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Hello Stranger, as you may know... I am Tani, Tani Tiger. I bet a lot of nosey people such as you have been wondering what I did while Crunch was gone, or how I got a flash house with a ton of fancy crap, or why I dislike Whores so much... well, I never wanted to tell anyone... especially Crunch, I didn't want him to think wrong of me... but one day, I told the whole story, to him... since Tawna opened her big fat lard mouth and... well yeah, I told the story, to him... just read the rubbish bellow and you'll see.

Chapter 1 - Single again


the day was cloudy and silent, no wind blowing the palm trees down at the beach, no wind blowing the trees anywhere... it seemed like such a calm day, but it wasn't.

Crunch had just came over to the bandicoot hut, after Coco made an urgent call, Crash was seen inside his home, his head was held low, Coco was sitting there trying to comfort him "Hey bro! Don't worry too much... You're not alone! You still have us!" Crash just turned away and sobbed, in an angered and annoyed way. Crunch hasn't seen Crash like this before, which seemed as an usual thing for Crash to do, "What happened buddy? Did Tawna dump you again..." Crunch asked, Crash shook his head, and Coco answered "No... actually, Crash dumped her this time! Because she works at the Moulin Cortex..." "The Moulin Cortex? What the hell is that?" He asked Crash, Coco then butted in again, "It's a place where swanky girls go dancing and perverted guys go in to see them... it's sick! I don't even want to explain more..." Coco said, she felt so sick that she ran into the bathroom and gagged, Crash and Crunch had blank stares on their faces "Well, I don't blame her... I would too if she had told me more. Well Crash, you should be proud you dumped her, especially since she was doing this behind your back..." Crash nodded, "Well, now that you're single, what are you going to do now?" He asked, Crash then suddenly flinched... he remained blank for five seconds or more, then quickly got up, smiled strongly and did the Crash dance, Crunch was just confused "...So, you're happy now? That you're single?" Crash nodded strongly with a big grin, Crunch just smirked and walked over to the door "Well, I guess I better go and see Tawna before I leave but if she's already at that Moulin place then I'm going back to X.Treme island..." Crunch then left the bandicoot house, with Crash still dancing for no apparent reason.

Crunch ran through the jungle, he soon spotted Tawna walking through the jungle to the other side of N.Sanity island, "Tawna!" Crunch shouted, she stopped and turned to see her half brother catching up. She sighed, "What do you want! Does Crash want you to tell me to go back to him? Well, I'm not!" "I wasn't going to say that, He doesn't like you anymore anyway! I don't blame him neither, you're a shame to him, and dare I say it... ME as well!" Crunch yelled at Tawna, she frowned "And why is that! Is it because I'm BLONDE or something?" "No! Its because you're... some kind of whore now, As it seems! What is wrong with you? Do you like making yourself look bad?" "I don't know, ok? I just have to do it because... I can! What else can I do? Nothing! I... cant do anything else!" "You can be a better bandicoot you know, you don't need to do this to yourself... but it's probably too late, you've gone too far! What is wrong with you? You used to much better before I got taken into space..." "That's because I was... different back then ok? The Moulin Cortex is what I was MADE for! That's what Dr Cortex told me..." Tawna told Crunch, he snarled "What Cortex told you? Still, that's not a good enough excuse, he's gone now anyway! Why didn't you end up staying with Tani instead? If you did, you still would be decent... like her" Crunch told her, Tawna looked at Crunch straight in the eyes "That's because we didn't meet up until she started working with me at The Moulin Cor-" Tawna then suddenly shut her mouth, and quickly turned around "At Moulin Cortex? RUBBISH. she would never work at a place like that!" he roared, but Tawna didn't listen, she was shocked for some reason, "No no! Please don't tell Tani I told her! She'll bash me to death!" Tawna quickly ran away without looking back, Crunch just stood there... he then started to believe what Tawna had just said "..No, she cant be right... but... fine. I'll ask Tani about it..." He thought, he hoped Tawna was just lying...

Chapter 2

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