that!" Tani growled and the robot's head came of "Good one Tani ^.^" Crunch yelled out to Tani but then, a robot came from behind Crunch and grabbed his hands and gave him an electric shock and he fell to his knee's "Crunch! Watch out!" Tani cried and Crunch turned around and punched the robot in the face and his hand went right through the robot face O_O but Crunch was still tried from the shock "Crunch! Are you okay?" Tani cried again "I'm, I'm okay" Crunch yelled out to Tani so Tani ran towards Crunch and a robot was followed Tani and blasted a big as blast of electricity "Look out Tani X_x" Crunch shouted to Tani then Tani jumped up and the electricity just missed her and Tani landed on the ground right next to Crunch "Come-on Crunch! Get up man! You can't give up!" Tani cried to Crunch and Crunch slowly got up "Okay, Let’s make a run for it!" Crunch yelled to Tani and they both ran and then ran into Kong

"What’s going on? Crunch, Tani!" Kong cried "Cortex is trying to take us into space! But we don wanna go!" Tani yelled out to Kong "What! Cortex! Don't take them, Take me, I'm more loyal to you than the both of them are" Kong tolled Cortex "Well, You are much more loyal to me but. You lost a battle to Crash Bandicoot!" Cortex yelled at Kong "I know I know, but I'll promises not to fail you again!" Kong tolled Cortex "Kong? Don't go᠇" Tani cried to Kong "Yeah man, let’s just finish of Cortex's Dam Robots, and make a run for it!" Crunch yelled at Kong "No! Well can’t beat Cortex, We don't really stand a chance! So I'll go with Cortex, and you two can stay here -_-" Kong tolled Crunch and Tani "No Kong, Your no good for me anymore! I'm taking Crunch and Tani, They're really experienced team, and they even managed to escape to my secret Laboratory! And never got caught! Now that's amusing! Mohaaaahahahahahahha!!!!!" Cortex laughed "What makes you think we'll go with you? Huh?" Crunch yelled at Cortex "Yeah, Come-on! We're not gonna listen to you anyway, so shut it :p" Tani said to Cortex "Grrrr, before I take you two, I want you to face my most experienced minion >:)" cortex said evilly "Who is it then!" Crunch asked Cortex and a flying futuristic car flew out of nowhere and landed near Crunch and Tani "meet, The Potoroo Gang, Mohahahahahahha!" Cortex laughed evilly and a Potoroo in a grey coloured suit with orange fur came out of the car and another Potoroo also with a grey suit jumped out of the car, doing Siegs like an idiot and finally, a Potoroo with a red suit holding a Tommy gun came out, looking mad "What! 3 against 2, Ha! We can take them out, Aye Crunch?" Tani asked Crunch "Duh! Of course :p" Crunch told Tani

"Hay, They're just a couple of Teenagers O_O" Pinstripe smirked "You're a teenager yourself :p Dum Bum" Crunch yelled at pinstripe and Tani started laughing "Grrrrr I’m still older than the both of you! Get them Blaze! Siegdog!" Pinstripe shouted and Blaze jumped in front of Crunch, Crunch growled and Siegdog done a huge flip and landed face down in front of Tani "What a loser-_-" Tani yawned "Hay lil girl I’m no loser! Cos.IM THE KING OF SIEGS!" Siegdog yelled at the top of his voice, and he started posing Tani sighed, as well as Crunch "Come-on! He doesn't stand a chance!" Tani sigh "Hay kids, that's not all! Come-on Blaze, get em!" pinstripe told Blaze, and Blaze came running up to Crunch with a pair of pistols "Wow, Guns, Please, at least fight me WITHOUT weapons, okay?" Crunch told Blaze "Well, that seems fair enough! Okay, bring it on!" Blaze told Crunch, as he tossed his pistols away "Oh great, I have to face the loser! O_o" Tani said as she rolled her eyes "Aye? I have to battle against the little girl, ok then, I'll just have to finish her of!" Siegdog yelled, and he ran up to Tani and pulled a sieg at Tani's face "Right, what’s that going to do? That's it!" Tani yelled at Siegdog and Tani kicked him in the nuts "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Siegdog screamed and he fell to the ground "Siegdog! You idiot! Get up!" Pinstripe shouted out to Siegdog, but there was no answer "SIEGDOG! Fine then, Blaze, finish them off!" Pinstripe yelled at Blaze "Okay boss" Blaze said and he ran up to Crunch about to do an karate kick in Crunch's face but then Crunch ducks down an quickly head buts Blaze in the stomach "OUCH!" Blaze screamed, and he fell on the ground "Take that, geek!" Crunch smirked and Blaze got up "He's just too good man" Blaze said to Pinstripe "ARHG! I’m sick of working for Cortex! Come-on bros, let’s get our ass's outta here! We don't need to listen to Cortex!" Pinstripe told Blaze and Siegdog "Yeah, I totally agree with you Stripes, Let’s go, I’ve had enough of this stuff" Siegdog yawned "I’m outta here to*_*" Blaze yelped and Siegdog and Blaze ran and jumped into Pinstripes car and Pinstripe started the car up and it started floating

"AH! Pinstripe! Come back! I'll, I'll do anything!" Cortex yelled at Pinstripe, but there was no answer "Noooo!" Cortex screamed, but Pinstripe car just flew off into the sky “That’s it! I've had enough of this! All of my Lab Assistants GET THEM!" Cortex shouted and dozens of the Lab Assistants came and grabbed Crunch and Tani "No!" Kong shouted and he ran up to Cortex "Cortex, don't take them, take me! I'm far more powerful than the both of them!" Kong yelled at Cortex 'No Kong, You failed me! You’re useless to me!" Cortex shouted at Kong "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE THEM" Kong yelled at Cortex and he held Cortex by the coat, and Cortex screamed "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Then there was a big volt of electricity, that came from his spaceship and it hit Kong "raaaaaaawr" Kong yelled and he let go of Cortex, and he fell over, but Crunch and Tani were in more trouble "Kong! Help us!" Tani shouted out to Kong "Come-on bro! There’s too many of these robots!" Crunch yelled to Kong, But Kong was knocked out and Crunch and Tani were struggling to get away from the robots "Lets us go you dorks!" Crunch roared "Why do you want us Cortex! WHY!" Tani yelled at Cortex "You'll see" Cortex said with an evil smile >:D and the Lab Assistants took Crunch and Tani into the Spaceship, and the Spaceship slowly started up, and floated into the sky, 5 meters now O_O "Muhahahahahahha!!!! My dream is going to be true! Crash Bandicoot can’t stop me NOW! HAHAHA!" Cortex laughed Tani was whispering to Crunch "We CAN get away, just duck down, and jump outta the ship, ok! 1, 2, 3, NOW!" Tani told Crunch, and Tani ducked, and slid out of the Robots arms, and jumped out of the Spaceship, into the sea, but Crunch ducked but the lab Assistant gave him a volt of electricity "ARGH!!!!!!" Crunch yelled and he gave up, he felt like everything was over "NO CRUNCH! DON'T GIVE UP!!!" Tani yelled but crunch looked at Tani, in the sea, but he couldn't move "Nooooooooo!!!" Tani cried as she watched the Spaceship went higher and higher and the door closed up on the spaceship, Tani was in shock "This can’t be!, its, over.-_-" Tani thought she just sat there, floating in the water, "Tani! Where’s Crunch?" Kong said as he slowly swam towards Tani, but Tani didn't say anything "no-_-." Kong thought.

The New Mob chapter 19

Life in Space
The spaceship was deep into the sky, The Lab Assistants took Crunch into a room, and left Crunch, and Crunch woke up "Huh?!?! Where am I??? O_O!!!" Crunch yelped and he got up, and he was shocked "Holey!!!!!!! Krap!!!!!!" Crunch yelled and he looked around the room, and he saw a window "OMG!!!! I’m in space X_x!!! Just great -.-;;; that’s IT! I’m gonna find that Cortex, and tell him to go back to Earth >:-| " Crunch thought, so he walked out of the room and down into the hallway, and Crunch saw 2 Lab Assistants walking down the hallway "Hmm, Maybe they'll lead me to Cortex's room O.o" Crunch thought so he followed the 2 lab Assistants.


Crunch was still following the 2 Assistants, and the Lab Assistants went into a room "Hmm, That’s got to be Cortex's Lab O.o;;;" Crunch thought So he followed the Lab Assistants, and the lab Assistant were gone "Hmm, now’s my chance >:-)" Crunch thought and he ran into the room, and was amused "Yeeesh!!! Just check out all the Cortex painting and photos XD, He’s so obsessed with himself O_O!!!! Lol" Crunch laughed "Well, isn’t it Crunch Bandicoot?" Cortex asked Crunch "Duh =p" Crunch told Cortex "Well, It looks like Tani tiger has escaped, Oh well, It looks like it’s just you" Cortex told Crunch "It’s like I don’t know -.-;;;" Crunch growled "Well, my boy, Go to room number 48, That’s you room^_^" Cortex told Crunch "Ehh??? My room?!?! But why bother, I’m going to escape anyway -_-;;;" crunch smirked "Hah!!! You think so, you don’t even know how to drive a spaceship O.o;;;; so why bother!" Cortex laughed like an idiot again, and Crunch just walked off, to find the room 48.

The New Mob chapter 20

Crunch meets some Minions

Crunch was walking down the hallway and he saw a door with 1 on it “heh, I should see who stays in here O.O” Crunch smirked and he slowly opened the door “Hmm, nobody home O.o Oh well....” Crunch thought but Crunch was wrong “ROOOOOOOOOOWR!!!!!!!!!!!” there was a massive roar “Eeek!!!!” Crunch yelled and Crunch quickly shut the door and ran down the hallway “Man that was close O_O” Crunch thought “Hello misssssssster” Someone said from behind Crunch and Crunch turned around “Who are you? Lizard fella?” Crunch asked him “Jusssst come ‘on inssside my room, You mussst be new around hereO.o” The Lizard told Crunch “Yeah, I am, ok I’ll come in, But don’t try and eat meXD” Crunch smirked “lol, I wont XP, ewww BandicootO_o” The Lizard told Crunch, and Crunch just walked into the room, “Hay, kewl room, your got swords everywhereO.o” Crunch said
“Yessss I do^_^, By the way, My name iss Komodo Joe, Jussst call me Joe^^” The Lizard now called Joe told Crunch “Hay^_^, Nifty nameO.o, My names Crunch” Crunch told Joe “Crunch,Hmm.....unusssual nameO.O well anywaysss, You better go now, itsss not alwaysss safe hereO.O” Joe told Crunch “Eh? Why?” Crunch asked Joe then.........“YAH!” a voice wa heard and a sword came flying and went straight past Crunch’s face “Ahhh! What the hell! That idiot almost sliced me!!!” Crunch shouted and he lashed out to the fella that through the sword “Ahhhh!!! Crassh is going to kill me! Brother ssssave me” The fella asked Joe “lmfao!!! He’sss not Crassh you dumb assssssss!XD” Joe laughed “Oh, oh Moe didn’t knowO.O, Moe sorry!” Komodo Moe told Crunch “Well, you better be >:(, I better go now, Ive gotta check out my room, then plan to escape outta hereO_O, well, latters^^” Crunch told Komodo Joe and Moe “Bye Bandicoot boy :-p” Joe smirked “ta ta uhh, fellaO.o” Moe told Crunch and Crunch left their room.



The New Mob chapter 21

Crunch meets Kris roo

Crunch was walking and he finaly got to the room “Hey, its room 48! Cheers^_^” Crunch said to himself and he opened the door, and he was amused “OMG! This place is sooooooo flash, tooooo flashO_O and tooo clean*_* a T.V., and a kitchen! My own room, Ahhh this is just CRAZYO_o” Crunch yelled and he went into his lounge$_$ “Cortex is tring to convince me to stay here>.< Bleh! Its not gona work :-p, Maybe I should just chill out for a whileK” Crunch thought and he saw a flash looking couch, and he just sat on it “This is sooooo boring-.-;;;” Crunch yawned “Yo!!! You must be uhh, Crunch bandy…..cootO.o” Kris asked Crunch “Who the hell are you?_?” Crunch asked Kris “Yah don’t even know me$_$ lol! Well I dunno you well theither :-p, ok, Mah names Kris roo, But call me Kris^^”

Kris told Crunch “Ok, KrisO.o, I guess you already know my nameo.O, I wonder why your all happy and normal about stain here?” Crunch thought “Of corse I’m happy here man, Ive got everything I need here^^;;; I don’t really mind living here
J” Kris told Crunch “WhatO_O You acualy like it hereX_x, I just wana get back to Earth>_< I hate it here~_~!” Crunch growled “HmmO.o, You must have a girlfriend, ehh :-p” Kris asked Crunch “A girlfriend&_&, Noooo way X_x, I’ve, I’ve just got some friends there, that’s all-.-;;;” Crunch told Kris “OhO.o, That makes senceJ, I never had friendsK, That’s proberly why I like it here-_-“ Kri said to Crunch “OhO.o” Crunch thought.


The New Mob chapter 22

The working Group

“Hmm, we need more workersO.o, At the moment we have 3 working Minions, and 4 fighting Minions, are there anymore Minions we’ve missed o.O” Cortex asked N.Gin “Well, Dr Cortex, there’s the new Bandicoot we captured a week ago, you know, Crunch Bandicoot, and He’ll make a great worker, He’s not old enough for Battle yet” N.Gin told Cortex “Yes, Crunch Bandicoot! Too bad he’s a bit too young for batteling aganst Crash-_-“ Cortex told N.Gin “But Dr Cortex, Crunch bandicoot is older than CrashO_O and stronger$_$!” N.Gin told Cortex “Well, I guess your right, obviously But we’ve all ready got enough fighters and he’ll make a great worker with the other 3 Minions>:)” Cortex told N.gin “Yes Docter, your absolutly right^_^;;; I’ll go and take the 3 Minions to meet Crunch, and they’ll start work straight away ;-)” N.Gin told Cortex “Thank you very much Dr N.Gin, Go on then” Cortex told N.Gin “Ok Dr, I’ll be right back^^” N.Gin told Cortex.


N.Gin came to room 48, Crunch’s room “Nock nock, Crunch Bandicoot, I need to introduce you and Kris roo to your workmates^_^” N.Gin told Crunch, Crunch and Kris roo were busy playing on the PlayStation “What!, What do you say rocket headO.O” Crunch laughed “Grrrr, You’s are ready to meet your workmates!>:(“ N.Gin yelled then Kris and Crunch stoped playing the playstation “WHATO_O!” Crunch and Kris yelled at N.Gin “You’s heard me! Come’on!, Follow me n_n!” N.Gin told Crunch and Kris “OkL” Crunch and Kris said to N.Gin, and they both followed N.Gin.

The New Mob chapter 23

Dingo and Croco

N.Gin, Crunch, and Kris walked down the long hallway “So who are the other fellas where NOT gona work with?” Crunch asked N.Gin “lol” Kris laughed “Nonence! You’s HAVE to work, You’s have no choice-_-“ N.Gin told Crunch and Kris “What ever-.-;;;” Crunch rolled his eyes, aswell as Kris “Well, Its not me that wants you two to work, Its Cortex, you’s should know-_-;;;” N.Gin told Crunch and Kris “Hmm, ok-.-“ Kris and Crunch said to N.Gin.



They finaly walked up to a door “I wonder whats in there?” Kris asked N.Gin “This is the place where yous’ll be working, Meet, Dingo and Croco!^.^;;;” N.Gin told Crunch and Kris “Hey, wazzup!!!” The Crocodile called Croco said to Kris and Crunch "“yeah, hi-_-“ The dingo called Dingo said to Crunch and kris “Hmm, Wazzup both of yeh^.^;;;” Kris shaked both Croco and Dingo’s hands, and Crunch was staringO_O “Hey mate^^ Arent you gona introduce yah self O.o?” Croco asked Crunch “Oh, ok -_-;;; My names Crunch-.- End of story” Crunch told Croco “Crunch XD That’s a hard case name XD;;;” Croco laughed, Dingo and Kris were just stareing at Croco, as he laughed and Crunch growled “Well, we better get to work then-__-“ Dingo told Crunch, Kris and Croco “Nah mate :-p Lets have a party^_^” Kris yelled “A party O_O?!?” Dingo yelped “OMG O_O Are you nuts?” Crunch Laughed and Croco laughed aswell “Hay, we cant have a party you idiots! Cortex’ll punish usL Don’t be a bunch of fools! We HAVE to work!” Dingo told Croco, Kris, and Crunch “What ever-.-;;;” Croco told Dingo “Come’on Dingo cuz! Chill outJ” Kris told Dingo and Dingo just caried on sweeping the floor.



The New Mob chapter 24
The Party
“Come’on Croco Cuz o.O?!?”
Kris yelled out to Croco “Im come’in bros ^.^” croco yelled out to Kris and Crunch “Now what?!?!” Crunch thought “OMG O_O! a Stereo *_* Awesome^.^” Kris yelled “Now that’s crazy O_O” Crunch said “Lets pump up the sound system O.O!!!!!” Croco shouted and he turned the stereo on, and it was loud X_x “Everybody DANCE now XD” Croco sang and Kris started doing brake dancing and Crunch was staring, and laughing and Dingo stareing “Come on guys! Please stop this nonsence!!!” Dingo yelled and he jumped out in front of Croco, Kris and Crunch “Chill cuz CHILL!!!” Croco told Dingo and Kris was still brake dancing and Crunch was just stading there watching, Dingo was getting angry>:( “STOP THIS!!!!!!!” Dingo growed very loudly! And N.tropy walked pass the room where they were “Holy alarm-clock O_O!?!? I better tell Cortex straight away O.O” N.Tropy yelled “Hay guys, I think I just saw a blue man wearing clocks just walk past the door window O_O!?!?” Crunch told Croco, Kris and Dingo “A blue man O.o, I’ll invite him to the party X3” Kris said “Im sick of THIS!!!!!!!” Dingo yelled and he went and tacked croco into the ground “AHHHHHHH!!!!” croco yelled and N.Tropy, Cortex and N.Gin came into the room “Gah!!! This music is too loud X_x” N.Gin screamed “TURN THE DAM STEREO OF!!!” Cortex yelled very loudly!!! And Dingo quickly stood up, aswell as Croco But Kris went and Turned the stereo of "Ive had enough of you two!!! Its always YOUS!!! Yous are always fighting, making trouble, GRRRR!!!!!” Cortex shouted at Croco and Dingo “No master! I can explain!” Dingo told Cortex “ NO EXCUSES!!! Im going to use the both of yous in my new machine! Then yous’ll never cause anymore trouble!!!” Cortex laughed “No Boss! Its not his fault!L Its me!!! Im the idiot >_<” Croco cried! “Im not going to listen to your stupid excuses! N.Gin! Take them to the Lab! NOW!” Cortex told N.Gin “Yes, your master >:)” N.Gin said to Cortex and N.Gin grabbed out a device and it shanged into a robot, and N.Gin was inside it OO;;; “Ekk!” crunch thought “Ahh! Don’t hurt them ” Kris told N.Gin and N.Gin use some kind of Laser and Dingo and croco were floating “What are you gona do to us O_O!!!” Dingo yelped “Nooo!!!!” croco roared and N.Gin’s Robot started walking down the Hallway and into a room and Cortex and N.tropy followed “Lets follow them O.O” Crunch asked Kris “No! Who knows what’ll happen if they catch us X_x “ Kris told Crunch "Ok Kris -.-“ Crunch told Kris.


The New Mob chapter 25

The rise of Dingodile
Crunch and Kris were worried “I hope they’re ok man, Cos its kinda my falt too ;_;” Kris told Crunch “Yeah, you shouldn’t have incoraged them, I mean Croco to do all that crazy stuff >:( And Dingo didn’t do anything wrong! Stuff you Cortex! Xx;;;” Crunch yelled and everything was silent and then a howl was heard OO;;; “holey krap! What was that O_o;;;” Crunch asked Kris “It was Dingo, or Croco!!! Hurry, Lets go and see them *_*!” Kris told Crunch “But what if Cortex see’s us?” Crunch asked Kris “Just duck down ok, and be quiet!” Kris told Crunch and they both snuck out of the room into the hallway, andthey saw the lab door “Oh great! They’re in here -_-;;;” Crunch told Kris “But look! Theres a window :-p” Kris said to Crunchand kris jumped up and looked through the window “Dam! They’re behind that freggin wall !_!” Kris said to Crunch then there was a realy loud blast "Whoa! Whats goin on in there ?_?!!!" Crunch yelped "Oh no ;_; This maybe the end of Croco and Dingo ~_~" Kris cried and Crunch looked down, then looked at the door OO! "Oh My God?!?!?!!" Crunch yelped "What! What is it Crunch O.O!?!" Kris asked Crunch and Kris looked at the door, and saw a creature, standing on 2 legs, had a long Crocodile tail, a Dingo face, and a Crocodiles snout! "Holey Krap!!! O_O!!! Croco! Dingo! Ahh!!!" Kris fainted "OMG!!! Cortex combined you two OO!!! Ekk! Whos the brain X_x?" Crunch asked the creature "What? Ahh!!! My voice O_o;;; It sounds like Crocos!!! What the hell has he done to me!?!" the creature asked Crunch "Your Dingo! Well, Croco is, uh, I dunno >_<?" Crunch lied to The creature "Oh no, I know what happend, Hes been combined into me-_-;;; Now hes gone, and Im still alive -.-;;;" The creature told Crunch "Yeah, Thats what I wa thinking ~_~;;; Now that Croco is part of you, what are you going to call yourself now Dingo?" Crunch asked the creature called Dingo "But Croco is GONE X_x!" Dingo told Crunch "No he isnt man! He lives in yah now O.O!" crunch told Dingo and Dingo thought "Yes, your right mate -.-;;; croco is part of meh now, I'll call myself Dingodile!^_^" Dingodile said to Crunch "Hay^^ Good name o.-! Dingodile!:-)" Crunch told Dingodile "Thanks mate! If it were'nt for yah, I would have comited suicideOo;;;" Dingodile thanked Crunch "Ekk @_@" Crunch thought.


The New Mob chapter 26

The escape plan
it was one and a half years latter, All of Cortex's minions wanted to escape, they wanted to be free "We, have to get outta here!" Joe moaned "Moe wana go home :-(" Moe cried 'We cant mates -.-;;; we're stuck here for eva-_-" Dingodile told all the minions "NO! Thats not true! We can get outta here, we're just gotta try!" crunch yelled at all the minions "Yeah, listen to da bandicoot!" Kris yelled and everyone looked down "Bleh, they dont realy care -.-;;;" Crunch sighed "Look Crunch! Dont try escaping! remeber what they done to me, and Croco :-(" Dingodile told Crunch and Crunch looked at Dingodile "Yeah, your right Dingo-_-;;; I dont want to get punished like you ;_;" Crunch said to Dingodile and Crunch just walked off and went back to work, aswell as the other minions "NO! Come'on guys! We can escape!" Kris told all the minions and they never listened.

Meanwhile in Cortex's lab "Hmm, I have a feeling not all minions are loyal to me>:(" Cortex told N.Gin and N.Tropy "Well, that Blue Kangaroo, Kristen has been getting up to no good lattely >:l He temperarly went into my time machine and went into the future, and got a game console, called the Playstation 2 X_x" N.tropy yelled, and walked out of Cortex's lab furiously "Sheesh!" N.Gin laughed "Its not funny N.Gin! But Ive got a plan!" Cortex said to N.Gin "Is it another one of them 'Take over the world' plans-.-"
N.Gin asked Cortex as he rolled his eyes XD "No! Its a test to see if Ive got any unloyal minions....Muhahahahaa!!!!!" Cortex said, as he let out an evil laugh! "Oh, ok Boss>:)" N.Gin said with an evil smile.

All of the minions were working "Attetion all minions! There has been a fatal event :-(" Cortex told all the minions "What!?! What fatal event" Dingodile asked Cortex in the microphone "Yeah, what the heck are you talking about?" Joe asked Cortex aswell "Well, all of my video cameras in the whole entire spaceship have blowen -.- and now I canot see any of yous and tell where you's are >:-\ until they get fixed" Cortex mumbeld "Oh no O.O!" Moe said and all the minions started chating "Isnt this great Crunch! Cortex's security cameras are stuffed up! Now we do have a chance!" Kris whispered to Crunch "Uh, I dont know Kris :\ What if its a lie? O.o" crunch whispered to kris "Nah! Cortex wouldnt be that dumb to lie about his cameras being broken o.o, And Ive just got the right plan to escape :D" Kris whispered to crunch "Well, ok :-l" Crunch said back to Kris "Well now now my dear Minions ^_^ and I know all of you's are very loyal to me, I trust each and everyoe of you's and can you's all do me a favor? Please dont try escaping O.O Because I'll be very upset, Cos I trust the lot of you's, well, Ta ta for now >:-)" Cortex told all the minions and the microphone tured off by itself "Hmm, He sssounded kinda weird, But Im doing as he sssaysss -.-;;;" Joe said to himself "Moe will too -_-" Moe said and the Komodo Brothers walked away into the hallway "Hay! Cortex's securaty cameras are broken! We CAN escape!" Kris told the Komodo brothers, but they both ignored him "What about you Dingodile? Are you gona come back to earth with us?" Kris asked Dingodile "Well, I dunno mate, How he heck could we get back to Earth anyway -.-;;;" Dingodile asked Kris "On this spaceship, that N.Gin taught me to fly afew weeks ago O.O;;;" Kris told Dingodile "Nope mate, Im not risking my life again x_-;;; I dont wana become a Dingo-Kanga-dile @_@!!!" Dingodile yelped and he ran off "Right o_o?!?!" Kris said to himself "So, are you coming, or what -_o" Kris asked Crunch "Well, Uhh, I dunno -_-;;;" Crunch told Kris "What! I thought you wanted to go back to earth! Where your friends are O.o;;; Well, If you dont wana go, Then theres no point it trying-_-" Kris told Crunch, and Crunch thought for a while, and he thought about his friends, and he thought about what will happen if he stayied in space "OK! Lets go back to Earth! Theres no point in staying here! this is proberly our last chance to escape!" Crunch told Kris "Yes! Your totaly right! Come'on! Lets go and get our gear and get outta here!" Kris told Crunch and they both quicly ran off.


The New Mob chapter 27

A Fatal Mistake
Crunch and Kris had big backpacks on their backs "Have yah got everything you need?" Kris asked Crunch "Yeah, sure!" crunch told Kris "Well, come'on then" Kris ran off, down the hallway "Hay wait up!" Crunch asked Kris then Crunch turned and looked at one of the securaty cameras, and it moved a little "Hmm o.o Bleh! It might have been the wind -.-" Crunch said to himself, and he followed Kris.

Kris and Crunch where sneaking, and Kris stopped at a door "This door leads to the spaceship, and the door the leads out into space ^.~" Kris told Crunch "Into space @_@ Are you sure you know how to drive a spaceship? Cos I dont feel to good about this :-S" crunch told Kris "Hay Cuz^_^ I already know how to drive one O.o remeber when N.Gin taught me? and he said I was good at it! So dont worry!" Kris told Crunch "Well, ok :-s" Crunch said unsurely and they entered the spaceship room, and there were many types of Spaceships "Holey krap O_O which one do you know how to pilot?" Crunch said and Kris looked around "That one!, Right there!" and They both went upto the spaceship and kris opened the door "ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kris screamed "AHh!! kris What the hell is going on?!?!?!O_O" crunch yelped and out of the spaceship came a super lab asistaint, holding Kris by the neck "HAY!!! Leave Kris alone you Fag!!!" Crunch growed at the Lab asistaint and the Lab asistaint gave Kris a big elecric shock "AHHH!!!!!!" kris yelled "Well well well, isnt it kristen kangaroo >:-) I cant believe you betrayed me!" Cortex said evily and he came into the room, with N.Gin and N.Tropy next to him and Crunch was in shock "Im impressed crunch, you didnt try escaping >:)" Cortex told Crunch, and Crunch growled at Cortex "What are you gona do to him >:x" Crunch asked Cortex "Well, nothing much, Hmm... I must test him in my new secret weopen >:D" Cortex smiled evily at Crunch "Test!!! NO!!! Let meh go yo fag!!!" Kris yelled at Cortex, but he also got a big shock from the lab Asistant "Grrr!!!" Crunch growled and Cortex left the Spacship room, and the Lab Asistants followed him "Wait!!!! >:-(" Crunch yelled at Cortex "Take care of him, Asistaint 16" Cortex told an Asistaint and it went upto Crunch and stared at Crunch "What!!! X_x" crunch grolwed at the Lab Asistaint and the Lab Asistaint blew itself up, and crunch flew into the wall and fell to the ground "noooo...." crunch thought. meanwhile, Cortex had walked into a Lab, with a large machine, like the Evolvo-ray "This is it!!!! Just place Kristen into the table" Cortex told the Lab Asistaints and they did as he said, and Kris was struggleing "What are you gona do to meh @_O!!!" kris yelped "Oh dont worry Kris >:) You be fine, if you survive this test >:D" Cortex laughed.

Crunch got up of the ground "Huh!? Where are they X_x!" Crunch growled and Crunch quickly ran to the door, and smashed it open, and Ran down the hallway "What the hell, Where ARE they?" Crunch thought and he stood there "Oh no, its all my fault >_< Im the one that wanted to go back to Earth -.-;;;" Crunch thought, and then there was a loud electricity sound "Ahh!!!" crunch yelled, and he ran down the hallway and opened a Lab door and went inside, and saw a door, with bright light shinning through the door, and Crunch quickly ran upto the door, and he lookeed into it, and saw Kris "LET MEH GO!!!" Kris yelled and cortex turned the machine on, and large laser blasted Kris in the chest, and Crunch was shocked, then the whole entire room lighted up and Cortex smashed into the door, Crunch fell on the ground, and N.Tropy blew into the wall and the light finaly diserpered "Goosh!!! N.Tropy!!! Was this my Secret weopon? I dont see kris anywhere!" Cortex asked N.Tropy "Well, Doctor, This isnt your secret weopen O_O!!! This is the termination-ray!" N.Tropy told Cortex in shock "AHHHHH!!! WE CANT AFORED TO LOSE MORE MINIONS!!!! You SHOULD have asked me you bloody idiot!!!" Cortex screamed at N.Tropy "But Dr Cortex! This has nothing to do with me!!! >:( Im leaving! Im going back to the future -.-;;;" N.Tropy yelled at Cortexs face and N.Tropy walked upto the door and opened the door "Hay lil Bandicoot boy! Get out of the way" N.Tropy told Crunch and Crunch punched N.Tropy, and N.tropy smashed into the wall "Its Crunch bandicoot, thank you for punching him, after what he said to me in my face >:)" Cortex told Crunch, and Crunch grabed Cortex by the coat "Wheres Kris!" crunch growld at Cortex, and Cortex screamed "N.TROPY!!!!! HELP ME!!!" Cortex screamed like hell N.Tropy got up "Ok Dr, for the last time" N.Tropy told Cortex and N.tropy grabed him taiaha and zaped Crunch and Crunch let go of Cortex, an Cortex fell to the ground Crunch got dizzy, and fell over "Get him!!!!!" Cortex shouted at N.Tropy "As you wish, Cortex >:) After what he did to me!" N.tropy told Cortex and N.Tropy grabed Crunch and Crunch tried to get free "Give him the same fate as Kristen Kangaroo >:)" Cortex told N.Tropy and N.Tropy placed Crunch down onto the Table and locked him aswell OO;;; Crunch's arms and legs where locked, he couldnt move "Now you'll pay for what you've done >:|" Cortex told Crunch evily and Crunch growled at Cortex "Im warning you Dr, I doubt he'll survive O.O!!!" N.Tropy warned Cortex "Who cares! I can clone him if he doesnt survive, Just, TURN THE DAM MACHINE ON!!!!" Cortex yelled at N.tropy and N.tropy walked upto the the Termination-ray, and swiched it on and the Laser slowly charged up, and Cortex walked upto the Termination-ray "Prepare to meet your fate! Muhahaha!!!!!" Cortex laughed evily and the Laser was geting brighter, and brighter, Crunch knew he had to do something to stop it "NEVER!!!" Crunch shouted and one of his legs got free, and he kicked Cortex into the laser machine and the laser sudenly blasted and hit Crunch, in the right arm "Arrrrrrr!!!!!!" Crunch yelled, and he broke free, and fell onto the floor, he couldnt move, at all.

The New Mob chapter 28

Will he survive?
Meanwhile... "Arf!!! Wheres that screwdrive?! -.-;;;" N.Gin mumbled to himself and he carried on walking then, He saw the Lab,and stopped "Maybe Cortex'll know where the screwdrive is :-)!" N.Gin thought and N.Gin walked into the Lab, and he was in major shocked "Holey robotics! Crunch Bandicoot! What happend to you! Lab Asistaints! Come here!" N.Gin screamed and N.Gins Lab Asistaints came quickly "Take him to the emergincy room, quickly!" N.Gin told him Lab Asistaints and the Asistaints picked Crunch up, and took Crunch to the emergincy room "Quickly now, this doesnt look good ~_O" N.Gin told the Asistaints and the Asistaints finaly got into the emergincy room, and they placed Crunch down onto a table, "Oh goosh! His arm is......" N.Gin paniced! and Crunch was waking up "owwch!!!!!>.<" crunch growled "Oh crunch! Dont worry, I'll help you ;_; here, This'll put you ut of your missery >__<!" N.Gin yelped and N.Gin went into a cuboard and grabed out an injection suringe "This'll put you to sleep for a while, ok ;_;" N.Gin told Crunch, and Crunch looked at N.Gin and tried to tell him not to But N.Gin injected the injection in Crunch's arm, and he fell asleep.

It was silent, N.Gin was standing there, waiting for Crunch to wake up "Hay mate! Is he ok ;.;" Dingodile asked N.Gin "Well, I hope so >.<, That laser beam is much worse than I thought X_x" N.Gin told Dingodile "Laser beam O_O!!! Thats why Crunch has a bandage around his arm ;_;" Dingodile told N.Gin "Yes ~_~" N.Gin said to dingodile "I knew i should have stopped them from escaping X.x And wheres Kris?" Dingodile Asked N.Gin "Well, I'm not sure >_< I never say him! X_X" N.Gin told Dingodile "Oh man! I hope dat guy is ok O.O" Dingodile told N.Gin "Yes, I hope O_-, I better go and see Cortex about this" N.Gin said to himself and N.Gin walked out of the emergincy room, and Dingodile stood there, looking at Crunch..... And Crunch was waking up "Rrrrrrr, What happend ~_~, My arm!" Crunch said "Yeah! Your awake mate! your awake ^_^! Do yah feel alright O.o?" Dingodile asked Crunch "Rrrrr!!! My arms still hurts like heck >.< and Dingo??? What are you do'in here!" Crunch asked Dingodile "Well, I heard about the cameras NOT being broken, Cortex just lied so he can see if anyone will escape >:( Thats just soo harsh!"

Dingodile told Crunch "Yeah, I know :-( I knew there was something weird about them cameras >:|" Crunch told Dingodile "Yeah O.O! But wheres dat Kris fella ;_;?" Dingodile asked Crunch "Well....uh .....-_-" Crunch said to himself " -_- Dont say it mate, I think I know now ~_~, Hes dead isnt he >.<" Dingodile aked Crunch "Yes, I think so -.-, Geesh!! My arms soo dam sore X_x!!!" Crunch told Dingodile "Oww >.< What happend to your arm anyway?" Dingodile asked Crunch "Well, all I remeber is this laser-beam, and it just got me in the right arm,Yeah -.-" Crunch told Dingodile "Ouch! >_<! Well, Im not gona even think about escaping now @_@" Dingodile told crunch "Yeah, me too >.< Arrr!!!!!!!!!" Crunch yelled "Hay O_O!!! Whats a matter ?_?!!!!!" Dingodile panieced "Its, its..!!!!" crunch tried telling Dingodile, but them he just fainted! "Ahhh!! What did I doooo ;_____;!!! N.GIN!!!!" Dingodile yelped and N.Gin came into the room "AHH!!!! I DIDNT KILL HIM HONESTLY!!!!!" Dingodile cried "No!!! Of corse you didnt, hes not dead anyway!!! but he will be if I dont do something about that arm X_x!!!" N.Gin told dingodile "The arm??? And what exactly DID that laser-beam do to him?" Dingodile asked N.Gin "I just asked cortex, and hes comeing right now, to explain it all to me ~_~, You better get out of here too, your suposed to be working with the others O.o" N.Gin told Dingodile "Oh yeah, dats right!!!" dingodile said and he ran upto the door, and stopped "Ahh Ohh, Hello Master O.O!!!" Dingodile yelped "Dingodile!!! What are you doing in here! Get back to work!!! right now!!!!" cortex yelled at dingodile "Oh Yes mate, sure i will!!!" dingodile told cortex, and dingodile quickly ran off "Well N.Gin, what is it you wanted me to tell you?" Cortex asked N.Gin and Cortex lookedd at Crunch "What!!!!! What are you doing with him!!!!!!" cortex asked N.gin furiously "Well, Dr cortex, I just want to know what that laser-beam has done to crunch *_*" N.Gin asked Cortex "What!!! Why would you want to know?!?! Ok! crunch isnt going to live anyway!!!! Just put him to sleep!!!" cortex yelled at N.Gin "Ahh!!! No Dr Cortex!!! I am NOT going to put Crunch to sleep!>:( Just tell me how I can help him!!!" N.gin asked Cortex "hay look!!! crunch wont surive!!! that laser-beam is a deadly toxic energy, and once touched, you can die in a matter of hours! Unless you have the brains to help this Bandicoot, its all up to you!!!" Cortex told N.gin "Die?!? but WHY did you make that Laser-beam anyway?!?! Its just not right! You shouldnt kill humenized animals if they do something wrong!!! just punish them!!!" N.gin yelled at Cortex "Hay N.Gin!! Im the one that saved your usless life lears ago, remeber?" Cortex asked N.gin, and N.Gin thought "Yes, your very right >_< if it werent for you, I would have died X_x, You continue your 'Take over the world plans', and I'll carry on my robotic bussiness, But one more thing, may I take crunch bandicoot to be my Minion?" N.Gin asked Cortex "Hmm, Yes, you may, But hes not going to survive anyway -.-" Cortex told N.gin, and Cortex just walked away, out of the room, and N.Gin was releaved "Phew! Lucky crunch'll be safe with me^^ But wait!!!!!" n.Gin yelped "Ive still gotta think Of a way to save him X_X!!!!" N.Gin was worried, and he had one remove Crunch's arm.


The New Mob chapter 29

A New Life
N.Gin was finaly finished, after 1 week, Working with Crunch, And he waited for Crunch to wake up "Come'on Crunch!!! You can survive!!!" N.gin thought to himself, and crunch slowley woke up "Grrrrrr......" Crunch growled "w00t! Your AWAKE!!!!!^_^ I knew this'll work!" N.Gin told Crunch "Rrrrr, I still feel a bit dizzy, AHH!!!! MY ARM!!!!" Crunch yelled "I can explain crunch, i can!!!!" N.gin paniced "Its not hurting anymore but what with this metal stuff??!!? And i cant feel anything with it >_<" Crunch shouted "Yes I know but It was the only way to svae you! If I didnt make it metal, you would have etheir had one arm, or you would have died O_O!!!!" N.Gin told Crunch "Oh............ But why did you have to help me, Ive never done anything nice to yah, All ive been is a pain in the ass to you -_-;;;" Crunch told N.Gin "Yes, I know, But I didnt want to see an animal or a humenized animal die ;_;" N.GIn told Crunch "Oh.......... What about Cortex? Does he want me dead -.-;;;" Crunch asked N.Gin "Well, he said he didnt want you to be his minion anymore, he said I could have you O.o" N.Gin told Crunch "You!!! Owning me!?! Hay! Im not a pet!! I can look after myself you know >:-\" Crunch yelled at N.Gin "No I mean, you could stay in my part of the Space-Station, Ive got plenty of rooms O.o and anyway, Cortex'll never let you go near his part of the Space-Ship X_x" N.gin told Crunch "Duh! Of corse he wont >:-|, Yeah, i supose I'll stay in your part of the Space-Station, But I can look after myself, ok!!! I dun need any of them Slave Asistaints O_o;;;" Crunch told N.Gin "Ok, if you say soo O.O, and the way to my part of the Station, is to the right, and down the left hallway, is where the rooms are, just chose any of the rooms you see^^" N.gin said, but crunch had already walked away "Uh crunch? OO" N.gin said, but there was no answer.



The New Mob chapter 30

Years later
It was 4 yrs latter, and everything was silent, in a large stadium, and there was a giant robot, standing still, waiting for something, and then a large door opened, and out came someone, standing there, it Was Crunch!

 "Well Crunch, Are you prepared to battle against my Lattest robotic creation? >:)" N.Gin asked Crunch "Yeah, sure, your robots a just too simple to destroy, I hope this one is challanging" Crunch asked N.Gin "Oh yes it is! Im not going to let you destroy this beautiful creation O.O!" N.Gin Told Crunch"Beautiful? Ha! Your soo stupid XD" Crunch laughed "Hay!!! ok then, LETS BATTLE!!!" N.Gin screamed and N.Gins robot blasted a laser beam towords Crunch, and Crunch jumped outta the way and Punched the Robot with his metal arm "Ha!!! Your gotta try better than that!!!" N.Gin laughed and The Robot blasted a laser at Crunch and Crunch fell to the ground "Hmm, Nice one >:) TAKE THIS!!!" Crunch roared and he tackled N.Gins robot and the robot smashed into the wall, and N.gin was pissed off "Grrrrrrr X_X" N.Gin yelled "Come'on N.Gin! This is sooo boring -.-" Crunch smirked "Ok then...." N.Gin laughed evily, and Crunch looked at N.Gins robot and noticed that something was going to happen "YAH!!!!!" N.Gin yelled and a big ass laser beam blasted out of N.Gins robot and Crunch didnt have enough time to dodge it so he stood there......... "Oh no ;_;!!!!! I hope it wasnt too hard on him >.<" N.Gin thought and the laser had finaly stopped and there was dust everywhere, N.Gin couldnt see anything, and the dust finaly cleared, But there was no sign of Crunch anywhere!"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Where is he?!?!?!?!" N.Gin cried but........."yah!!!!!" Crunch roared and he punched N.Gin in his robot far across the room, and the robot smashed and blew up!!! and N.Gin was flying across the room, and he smacked into the wall "XD Another easy fight ;-p" Crunch laughed and N.Gin got up "Not another broken robot >_< Well, at least your've improved in fighting^_^ No will you help me get all these robot pieces to my Lab?" N.Gin asked Crunch "Yeah, Sure o.-" Crunch told N.Gin and Crunch helped the helpless N.gin get the pieces from the usless junky robot.


The New Mob chapter 31

Cortexs Lame plans
Cortex was busy, working on his new secrit weopen, for world domination "Ha!!! Once if finish this baby, I can get one of my Minions to go into this, and turn into the most powerful creature ever!!! Muahahahahhahah!!!!" Cortex laughed to himself, and N.Gin came into the lab, where Cortex was working "So Dr, Whats this new creation?" N.Gin asked Cortex "Well N.Gin, This is my new secret weopen, All I have to do is use one of my minions in this, and they'll turn into the most powerful creature ever!!!!AHAH!!!!" Cortex told N.Gin "Well, that sounds marvelous! What minion are you going to use?" N.Gin asked Cortex "Well, Im not sure yet, But I'll use the strongest Minion I have, But I cannot use Tiny Tiger, because his metal strength is poor -.-, Im just going to have to create another Humenized Animal o.o" Cortex told N.gin "Yes, you should create another minion, that'll be great!" N.Gin told Cortex "Yes, it will be, MUHAAHAHAH!!!!!" Cortex laughed evily an N.Gin walked away "I better make sure Cortex doesnt find out about Crunch! O_O" N.Gin thought and N.gin was worried.....

N.Gin went into the cafe, and Saw Crunch "Thank you very much for taking the robot pieces to my Lab^^" N.Gin Told crunch "Yeah yeah, your welcome -.-; So, is that Cortex still trying to catch that Crash Bandicoot *_*" Crunch asked N.gin "Yeah, the same old 'Take over the world' Plans @_O and 'Destroy Crash Bandicoot' plains, it makes me soo bored -_-" N.Gin yawned "Yeah, it must be sooo boring being you, as Cortexs minion OO;;;" Crunch told N.gin "Yes, but Ive got no choice -_-;;; He saved me, ages ago ;_;" N.Gin told Crunch "Saved you @_@;;;; But how X_x?" crunch asked N.gin "Well, i was working in my lab, on earth, and one of my robots went outta control and it got me in the head, and luckly Cortex came, and saved my life, to bad I have to keep is horrible rocket in my head ~_~;;; Well, thats why I'm cortex's minion, because he saved my life O.o" N.Gin told crunch "Well, thats kinda shocking OO;;; Because Cortex is a careless idiot >:( But I dont blame you, he saved your life, so its your choice to be loyal to him or not!" Crunch told N.Gin "Yes, your right ^_^;;; Ive just gotta go and get something, i'll be right back!" N.Gin told Crunch "Yeah, what ever." Crunch said and N.Gin walked out of the cafe, and went down the hallway "Well N.Gin, who were you talking to >:(???" Cortex asked N.gin "Gaah!!!!!!! Cortex!!!!!! Well uh, I was, was.........." N.gin was speechless "Hmm, you must have one of my Minions!!! or something, come'on...TELL ME!!!!!!" Cortex aksed N.gin "Well, cortex... i dont think you should know O_O!!!" N.Gin told Cortex "N.GIN!!!! Im warning you!!!!!!" Cortex yelled at N.Gin "Ok!!! ok!!!!! I'll tell you, remeber the Bandicoot that you didnt want?"N.Gin told Cortex "What? You mean Fake Crash @_@ What are you doing with him X-x???" Cortex asked N.Gin "No, Not Fake Crash, Crunch...~_~" N.Gin gulped "Crunch.... WHAT?!???! But he's DEAD!!!!! He couldnt have survived that laser!!! Did he?" Cortex asked N.Gin "Yes, he did surive that laser, But he's got a metal arm, but hes fine to me :-)" N.gin told Cortex "Whoa, I better go and see him" cortex told N.gin "NO!!! Thats wont be a goood idea O_O;;;" N.gin warned Cortex "Why???" Cortex asked N.gin "Well, Crunch still remebers what you did to him, and he wants you.....uh....Dead!!!! O_O!!!!" N.Gin told Cortex "Dead >:( Hmm, Let me see him, He might not me right for my New secrit weopen O.o;;;" Cortex Asked N.Gin "Ok, just come upstares, and look through the window" N.Gin told Cortex and N.gin went upstares, and cortex followed N.Gin.

They were upstares "Just look through this window, dont worry, he cant see through these tinted windows!" N.gin told Cortex and Cortex had a look through the window "Wow! Its Crunch! Hes changed soo much! He looks strong enough to go in my secret weopen! But is he smart?" Cortex asked N.Gin "Well, Yeah, i supose *.*;;; Unlike Tiny Tiger, crunch can acualy read Oo;;;" N.gin told cortex "Thats great!!! I'll use Crunch in the new secret weopen!" Cortex said "But, Crunch isnt going to listen to you, and he can destroy the Lab Asistaints with a flick O____O!!!!!" N.Gin warned Cortex "Dont worry about that N.Gin, Ive got a great plan, to make him listen to eveything I say >:)" Cortex said with an evil smile, and he walke away, N.gin was worried.



The New Mob chapter 32
Being controled
N.Gin went to see Crunch "Well, what are you going to do O.o;;;" N.Gin asked Crunch "Ehh? Why are you asking me that >:-?" Crunch asked N.Gin "Ahh never mind, well....." N.Gin told Crunch "Well what!? Are you hinding something away from me >:-(" crunch growled at N.Gin "Ahh no!!! Of corse Im not O.O;;;" N.Gin yelped and Crunch looked at N.Gin furiously "You told hm, didnt you!?" Crunch asked N.Gin "Ekk!!!!! No no nooo >.< ok, ok! I was forced to tell him ~_~;;;" N.Gin cried "YOU TOLD CORTEX IM STILL ALIVE!??!!!!!!! How could you!!!!!!!"

Crunch roared and N.Gin was frightend, then someone came through the door, and it was Cortex, but Cortex had no bodyguards! "Cortex..........." Crunch growled "Hmm, Long time no see >:) I see your've survived that laser-beam >:D Greatness!" Cortex told Crunch "Hey look, Im not going to work for you anymore, so why bother! If you even try........ i'll rip you apart!!!" Crunch growled and Cortex's eyes poped out O_O! "Well, dont be soo sure about that Crunch, Ive got something, that can stop you from doing such a thing X.x;;;" Cortex smirked , and Crunch was a lil nervous "Like what...." Crunch asked Cortex "Like THIS!!!" Cortex yelled, and he threw a metal-ring and it went directly towards Crunch, and it locked into Crunch's left arm "Grrr!!!! Whats that!!!?!?!?!!?" Crunch roared "Dont worry, its nothing realy harmfull, it'll just let me...CONTROL YOU!!!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!! You cant kill me now!!!!!!!! Your my creation now!!!!!" Cortex laughed evily and Cortex grabed outa remote-like device, and Crunch could feel his mind slowly getting weaker "What are you doing to me!!!???" Crunch yelled Ha! Not long now, you'll soon be 100% mine!!!" Cortex laughed, and Crunch stood there, looking at Cortex "So, you want me to destroy Crash bandicoot?" Crunch asked Cortex "YES!!! Thats what i'd like you too do!!!" Cortex smiled, and Crunch noded "Just folow me, I'll show you something, that can make you the most powerful creature in the world!!!" Cortex told Crunch, and Cortex left the room, and Crunch folowed him "Arr be carefull!!! Remeber, That controling device dosnt always work OO;;;" N.Gin told Cortex "Ha! Its fine N.Gin!!! Once he gets the power from my new Secrit weopen, I wont need to worry about the device >:)" Cortex told N.Gin "Ok Dr ;_;" N.Gin told Cortex, N.Gin watched as Crunch and Cortex walked away, N.Gin felt horrible! "How could I have let Crunch down :-(, I should have never told Cortex! Well, good luck crunch^^" N.Gin thought to himself.


The New Mob chapter 33

The Bad Guy meeting
Cortex finaly got to a room, with a VERY large machine, and there was a door in it "This is my secrit weopen crunch! Once you into it, you'll be very powerful!" Cortex told crunch "Ok Dr Cortex, should i go into your secrit weopen?" crunch said "YES!!! just go in, and I'll do the rest >:D" cortex told Crunch, and Crunch walked upto the Machine, and opened the door, and went into it..."At last I can FINALY take over the wolrd!!!!! Prepare for...The Wrath Of Cortex!!!!!! HAAHA!!!" Cortex laughed evily and he turned the swith on and everything was powering up, many lights were brightening! And Crunch just stood there, inside the machine, like nothing bad was going to happen and then............Something unusual happend OO;;; All of the lights in the room went out, and the machine stoped poweing up, and the whole room was dark..."Noooooo!!!!!!! What happend?! >_<" Cortex cried and he looked at the powet metre, and it was on 0%, an Cortex screamed "ARrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! The power sorce!!! Just great X_x;;;" Cortex shouted "CORTEX!!!!!!!! GET YOUR STINKEN ASS IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" a mask called Uka uka called out to Cortex "Ekk!!! Uka uka, Im comeing *_*;;" Cortex screamed, and he dropped his controling device on the floor, cortex ran off! Then Crunch sudenly snapped out of the confusion! "Grr!!!! What Am I doing in here!?!?!" Crunch roared and he tried to smash his way out, but it was usless, he kept on trying, but he just couldnt brake through!

Cortex ran and he finaly got into the meeting room and cortex saw Dingodile, Tiny, N.Gin, and the evil Uka uka, Cortex just sat down on one of the seats "Imbelcels, Fools, nekopops! Cant you idiots do anything right?! According to this, your track-recored for spreading evil, is pathetic!!!! Uka uka yelled at Cortex "Uka uka! its not our fault! That bloodly Bandicoot is to blame!" Cortex told Uka uka "Grrrrrrrrrr..... I will not let anything stand in the way of evil, Especialy not a brainless orange masupial!!! Crash must be eliminated!!!!!!" Uka uka yelled at all the minons in the room "Errrr...Uka uka, May I remind you that Crash always finds a way to defeat us! Maybe hes just too good for us ;_;" N.Gin told Uka uka "Enough excuses!!! you 5 idiots need to come up with one good plan, or else...." Uka warned everyone "How do I get into these sutiations...Ugh...." Cortex sighed "There must be something we can come up with, Say Dr, Havent you been tinkering with some kind of secret weopen in your laboratory?" N.Tropy asked Cortex "Uhh, i dont know what your talking about N.tropy.." Cortex told N.tropy "Dr CORTEX!!!! I think hes refuring to the super secrit weopen your've been laboring over day and night since the last time Crash defeated you!!!" N.Gin told Cortex "Enough Bikering!!! Do we have a plan!?" Uka uka asked the minions "Well, in my scientific endevors Ive been able to create a genetic advanced super weaopen of unbelieveable strength, But the power sorce is the finaly element...." Cortex told Uka uka "Element.....Yes! the elementals!!!!" Uka uka said "Great!!! the Elementals, Thats IT!!! If we realise their dustructive energey, we can create enough power to bring my secrit weopen to life! Then we'll have a minion capable of crushing mountains, demolishing entire citys!!!!" Cortex told Uka uka "And wipeing Crash bandicoot of the face of the Earth for EVER!!!!" Uka uka laughed "Get ready to face my Wrath! Crash bandicoot! MUAHAHAAAHHAHAH!!!!!!" Cortex laughed evily!


The New Mob chapter 34

The Elementals
Crunch was still stuck inside the machine "Dam! Ive gotta get outta here >.< Before cortex comes >:(" Crunch thought to himself, and he looked out the window, and he saw the remote on the floor "There it is!!! No wonder I not under control at the moment!" Crunch said and he tried smahing the door, and he finaly broke out of the secret weopen, and crunch was releaved! and he go up of the floor, but......

"Hello there! You must be dat Bandicoot!" a floating mask called Rok ko said "errrrm, i dont like furry critters >.<" another mask called Py ro said "What are yous!?!?! What do you's want O_o;;;" Crunch asked the floating mask's "You dun even know us? We're the Elementals Cuz!!! Uka uka sent us here, to help you defeat dat Crash bandicoot fella O.o" Rok ko told Crunch "Ehh??? Crash, Thats the guy Cortex was moaning about XD" Crunch laughed "Well mister, Crash bandicoot must be pretty deadly if you ask me! Uka uka was serious about this!" Wa wa told crunch seriously "Hmm, maybe your right, So what are yous suposed to do with me anyway?" Crunch asked the Elementals "Well my friend, Im not too sure yet, Dr cortex wanted us to give you some power or something? and yeah, Rok ko! Take crunch to your temple! And start training there!!!" Py ro told Rok ko "Uhh, but Im not too keen on teleporting X_x;;;" Rok ko whimpered "Errrr, but cortex TOLD me to tell you to take Crunch there, and teach him how to use your element! morron!" Py ro yelled at Rok ko "Ok ok ok!!! >:O,Uhh Lo lo, can you take me there O.-" Rok ko asked Lo lo "Geeesh's!!! Ok rock-boy^^" Lo lo told Rok ko and lo lo made a portal and a bright blue light was shining out of it "Well, are you comeing or what?" Rok ko asked crunch "Hmm, Well To get outta here...yeah sure^^" Crunch told Rok ko and they both went into the portal.


The New Mob chapter 35

Training with Rok ko

Crunch and Rok ko arrived to the temple, and Crunch was in soo much shock! "Is this it!!!! Am I back on earth!!!!! Holey!!!!!" Crunch yelled "Yeah yeah yeah, we're on Earth so what?!" Rok ko told Crunch "So what?! I HAVENT BEEN ON EARTH IN 8 Human Yrs you IDIOT!!!!!! Thats why i find it amusing!!!and which part of the world are we in?" Crunch asked Rok ko "We're in dis contry called Brazil!!! How dare you call meh idiot!" Rok ko yelled at crunch and there was a large earth quake! "Hay! I was only joking man! XD sheeesh!!! :p, and anyway, what's your name? O.o" Crunch asked Rok ko "Hey, yo dont even know meh name! Im Rok ko! the Earth Elemental!" Rok ko told Crunch "Uhh, ok :D, So what kind of powers can you do?" Crunch asked Rok ko "DUh! I do Earth-related attacks, But I havent leant how to teach them to other creatures Oo;;;" Rok ko told Crunch "Ehh, well that pretty stupid, whats the point in traingin me if you cant teach me? Ha! Why do I need your help anyway =p" Crunch smirked "Hay! Thats soo not funny!!!" Rok ko yelled at crunch and there was a loud as sound, comeing from the sky "Oh dam!!! Cortex knows im here -.-;;;" Crunch growled "yeah, of corse! Uka uka would have told him o.o" Rok ko told crunch, and Crunch looked up at Cortex "Well crunch bandicoot! You better prepare for your first battle with Crash >:D" cortex told crunch "Just let me fight him, without controling me!!!!!" Crunch yelled at cortex! "Hmm.......Well, Only for this first battle >:) But if you lose, Im handleing the rest >:D" Cortex laughed, and crunch was furious "Well, ta ta for now..... I'll be watching you on my camera, So dont try escaping o.o" Cortex told crunch, and Cortexs spaceship flew back into space.

The New Mob chapter 36

The first fight!
Crunch and Rok ko were waiting for the arrival of Crash "Are you sure its ok if I go inside a ball, made of Rock, Cos I can’t even see where I’m going Oo;;;" Crunch asked Rok ko "Yeah, of course cuz! My elemental powers are da bomb!!! They're much better than my brothers and sis's powers, ha!" Rok ko told crunch "Well, I hope so x.x" crunch told Rok ko and........

In the middle of the temple, was a bright shining light and out came an orange furred fella, inside a ball, that was see through..."Who’s that?!?! That can’t be Crash, he looks too wimpy if you ask me OO;;;" crunch asked Rok ko "Yeah, But he looks like he wants to fight us Oo;;" Rok ko told Crunch, and Crunch looked the orange fella, and then another mask came out of the bright light, "Its Aku aku!!!!! Eek!!!! That’s Crash alright!!! Aku aku is supposed to be helping Crash!!!!" Rok ko yelled at crunch "Ehh, ok ok!!!" Crunch told Rok ko and Rok ko flew above Crunch and powered up and crunch was inside a ball, made of Rock!, and it rolled down the Temple and its smacked into Crash ball, and Crash inside is ball rolled all the way to the other side of the temple "Ahh! I can’t see where I’m going Man!!! I think I just hit into the wall or something x_x" crunch growled "Nah man!!! You just smacked into Crash!!!! Good one!!!" Rok ko told Crunch "Yeah, big deal, I still can’t see where I’m going -_-;;;" Crunch told Rok ko and then.........

Aku aku flew up above Crunch (Inside the rock-ball) and blasted Blue fiery rocks down at Crunch and the ball broke and Crunch got hit by the rocks ;_; "ArgH!!!!! What just happened?!?!?! He used your element just then, on ME!!!" Crunch yelled at Rok ko "Ahh!!! That’s it mate!!! GO AND CRUSH CRASH!!!!" Rok ko told Crunch, and Rok ko powered up, and Crunch was again inside the rock-ball thing "get him!!!!!" Rok ko told Crunch, and Crunch went towards the sound where Crash Was, and he just missed Crash "You missed him man!!!" Rok ko yelled at crunch "Hay!!! I can’t even see where he is!!!" crunch growled at Rok ko and once again, Aku aku blasted the blue fiery rocks down at Crunch!!! and Crunch was getting tried "Why does that Crazy mask keep doing that!?!" crunch yelled at Rok ko "I’m, I’m not sure!?!?!" Rok ko told Crunch, and Rok ko gave Crunch the same rock ball thing and crunch was furious! he didn’t know what was going on! "this is your last chance Crunch, I dun have much power left >.<" Rok ko told crunch "Dam >.< Ok, I’m just gonna have to get him >:(" Crunch growled and He got into the Rock ball again, and rolled straight towards Crash's Ball and Crunch smashed into crash's ball "WHOA @_@" Crash yelped and Crash (In his ball) rolled and went up a ramp, and he was in the sky! and he came down to the ramp "Crash! Smack into the rocks!!! get all 4, then we'll win!" Aku aku told Crash, and Crash dodged crunch (Inside the rock -ball thing) and quickly hit all 4 of the rocks! and Crunch still didn’t know where he was! and Rok ko looked at Aku aku "Oh no......I know why Aku keeps on hitting us with them rocks........" Rok ko gulped "I don’t get it oo;;;" crunch told Rok ko and once again..........

Aku aku performed the same attack and Rok kos rock-ball broke, and crunch was hit by the falling rocks.......
Aku and Crash won the battle, and they went into the bright light, and vanished!
Crunch was tired, he just lied on the ground "Goosh!!! This has got to be the most STUPIDEST thing ever!!!! Now I’m over, cortex is going to control me, all thanks to you >:-(" crunch yelled at Rok ko "Hay!!! It’s not my fault! I’m only a learner at using these elements ;_;" Rok ko cried "Oh, well that explains a lot O.o;;; now what’s going to happen....-.-" crunch said then suddenly........Both Crunch and Rok ko got teleported back to Cortex's spaceship..........


The New Mob chapter 37

The Final Battle!
Since then, Cortex controlled crunch each time he battled against Crash! with an elemental Oo;;; and he lost all the battles, and Cortex was getting annoyed "I can’t take it anymore X_x;;;" Cortex moaned and he walked away "Blast!!! That mindless Bandicoot has found the Space station!" Uka uka yelled "He has!?! Well, I’ve had enough of this! Crunch is going to use ALL the elementals!!! Ha! Crash and his mask won’t stand a chance now, MUAHAHAAH!!!" Cortex told Uka uka "Well, you better be right cortex!! Or else....." Uka uka warned Cortex, and Cortex was nervous! and Cortex looked at security camera, and he saw Crash and Aku aku, standing there, waiting "There they are! Let’s go and finished them off!!! BWHAHA!!!" Cortex laughed and Cortex opened a large as door, and Him Uka uka and crunch went out the door, Crash saw Crunch, he was nervous "Well Crash bandicoot, you maybe have beaten the elementals in the other battles, but...Prepare to battle against ALL the Elementals, and Crunch!!!" Cortex told Crash evilly! "Don’t worry Crash, We can defeat them!" Aku aku told Crash, and Crash nodded "Prepare!!!!!!!" Cortex laughed and Crunch jumped on a platform, and fiery rocks came blasting at Crash! and Crash ran and dodged the rocks "ARGH!!! Faster Crunch Faster!" Cortex yelled, and crunch nodded and more fiery rocks came down and Aku aku made a shield around Crash, and the rocks blew up, crunch was tried, he stood there "crunch! get up and fight!!!" Cortex yelled, and crunch didn’t move, Crash didn’t know what to do, but he had only one choice, to try shooting crunch with his bazooka! Crash grabbed out him Bazooka, and shoot crunch with it, crunch got up, he looked at Cortex, and Punched Cortex "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" cortex screamed and he landed near Crash, Crash looked at Cortex, and smirked "Eek >.<" cortex gulped and crash spun cortex "Cortex you fool!!!!" Uka uka moaned and Uka uka went down and picked up cortex and drooped where he was before "Ahhh!!! crunch! Why did you hit me?!!?!" cortex cried, and Crunch was confused "I don’t know Master! Grrrrrrr" crunch told cortex "Well, you better not do that again! Well, get back to battle!!!" Cortex yelled at Crunch and Crunch got up and jumped on another platform, Crash was scared! and Big as Ice boulders landed on the floor near Crash! "Whoa!!!!!" Crash yelled and he dodged the as fast as possible! and the boulders were gone! and Crunch stopped there, "Too, much, power >_<" Crunch said "Crunch! Get up of your knees and fight!" Cortex yelled at crunch, but crunch was tired "Crash, shoot him again, I sense that there’s something with this Bandicoot...." Aku aku told Crash, and Crash got his wumpa fruit bazooka and shoot crunch again, and Crunch shook his head and Looked At cortex "Why are you staring at me O_O?!?!" Cortex gulped and crunch smacked Cortex again! and he landed near Crash, just like before, and crash spun Cortex again Oo;;; "Ohhh, My head!!!" Cortex moaned "Grrrrrr..." uka uka sighed and he picked up Cortex again, and put him back onto that seat "Uhhhhh!!! I’m getting sooo annoyed!!!!!! Crunch!!!! USE ALL OF THE ELEMENTALS!!!!" Cortex yelled at Crunch and Crunch was all confused, "Grrrrrrr, stop it!!!!!! Cortex!!!!" Crunch roared at Cortex, and Crash looked at Crunch "Huh?!?!" Crash said "Crash, you HAVE to help Crunch, he’s not evil!" Aku aku whispered to Crash, and Crash looked at Aku aku,

Crash nodded, "Cortex!!! Stop fooling around!!! DESTROY CRASH BANDICOOT!!!!!" Uka uka yelled at Cortex "I will! I will ;_;" cortex cried and cortex grabbed his remote out of his pocket "Now crunch, Use the elements!!! You can win!!!" Cortex yelled, and crunch stood there, staring at Crash, with the evil eye, Crash was unsure >:\ Then crunch lashed out and jumped on each of the platforms and Fiery rocks, large ice boulders, and lasers came blasting at Crash ducked down, he was frightened! "Crash! Look out!!!" Aku warned Crash and Fire blasted from underneath Crash and Crash quickly jumped up as high as he could and the fire vanished, Crash landed on the ground and he dodged more of the rocks, Crunch was getting annoyed, but he carried on jumping on the platforms, Crash kept on dodging the powers........
Crunch stopped again "Come’ on crunch!!! stop this nonsense!!!" cortex told Crunch, crunch didn’t reply "Go Crash, shoot him again!!!" Aku told Crash, and he shoot Crunch again with his same wumpa fruit bazooka and the fruit hit Crunch, and Crunch was once again, annoyed! Crunch again punched Cortex...

and Cortex went flying and he landed near Crash, "I can’t handle any more of this -.-;;;" Cortex cried, and Crash once again spun Cortex, and Cortex flew all the way back to where he was sitting, Cortex was tried "I can’t handle any more of this, What do you want from me, you Creation X_x??!!" Cortex yelled at Crash, and uka uka was sooo angry! and Cortex looks up at Uka uka, in fear "No Uka uka! I can explain!!!" Cortex cried "It too late for that now!!!" Uka uka shouted at Cortex and Uka uka shoot a fire ball towards Cortex, and Cortex ducked, But the fire ball went and hit the wall!, and there was an explosion, and a chain reaction! and one of the fire balls bounced and hit the platform Crunch was standing on "Err....I don’t think you should have done that...!" Cortex told Uka uka..... And Crunch was lying on the ground, and he got up

"Grrrrr, Where am I??? Wait a second......Your The annoying scientist Cortex, who doesn't have control of me anymore>:), Come here you pathetic Twerp!" Crunch growled at Cortex, and Cortex screamed like a woman!

Crunch got up, and he walked up to Cortex, Cortex dropped his remote, and Crunch squashed it O_o;;; "You’re going to pay for what you’ve done to me, and my friends!!!!!! >:-\" Crunch yelled at cortex, and Cortex screamed again! "There’s no time for that now, Crunch! This Spaceship is going to explode!" Aku aku told Crunch, and crunch looked at Aku aku "Danger!
Critical power overload in evil Space Station, run for your lives!" One of the lab Assistants said in the Microphone "Err, ok o.o" crunch told Aku aku, and Crunch ran to Aku aku and Crash, Crash and Aku aku ran out of the spacestadium "Phew O.O that was close o.o, But I think your energy bolt caused a slight chain reaction. It might be wise if we made our way to the excape pods!" Cortex told Uka uka "This is all your fault! If you hadn't ducked out of the way, none of this would have happened!" Uka-Uka Shouted at Cortex "Ok ok ok!!! Its both of our fault! Now lets just get to the escape pods!!" Cortex told Uka uka, and Cortex ran to an escape pod, and Uka uka followed Cortex.


The New Mob chapter 38

How to get back to Earth OO
Crash, Crunch And Aku aku we're out of the space-Stadium, and the whole Spaceship was shaking "Man, This doesnt look good o.o" Crunch said and then Coco Came along,

"So, do any of you guys need a ride?, CRUNCH X_x;;;" Coco Screamed "hay I’m not evil anymore @_@;;;" Crunch told Coco "Aku, Crash!!! Why is he with you's?!!?" Coco asked Aku and Crash "I will explain after, but for now, we MUST get out of here!" Aku aku told Coco "Well, ok  x.x" Coco told Aku aku and Coco had her spaceship, and she jumped into it "Well, are yous comeing or what? ^_^" Coco asked Crash, crunch and Aku aku and they all went into Coco's spaceship "Get ready!!!We're off!!!!!!!" Coco yelled and her spaceship quickly powered up, and her Spaceship vanished at the speed of light!


The New Mob chapter 39

At Crash's House
Cocos Spaceship finaly arrived on earth, at her and Crash's house "We're home ^_^ Lets go inside!" Coco said and she jumped out of her spaceship and Pura came running towards Coco "Meroww!!!^______^" Pura meaowed at Coco "Pura!!!^.^" Coco screamed and she ran and picked up Pura, an huged him, Crash and crunch got out of the Spaceship "Come'on inside our house, you can thank us there^_^" Aku aku told crunch "Yeah, sure ^____^" Crunch told Aku aku and they all went inside the house.

Crash, Crunch, Aku aku, pura and Coco were inside the house
"Crash, Coco, Aku-AKu, I'm grateful to all of you. If it wasn't for you I'd still be under the control of Dr. Cortex! Thank you for believing in me guys!!!" Crunch told Crash, Aku aku and Coco "Your welcome Crunch!" Coco told crunch, and Coco turned to Aku aku "Hey, do you think that's the last time we'll see of Dr. Cortex and Uka-Uka?" Coco asked Aku aku "I'd like to believe that my child^_^, but somehow, I doubt that very much..." Aku aku told Coco "Oh o.O;;;" Coco said "Well Crunch, where are you going to go now? if you have no where to go, You can always stay here^_^" AKu aku told Crunch, and Crunch looked at a photo of Tawna on the self "Well........Oh my gosh!!! Is that Tawna?!" Crunch asked "You know that girl O_o;;; Wow!" Coco told Crunch "Yeah, shes my sister! o.o" Crunch told Coco "Your Sister O_O But to be honest, she dosnt even look like you! No offence o.o" Coco told Crunch "Its because shes my Steep sis! She not realy my sis, so yeah O.o;;;" Crunch told Coco and Crunch took a look out the window, and he was amazed "Oh My Gosh! Kongs island......its right over there!!! Thats where I came from!!! I remeber that big as tree on top of it!" Crunch said "You used to live over there?" Aku aku asked Crunch "Yeah, but that was years ago, before cortex took me into space -.-;;;" Crunch told Aku aku "Whoa, We never knew you lived there oo;;;" Coco told crunch "Maybe because You and Crash werent humenized yet o.o, Well, Sorry to say this guys but I REALY need to go back to that island! Its important!" Crunch told Crash, Coco, and Aku aku "Yes, you may go when ever you'd like^_^" Aku aku told Crunch "Well, ok...But I'll promise yahs that I'll bring some of my mates over to meet you's O.O" crunch told Crash, Coco and Aku aku and crunch got up and went out side, Crash followed him.

"Man, I cant believe this, Im finaly back home o.O" Crunch thought to himself and Crash came along "Oh Crash^^ Man, I'd like to thank you a thousand!!! I owe you one^_^" Crunch told him and Crash showed the photo of Tawna to Crunch, and Crash looked unhappy :-( "What?Why are yah giving the photo to me o.o" Crunch asked Crash, Then Crash gave Crunch a note, that was hidden in the back of the photo, and Crunch started to read it "Dear Crash, Thanks for saving me from that sicko Cortex, But I have my eyes on someone else, Called Pinstripe Potoroo, Im sorry for leaving you for him, But I have no other choice, Love Tawna" crunch was shocked!!!!!! "TAWNA!!!!!!! How could she leave you for Pinstripe!!!! >:-\ Thats just soo harsh!!!" Crunch said, and Crash looked down, with tears in his eyes "Hey, dun worry, I'll try and get her back with you, Cos theres no possible way of Tawna finding Pinstripe (After Pinstripe went on his flying car, and flew off), Cos remeber...I owe you one :-)" Crunch told Crash, and Crash looked up, and smiled "Heh, i never knew you saved her =|, lol! Well, I'll see yah tomorow or somethin^^;;;" Crunch told Crash and crunch ran down towards the beach, and Crash waved.



The New Mob chapter 40
Going back home

Crunch got to the sea shore, and he looked out at the sea "Man! This could be it^_^;;; I can finaly see Tani!^^" Crunch thought and he walked upto the water, and he just ran into the water, and just started swimming.


Crunch was still swimming "Not far now ^_^" Crunch thought as he got to the sea shore, he was on the sand "Kong! Tani!" Crunch yelled, there was no answer, so he ran deep into the jungles "Man, I dont think I can remeber where Kongs house was!" Crunch said to himself,

and Crunch just carried on walking through the jungles, and then he stopped, and glared at a house, that had vines and plants growen all over it

"That has to be Kongs house!!!" Crunch said and he ran upto the house, and looked around curiously, he saw the door "This is it......" Crunch thought to himself, and he opend the door, and he glared inside the house "Hmm, no one home... I better have a better look...." Crunch thought,

so Crunch creeped into the house curiously, and he heard something, and Crunch turned around, and he was in shock! "OMG!!!! its-its-its KONG!!!" Crunch yelped, and Kong was snoring, he was asleep "KONG CUZ!!!! WAKE UP!!!! IM BACK!!!!" Crunch was tring to wake Kong up.....

and Kong slowley opened his eyes......"Uhhh, not now Im tried........*yawn*" Kong mummered "KONG!!!! Stop being stupid! IM BACK!!!" Crunch yelled at Kong, and Kong got up "HOLY KRAP!!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU INTRODER!!!!!!!!!!"

Kong roared like mad and Crunch was suprized "Hay hay Take it easy!!!" Crunch told Kong, But Kong was going crazy, and Kong grabbed a tea table, and through it at Crunch, and Crunch smashed it!

"Kong man!!! Stop being an idiot!!! Its me Crunch!!!" Crunch shouted at Kong and Kong stood there "No your not!!! Cortex took Crunch into space years ago you fool!!!" Kong yelled at Crunch "Listen to me Kong!!! I finaly escaped!!!! Cortex is gone now!!! and Im back!!!" Crunch yelled at Kong,

"Your-Not-CRUNCH!!!! GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!!!!" Kong yelled and Kong ran upto Crunch, and Tried to punch him,

But Crunch got mad and smashed Kong in the chest, and Kong smashed into the wall, and he was almost knocked out " win.....Take over my island -.-;" Kong told Crunch,

and Crunch ran upto Kong "Ahh kong! Stop this!!! It me Crunch!!!" Crunch told Kong, and Kong took a better look at Crunch, and Kong was amazed! "Ehh Crunch!? But he..............hes gone! You cant be Crunch?.....wait a minute........

It IS you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remeber the floopy ears, and the fur colour!?!?!?! But...............ITS YOU!!!!!!!" Kong quickly got up "Finaly you remeber me! Sheeeesh!!!! Oh and sorry for punching you XD It was the only way to make you shut up" Crunch told Kong "Ahh its ok XP Man! Just look at you! Wait until Tani see's you O.O!!!!!! She misses you man......." Kong told Crunch "Tani!!! She acualy misses me? I thought she had forgoten about me........." Crunch told Kong "Nah man! She's been waiting ages for you! Shes even built her own home, Out in the jungles..." Kong told Crunch "Realy! and anyway, Where is she ^_^" Crunch asked Kong "Oh dam, shes gone to see her brother, But she'll be back tomorow!" Kong told Crunch "Tomorow ..........and She has a brother!!!!!! Man I never knew that! Gosh, Soo much has happend since Ive left!" Crunch said to Kong "Yeah, Brio just found out last week, So Tani went to go and see him, I havent seen him yet....But his name is Tiny" Kong told Crunch "Tiny? I havent heard of him, Can you ring up Tani to come today!" Crunch asked Kong "Well, I can But I think you should relax for a while,

Cos Once she'll see dont wana know XD" Kong laughed, and Crunch laughed too "Ok Kong, I'll just have to wait until tomorow.... Man, soo many things have happend in space, I dont think I should talk about it here....." Crunch told Kong "Oh ok... and anyway, what happend to your arm?" Kong asked Crunch "Well, you dont wana know..... realy..." Crunch said "Oh, ok... You dun have to tell me o.o" Kong told Crunch.


The sun was almost down, and the sky was getting dark, "Hey Crunch, want some of these leaves I found outside" Kong asked Crunch "Nooo way!!! You should know I Dont eat plants!!!" Crunch laughed and Kong laughed too "Oh yeah, I forgot about dat" Kong told Crunch, and Kong was watching the rugby "Too bad they always have Humans on TV -_-;;; It not that cool to watch yah know..." Kong told Crunch "Hmm, I supose so, But Im not that interested in TV's anyway =p" Crunch said "Your not!" Kong asked Crunch "Yeah... TV's is all Cortex gave us for amusment..." Crunch told Kong "Oh.......krapy..." Kong said

"Well, I'd better go to sleep early..." Crunch said "Ehh.......But why.....Ahh, I understand..." Kong told Crunch "what???" Crunch said "Its ok to be desprite to see her" Kong laughed, and Crunch was furious "HAY!!! Im not desprite!!! I havent seen her in ages, you Cheek!" Crunch yelled at Kong "Oh yeah, true...I supose..." Kong said, and Crunch lied down by the fire-place "This is it........." Crunch thought.



The New Mob chapter 41
Tani comes back???

It was the morning, and Crunch was outside, by the beach, and Kong came along "Hey man, I dun know when she'll come back today...Maybe this afternoon O.O" Kong told Crunch "Yeah, your proberly right, But Im gona wait anyway..." Crunch told Kong "Oh, ok^_^" Kong said, and he walked away.


Meanwhile at Crash's house "Hey Crash, I thought Crunch was going to come over today, with his friends?! Hmm, Im begining to think hes upto something >:-|" Coco told Crash, and Crash looked at Coco, and shook his head "You dont believe me? >:( Well, I think we both better just go over that island, just incase..." Coco told Crash, then Crash looked at Coco, and rolled his eyes, aswell as nodded "Well, come'on then! Lets get the jek-ski, and go over to that island^^" Coco told Crash, and Crash got up, and followed Coco out the door.



It was almost Midday, and Crunch was still waiting, By the sea, "Come'on......Tani" Crunch thought and Crunch turned away "Hey Crunch, dun worry, She'll be here soon^_^;;;" Kong told Crunch and Crunch looked down "Yeah...I supose..." Crunch told Kong...

and there was a loud sound, in the skies, and Kong looked up....and saw something soo fimiliar, it was Pinstripes futuristic car! But why.........

"Crunch look, its Pinstripes car, But whats he doing here?" Kong told Crunch "Who cares about Pinstripe, wheres Tani?" Crunch said,

and inside the Car, was a white furried Potoroo, with long black hair, her name was Tiffany Potoroo...

"Hey girlfriend, whos that out there?" Tiffany asked someone....someone knowen as Tani!

and Tani looked out the window....she couldnt believe who she saw...........


Crunch looked up at Pinstripes car, he saw Tiffany...Then Crunch looked to the right...and he saw Tani!!!

"She cant be Tani.................O_________________O" Crunch thought

"ITS YOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tani yelled! and she jumped out of Pinstripes car and Ran straight towards Crunch,

and Crunch was shocked, and speechless!

Tani ran upto Crunch, and gave him a big ass hug "MAN I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOU CUZ!!!!!!!" Tani said, ass she nuzeld Crunch, and Crunch nuzeled her aswell O.O "TANI!!!! MAN AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU^________^" Crunch said to Tani and they just hugged again X3

Tiffany parked the car on the ground, and she stared at Crunch and Tani "So this is the guy she's been telling me about o.O" Tiffany said and Kong was also stareing at Crunch and Tani "whoa....... This is soo unexpected!" Kong yelped,

Crunch and Tani finaly stopped huging "Man! You should come and check out the house I built! Come'on!" Tani told Crunch "Yeah sure^______^" Crunch said and Tani ran off, Crunch followed her,

But then....


Coco and Crash came on a Jet-Ski "Hey excuse me Miss, do you know anyone called Crunch?" Coco asked Tiffany "Who are you O.o;;;" Tiffany asked Coco "Oh, My names Coco^^ And this is my brother Crash, and do you know Crunch?" Coco asked Tiffany "Uhh yeah sure, the floppy eared guy, he just followed Tani, that way into the jungles ^.^" Tiffany told Coco "Tani? Oh well, Come'on Crash, lets follow him!" Coco told Crash, Then Crash and Coco went into the jungles...

"Right, who does that chick think she is? A detective -.-;;;" Tiffany said, as she rolled her eyes.



The New Mob chapter 42
Tani Meets Crash And Coco

Crunch and Tani were running through the jungles "Man Tani, your just too fast O_O I can’t catch up...Wait cuz!" Crunch yelped and Tani was running ahead of Crunch "Hah XD Just wait until you see me run on 4 limbs!" Tani told Crunch but then Tani stopped, right in front of a large as tree, and Crunch stopped, then walked up to Tani " Ehh, where’s yah house o.O" Crunch asked Tani "Its right up there cuz ^_^" Tani told Crunch, and Crunch looked up "Oh my god! This is your house! It’s wicked :D" Crunch told Tani "Thanks man^.^ Now let’s go inside, and chat!" Tani told crunch, and Tani jumped and climbed the ladder up into her house, and Crunch followed her.


Crash and Coco were still following Tani and Crunch "Hmm, I wonder who this Tani-Girl is? o.O" Coco said and Crash shrugged "Well, She could be one of Crunch friends or relatives..." Coco thought.

Crash and Coco were still just walking down into the jungle.



Crunch and Tani were inside Tanis house "Man, this is such a kick ass house O.O, Just look at da view out there :D" Crunch told Tani "Thanks!^_^ Gosh, you’ve changed so much! X3 well anyways, what happened to your arm o.o" Tani asked Crunch "Well, I don’t really want to talk about that Tani..." Crunch said "Hey Crunch, Its ok to tell me, I won’t tell anyone and besides, you’re my best mate ^.^;;;;" Tani told Crunch, and Crunch blushed "Well, ok Tani... It was when me and this kangaroo were trying to escape, and the kangaroo got caught, but I didn’t, cortex, N.Tropy, and some lab assistants took him to the lab, I followed, and he was being tested on this machine, kind of like the Evolvo-ray and they tested the thing on him, and he just got vaporized!" Crunch said, and Tani gasped "Holey shit! How could Cortex do that!?!! Bloody...bald...headed....." Tani growled "But there’s More -.-, and straight after that happened, I got angry and tried to kill Cortex but N.Tropy wacked me with him fork thing, and I fell to the ground, He picked me up and Cortex told him to lock me into the table, and I was placed down, and I couldn’t move much..." Crunch said "Grrrrr.....I just fell like ripping out Cortex’s head as I hear you speak! >:-(" Tani growled "Me to Tani! But..... as I was placed down on the table, Cortex got up, and turned on the machine, and he pointed the laser beam straight at my face, I saw trying all I could to get loose, and luckily my leg got loose, and I kicked Cortex, he smacked into the laser beam and the laser-beam shot out a laser and the laser shoot me straight into my right arm, and that was it..... Then a freak called N.Gin saved my life, by giving me a stupid metal arm, but he saved me... But the kangaroo called Kris never lived...I'm just a big as let down to everyone >_<" Crunch growled "Ohh :-( That’s how it happened, you really didn’t have to tell me... I feel so stupid now ~_~;;;" Tani said "No Tani! I’m the one that’s stupid! I never jumped off the spaceship, and I’m responsible for Kris's death... I’m the loser...I’m the big 'let down' -____-" Crunch told Tani "Don’t say this crap! Its Cortex's fault!" Tani told Crunch, and she hugged Crunch, and Crunch was surprised "Tani, you don’t need to feel sorry for me.....-_- I failed you too..." Crunch growled "No Crunch cuz! I should have come into space with you..." Tani yelled at Crunch "No way, you’re lucky you didn’t need to go through all this crap like me! O.o" Crunch told Tani "Yeah, I guess your right! O.o Lets just be glad you’re here anyway =3" Tani told Crunch

Then the door opened, and there was Crash and Coco staring at Crunch and Tani, as they were hugging "What the......." Coco said and Crash was staring, and Tani looked at Crash and Coco, and she stopped hugging Crunch "Who the hell are you two!?? O.O" Tani said and Crunch quickly turned and looked at Crash, and Coco "Ahh! Crash Coco, what are you doing here O_O;;;" Crunch asked Crash and Coco, and Crash looked at Coco "Well, me and Crash were wondering where you were, because you said you were going to come over and introduce your friends to us..." Coco told Crunch "Well, I was but you didn’t have to come forging your way into Tanis home >:-(" Crunch said furiously to Coco "Ok! What’s going on here? Who are you two? Crunch, do you know the pair???" Tani asked Crunch, "Yeah sure :D They're Crash and Coco! And they helped me escape out of Cortex's Space station!^_^" Crunch told Tani "Oh really! You never told meh boy! =3" Tani told Crunch, and Tani pulled Crunch's ear "Ouch! Hey, stop embarrassing me XD" Crunch yelled and Crash smirked, Coco was giggling ^.^ Tani walked up to Coco "Hey, Tani my name! Nice to meet the pair of you!" Tani told Coco and Crash, and she shock hands with both Crash and Coco "Hey, nice to meet you too Tani! You’re got such an awesome home!" Coco told Tani "Ahh Thanks Coco! Hey, maybe you and Crash could come over one weekend, and we could go surfing, driving in the jeep, etc." Tani told Coco "That’s sounds awesome! But me and Crash are busy on our house at the moment... But we'll see!" Coco said to Tani "Ok Coco, well...We'll see you around!" Tani told Coco, Then Crash and Coco got up and headed out Tanis doorway, and they both waved out to Tani and Crunch.


"Hmm, I never knew Crunch had such a cool Friend, or Girl-friend??? Hmm I don’t know...But yeah ^_^" Coco told Crash and Crash looked down, Crash was still sad about being alone....without Tawna.



The New Mob chapter 43
A Peaceful evening disturbed!

It was late in the afternoon, Crunch and Tani, were down at the beach, by a campfire "hey Tani, How's the mini Frankenstein?" Crunch asked Tani "*Cracks up laughing* you mean Brio right! Well, he's still the same, still working on... things" Tani told Crunch "Well, that's not much of a change XD" Crunch laughed "Yeah XD Well, it looks like the roast is almost done! Lucky Tiny isn't here, he'll eat this thing whole XD" Tani told Crunch "Really XD" Crunch laughed and Tani laughed as well "Well, let’s dig in!" Tani told Crunch, and Tani grabbed a knife, and she cut some pork of, and she tasted it "Its perfect! Hey, don't be shy man! Get some!" Tani told Crunch "Well, ok Tani o.O" Crunch said, and he grabbed a fork and got some of the pork, he got some with the fork "EAT IT MAN!!!" Tani yelled, and she grabbed the fork with the pork on it, and she stuffed it in Crunch's mouth! "Ahhhhhhrrrggg" Crunch yelled and Crunch shuttled up, and he ate the pork XD "Wait a sec, this pork's nice as!!! Even better than the pork I used to cook :-p" Crunch told Tani "I bet =3" Tani smirked and it was night, and everything was so silent, Crunch and Tani were looking at the stars, he he "Hey, those stars over there are shaped like something sooo dam familiar....." Crunch said "Hmm...Yeah....It looks like...... 2 dingoes attacking Cortex! XD" Tani laughed "Yeah! True! True!!! One biting his big as head, one snapping at his ass!" Crunch laughed and Tani laughed as well.

"Well, what should we do tomorrow?" Crunch asked Tani "Umm, I don’t know... yet o.O" Tani told Crunch "Ok..." Crunch said, "Let Crash out now, I'm getting kind of tired...-.-" Tani said "Uhh, ok..." Crunch said, and Tani lied down on the soft Grass, and then she closed her eyes... and Crunch was still sitting up, looking at Tani smiling as she slept "Man, She looks so....." Crunch thought and then, there was an unusual sound in the air... and Crunch looked up at the sky "What that???" Crunch thought and then... and big dark object with 2 lights came flying straight over Crunch and Tani, and Tani woke up "Holly crap! O_O what was that???" Tani yelled "I have no idea O_o; let’s go and check it out!" Crunch told Tani, "Yeah!" Tani said then, Crunch and Tani ran to the dark object with the 2 shinning lights,

And Tani walked up to it "Wait a sec, its looks like Pinstripes car! But crusty! o.o" Tani smirked and someone got out of the vehicle, and it was Pinstripe! "Hey Tani, man am I glad to see yah!!! THIS YELLOW BASTARD TOOK OFF WITH MY CAR!!! And now I have to us this piece of shit copy of my Car!!!" Pinstripe shouted, and he kicked the tire on the vehicle, "Ouch!" Pinstripe yelped "It’s not the vehicles fault!" Tani smirked and Crunch came along "Hey... That's Pinstripe! Long time no see...!" Crunch told Pinstripe "Heh, Who are yah? Wait a second.. Your dat cheeky bandicoot fella that gave Blaze a beating years ago! Ha!! Great to see you Crunch!" Pinstripe told Crunch "Ok, anyway, who is this yellow bastard? Or whatever?" Tani asked Pinstripe "Well, I was just going to go and get some beers and while I was in da shed, this yellow fella came along and said "Gimme that car!" and I told him "Nah, Piss off Jack-ass!" and then he pointed his hand directly at me, and this electrical stuff came blasting straight towards me! And I jumped outta the way! And the electricity hit the wall, and there was a big ass hole!!! And I ran off, then he got into my Car and this other chick did as well, I'm didn't she who she was so yeah! That's it!" Pinstripe told Tani "Man, I wonder who they were though?" Tani said "I hope it doesn't have anything to do with Cortex!" Crunch growled "Well anyway guys, I better get my ass back home, and I'll hunt this Bugger down with Mah guns tomorrow, and Just keep an eye out for my Car, ok?" Pinstripe Told Crunch and Tani "Yeah, Sure well will!" Tani told Pinstripe "Ok Cuz! Latters!" Pinstripe said, and he got into his car, and took off,

"Right, now I can go and get some sleep!" Tani sighed, and Crunch looked at Tani, in a nervous way, "Yeah, ok Tani..." Crunch told Tani, and they both went down near the fire-place, Tani laid down on the Grass, as well as Crunch.



The New Mob chapter 44
An All New Bad-Guy!

It was sunrise, and...

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP CUZ!!!" Tani screamed at Crunch, as she pulled his ear "Owww Tani man! Cut it out! It’s too early!" Crunch yelped "Come ‘on Man, don’t be such a sissy! Tiny's coming over today! We have to get home and prepare! Before he comes!" Tani told Crunch "Oh yeah true! Ok, I’m getting up! But...who’s dropping him off though?" Crunch asked Tani "I asked Pinstripe to drop him off here, he’s at Dingodile's house in the Australian desert! Oh wait... you know even know who that is...?" Tani asked Crunch, and Crunch was quite surprised!

"Dingodile’s here!? But he was in...Space! I don’t get it....!?" Crunch told Tani "Well...he told me that he escaped in this spaceship thing straight after Cortex was planning on taking over the world! And he also escaped with Tiny...and these 3 Komodo Dragons...I don’t quite know who they are though!" Tani explained

"Holey........ I can’t believe it! They escaped! That’s great news man! I haven’t seen them in ages! Except for.....the 'Hells Child'.........O_O" Crunch said

"Hells Child? What are you talking about???" Tani asked Crunch "You don’t want to know...!" Crunch warned Tani

"Err ok.....well...let’s get going now!" Tani told Crunch "Yeah sure cuz!" Crunch said, then both Crunch and Tani started walking towards the jungles...

And Crunch stood there "Heya, come'on! What’s with the wait?" Tani asked Crunch "Can you hear that Tani...!" Crunch asked Tani "Hear what? What are you on about?" Tani asked Crunch then... Tani stood there, listening to the sound coming from the skies...

"I can hear it now... Its sounds like Pinstripe 'actual' Car...this doesn’t feel too good man..." Tani told Crunch "Grrr, yes you’re right..." Crunch said, and the Car flew over the jungles, and it stopped near some sand not far from the fire-place, Crunch and Tani ducked down in the long grass, and they watched Pinstripes Car closely

"Oh no... This must be the yellow Bastard Pinstripe was on about last night!" Tani said "Yeah true! Who else could it be!" Crunch said and they watched the Car closely... and a door opened...

And out came a Tall yellow furred Humanized Bilby, with long ears, a long spikey hair-cut, then someone else coma out of the passenger door, she stood up, she had long blonde hair, she was also tall, orange furred, It was...


"That’s Tawna!!!" Crunch yelled, and he stood up "Your right...!" Tani told Crunch and both the Bilby and Tawna looked straight at Crunch and Tani "Who the heck are they???" The Bilby spoke, and Tawna was shocked "That’s.....My bro!" Tawna gasped, and The Bilby looked straight at Crunch "He doesn’t look a thing like you...!" The Bilby smirked "Grrrr... So you’re the one that stole Pinstripes car! You better hand it over right now... you freak!" Crunch growled at Jaseo "Hah! Why would I hand da car over to you...! You can’t do anything to me! I’m Jaseo Bilby, I am the most powerful life form on the face of this planet!" Jaseo told Crunch "Pleeeeeease!" Tani smirked "There’s no time for jokes Jack-ass, hand it over, or else I'll brake you in 2 halves!" Crunch yelled at Jaseo, "Heh, you are so amusing! It’s think it’s time for me to show you my true power!" Jaseo laughed

"Be careful Crunch... remember what Pinstripe said...!" Tani whispered to Crunch




(And this is where I stopped and realized the story was too fucking stupid, so I rewrote it and made it into Outcast Bandicoot in 2004. Holy crap XD)


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