Outcast Bandicoot Zero - Crunch’s beginning

Chapter 1- Mad Scientists

It was a deep, dark and cold day… within a mysterious castle, located out in the middle of the sea, between Tasmania and New Zealand, The castle was built on an island, with two other islands nearby… This certain island had a huge nuclear power plant and an industrial landscape close by, and long bridges that were high in the sky within the mist that leaded towards the castle the castle was named ‘Cortex’s Castle’

From inside the castle, there were many Lab Assistants wondering around, they guarded the escapes and precious matter, and walked about patrolling the area. There were voices heard from within the main Laboratory, two Scientists stood there talking, one which was named Dr Nitrus Brio, he was a rather shy Scientist who stuttered often and had very low self esteem, the other Scientist on the other hand was name Dr Neo Cortex, he was twisted and evil, he always took advantage of Nitrus Brio, and took credit for what Brio had created, no matter what Brio said.

“Brio!” Neo shouted, N.Brio quickly came to him “Yes m-m-master!” “We’re going to evolve another marsupial…” Neo said with an evil grin, Brio quickly replied, “W-w-what animal shall I evolve for you master?” “We’ll try one of the bandicoot” Neo Cortex walked over to his Evolvo-ray, he smiled devilishly to himself and thought “One day, one day I shall take over the world with these mutants… Then get revenge on all those who made fun of me at school and elsewhere…” N.Brio was over by the cages where all the native Australian animals were kept, Brio opened the cage were three young bandicoot were kept,

Brio glared in and saw one deep orange coloured bandicoot and two maroon coloured bandicoots, they were all related except the orange one was believed to be less than half related to the other two, “These creatures are v-v-very c-c-cute!” Dr Cortex heard him and shouted “Hurry up! We don’t have all day! I have a world to take over ahead of me!” “Yes master” N.Brio said, he reached in to grab one of the bandicoot, he pulled out one by the scruff, it was a male maroon bandicoot that seemed vicious, he tried to bite and slash Brio, Brio screeched “Ahh! This bandicoot is going t-t-to attack me!” Dr Cortex rolled his eyes and sighed “Nonsense! He's only the size of a darn rabbit! No need to stress! Now quick, bring him to the Evolvo-ray!” N.Brio held the bandicoot as tight as he can, he ran over to Neo, placed the bandicoot down on the table and strapped him down, the bandicoot struggled and tried to get loose, Neo laughed “Hah, stupid marsupial! No need to fear though! Once he goes though the ray, he’ll be something! Right Brio?” “Uhh yes, I suppose Dr C-c-c-cortex!” Brio stuttered, Brio pulled the leaver on the Evolvo-ray, the ray powered up quickly, and a spark of electricity hit the bandicoot, he witnessed pain and tried his hardest to not scream anything, both Brio and Neo stood back a few steps and watched as the Evolvo-ray took effect on the bandicoot, he slowly changed into an Anthro, it didn’t take long, it was soon finished, Dr Cortex and N.Brio moved closer to see what had happened, they both hoped he didn’t have any side effects like Koala Kong’s slow mind or something worse… “Do you think he's ok?” Brio whispered “If he isn’t, then he's a damn failure!” Cortex told Brio, both Scientists walked up to the bandicoot, he slowly woke, shook his head… Neo asked him “Can you speak?” the bandicoot looked at Neo and Brio “Who the heck are you two? Get me off here now!” he yelled,

He broke the straps and jumped down to the two Scientists “Wow, he's a t-t-tough one!” “Well, he better not be a dumb one!” the bandicoot looked at Dr Cortex “You calling me dumb? You don’t even know me! Actually, I don’t even know me… I don’t even know who I am!” the bandicoot was confused, he didn’t even remember anything, he didn’t even know why he spoke and most of all, he didn’t even know himself! “Well bandicoot, you’re a new creation of mine, you have a new life ahead of you” Brio coughed “Err but Dr Cortex, I c-c-created him…” Neo quickly turned around “Shut up you! Or else, you’re fired!” Brio closed his mouth tightly “Ok Cortex…” He walked out of the lab, Neo turned back to the young bandicoot “So as I was saying…” before Cortex could finish his sentence, the bandicoot yelled “Hey, what was that about? Created? How could I be created? I’m not a toy or whatever could be made… Damn, I don’t even know what I’m on about” “Exactly… That’s because you’ve been created, actually… you’ve been evolved if you even know what that means… and you’ve lost all your memories, I suggest you go and met the other minions now, then I’ll think about what you could do… and name yourself will yah?” Neo told the bandicoot, He walked off out of the lab, the bandicoot stood there confused and lost “Man, I feel like a n00b… well, I better go and check out this place…” he thought to himself, he wandered out of the lab as well.

Neo walked into the office where Brio was working away on his projects “So Dr Cortex, what are we going to do with the new bandicoot? And his sisters?” “Well Brio, this bandicoot is much more than ether of us thought…  But I’ll give him time to learn before I judge him, he is indeed tough for his age anyway, how old is he?” Brio thought to himself “Well Doctor, its hard to tell, when a bandicoot is normal, they grow very fast but Anthro ones grow much slower but properly twice as fast as a human being, from what I have been studying” “Ahh yes, Anthro years… and animal years, something very confusing, it even makes my head hurt, I wonder how long it shall take for him and the others to grow up?” “Well, from what I believe… he and the Tasmanian tiger have about eight years to go?” Neo steamed “Eight years? That is far too long for my patience!” “I am sorry D-D-Doctor! But there is nothing I can do about that…” Brio told Neo “Never mind… I have a plan for the future… Go and evolve those other two bandicoot now! Its best that we evolve the young ones while we still can!” Neo commanded Brio, Brio quickly did as he was told, Neo stood there “Just one day shall I get to see the world in my possession! Muahahahahhahah!!!”  


Chapter 2- Meeting the others

The nameless Bandicoot walked down the long and dark hallways of the castle, he looked around the place, he looked at signs “hey, I can actually tell what those words are saying… man, I hate knowing all this rubbish…” he mumbled to himself, he then heard some others talking, in a room up ahead of him “Hmm, there must be those others in that room over there…” the bandicoot ran over to the door, he peered though the door curiously, a big muscular koala known as Koala Kong was seen sitting down holding a book and a small young girl with pale skin and jet black hair named Nina… she was Neo Cortex’s niece and was four years old at the time, but very intelligent.

Sitting next to a dark brown coloured potoroo named Pinstripe, who was sitting near a light orange coloured Tasmanian tiger with an odd tail which appeared to look like a lions tail… her name was Tani, Kong saw the bandicoots head peeking from behind the door “Hey little dude! Where yah from yah?” the bandicoot gasped and quickly hid behind the wall outside of the room “Who was that?” Nina asked “No worries kids! Me go and see who it is yah!” Kong got up and looked outside, he saw the young bandicoot standing there “Oh man, please don’t hurt me! I didn’t do anything!” “Yo, what are yah on about? I just looked to see who it was! Yo must be new here… why not come in with us to listen to the story yah?” The bandicoot thought about it “Uhh yeah, why not?” He came into the room, the other three youngsters looked at him “Who the hell is he?” Pinstripe said, “Aww he looks adorable! Look at his fluff and those ears!” Nina squealed, she ran over to him and hugged him tightly, the nameless bandicoot replied “Ohh… thanks!” “Well uhh, bandicoot… what’s your name?” Kong asked him “Oh sorry, I don’t have a name… well, not yet anyway” the kids laughed “HAH! He doesn’t even have a name! Lets just call him nameless!” Tani laughed, Nina and Pinstripe laughed too, the bandicoot got mad “Grrrrr! Don’t make me hurt you!” “Hey hey! No fighting now! Lets all just get along…yah?” Kong told them, the bandicoot sat at the back while the others sat right up the front, Kong sat back on the chair and grabbed his book… the bandicoot looked closely at Kong as he held his book “Uhh Koala dude… why are you reading that upside down?” Kong looked at him and looked back at the book, “Yeah, he's right… you cant read from upside down!” Nina yelled, Kong laughed to himself “Umm, that’s me special way of reading! Yah” “Yeah right! This is gay anyway! I’m outta here, its almost lunch time anyway latter's!” Pinstripe left the room “Yeah he right! Lets go and have lunch!” Tani told Kong “Ok kids, lets go yah!” Kong told them, they all left the room “Hey, aren’t yah gonna come along bandicoot dude?” “Err ok…” he replied, he slowly followed the others…


Chapter 3- Getting named

Kong and the four youngsters were in the café, there were Assistants cleaning up and waiting at the counter for orders from customers “Hey Kong, my uncle Neo and N.Brio are about to evolve some more animals! I really really wanna go and see please?” Nina begged Kong “Uhh yeah sure, Neo wouldn’t mind yah?” Nina skipped away to find the lab. The kids and Kong sat at a table, Tani looked at the unnamed bandicoot, he looked sad and avoided contact with anyone

“Are you ok? I am sorry for what I said before… I was just joking” Tani told him, he looked up “That’s ok, I don’t know anything anyway…” he replied, “So, what kind of name do you want? Because there’s no use in having no name” “I don’t know, what do you recon would suit me?” Tani looked around, she looked hard but then she focused on an item near the café, it was a packet of potato chips and had the word ‘crunch’ written on it “Crunch…” She said “Crunch…. Well, Its better than nothing!” the bandicoot smiled, he was now named Crunch obviously, Tani smiled too “Hey, what kind of things are you into? You look like one of those tough fellas” Tani asked Crunch “Well uhh I’m actually not sure because I just got created…” “Oh that’s right, I remember when I got created, I didn’t know anything but then I found out these things I could do without even learning it!” “Yeah me too!” Crunch said, “Oh I forgot to tell you, my name is Tani, this dude here is Pinstripe and the koala guy is Kong!” “Cool names” Crunch told them “So why not we go and order our lunch from the café?” Kong asked the kids, they all nodded and followed Kong to the assistant waiting at the counter (which you didn’t even need to give money, because its free for minions) “Hello there, may I take your order” The assistant spoke “I’ll have a eucalyptus burger with extra eucalyptus leaves on the side!” Crunch looked at Kong strangely “Yick, you eat leaves? That’s rabbit food!” Tani giggled and Pinstripe nodded “Its actually fagot food, heheh” “Hey hey, no bad language now Pinstripe! This food is actually what makes me big and strong! Yah!” Kong told Crunch “Yeah whatever, I bet you stick steroids in them…” the three kids just laughed, Kong didn’t get it so he took no notice “Uhh yah, whatever... Pinstripe, go on… do you order… yah” Pinstripe stood in “Heh, I’ll have an a normal burger, unlike you freaks!” Crunch came up to the counter “Hmm, I don't know what I like…” Tani moved closer to Crunch “Well, you look like a carnivore like me… but you should get a bit of both to see first, like I did!” Tani told Crunch, Crunch agreed and they did their order. It didn’t take long of the assistants to get the job done, the four Anthros awaited at the table, they all got served “Imma gonna sit ova here, you guys make me look like a weirdo” Pinstripe moved to another table on his own, Crunch rolled his eyes “That dude thinks he's cool…if he talks about me again like that, I’ll… punch him!” Tani smirked “Hes older than you though, I’d like to see you try!” “Well, you haven’t seen me fight before…” Tani just snickered again “Yeah, whatever… just try out some of the food here to see what you like” Crunch looked at the tray, there was some lettuce and other types of fruit, chicken and pieces of steak “Err, I’ll try this rabbit food first…” Crunch grabbed a piece and bite it “Yuck, man that tastes… bad!” Crunch threw it unto the ground, one the assistants looked at the mess and sighed, both Tani and Crunch giggled, “Hey, you two behave now yah!” Kong told Crunch then tried some of the meat, he grabbed more and started eating it like a savage dog and Tani stared,  “…are you ok?” Crunch swallowed the meat “Why bother asking? This stuff is great!” “Well, it looks like you’re a meat eater like me!” “Cool!” Crunch replied, they chatted and ate throughout lunchtime… While the Scientists did other tasks…


Chapter 4- Evolving the sisters

Dr Cortex and N.Brio were about to evolve Crunch’s two sisters, until Nina came in running “Uncle Neo Uncle Neo! Can me watch please?” Nina begged Dr Cortex “Nina, remember what I told you about coming into the lab? You can’t come in without asking dear!” Nina looked down “I’m sorry… I just want to see animals to evolved!” Neo sighed and smiled “Ok dear but you must stay away when Brio turns on the Evolvo-ray!” Nina nodded, she walked over to see the two bandicoots on the Evolvo-ray table “Aww! These bandicoots are so cute! Me can’t wait to see them evolve!” Then N.Brio walked over beside the Evolvo-ray, Dr Cortex quickly shouted “Ok Nina, you must come and stand by me ok?” Nina quickly ran to her uncle, N.Brio turned the Evolvo-ray on… They all watched as it powered up, the bandicoots got frightened and tried to get loose, the electricity hit them… they did witness pain, but it ended quite soon, the were evolved and stayed still for a few moments, Nina was amazed, Cortex just smiled evilly “Yes, more mutants added to my collection! They better have something special within them” Neo mumbled underneath his breath, Brio walked up to the two girls and undone the straps, both Nina and Neo walked closer to see the two female bandicoots “Why is one of them blonde?” Neo asked Brio “I, I am unsure! The Evolvo-ray must have d-d-done something!” Neo looked at them closely, and shook his head “These two look very weak… I doubt they’d be of any use!” one of them replied “What did you say little man?” it was the maroon bandicoot that remarked, she jumped off the table, the orange female bandicoot shook her head “Aww what’s going on? Where am I? I need to brush my hair…” she moaned, Cortex sighed “Ugh, take these two to the café where the others are, I don’t want them in my sight!” Nina walked up to the two bandicoots “Hello! My name is Nina! Come with me, I’ll show you around my uncles castle!” “Umm ok…" The maroon bandicoot replied while the orange bandicoot replied, "Sounds like fun!"... The two sisters followed Nina.


Chapter 5- Siblings meet

Crunch and Tani were still in the café, not long latter… Nina arrived, “Hey, Crunch! You have two sisters to see!” Crunch got out of his chair “I have sisters? Where are they and who are they?” Nina asked the two female bandicoots to come in, the orange female came in first, all excited and happy while the other female maroon bandicoot came in, shy and curious “Hi everyone! My name is Tawna! Nina named me! I have such a pretty name! She even told me I have brother!” Tawna said with glee, she looked around “Uhh none of these guys looks like me!” Nina pointed at Crunch “That you brother here!” Crunch looked at Tawna “They’re both my sisters… what are your names?” Crunch asked, he was surprised but in a good way, the two sisters looked at him “Oh my name is Tawna! And she hasn’t got a name yet…” Tawna told brother, Crystal just sighed “Hey… Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find you a name soon, I was nameless for a while too…” Crunch told her unnamed sister, she smiled slightly “Thanks…” she replied to her brother.


Chapter 6- The Power Crystal

Early the next day, the youngsters got to go outside with Kong to explore the outdoors of Cortex island, Koala Kong looked out at sea, there were two other islands a few miles away, a small island and a large island with a huge tree grown on top, it was both N.Sanity and X.Treme island, Crunch walked over to Kong "Hey, what are those places over there Kong?" Crunch asked him "Oh, oh those are Cortex's other islands... N.Sanity and X.Treme Island... We might live on one of the islands one day, I bet they're much better places to live than here..." Kong told Crunch, Crunch agreed with him.

"Ok kids! Don’t go wondering off from my sight ok? Or else we'll get in big trouble from Dr Cortex yah?" Kong told the kids "Yeah yeah whatever koala, we won’t go too far!" Tani replied, she walked over to the kids "So what are we gonna do outta here? This place is a hole! I'd rather be inside playing on me Sega!" Pinstripe moaned "Hey come on Pinstripe! The outdoors could be cool...  I think" Tani told Pinstripe "Whatever, I’m going back inside!" Pinstripe then went back into the castle "So, what are we gonna do now Tani? I sure hope there isn’t any BUGS out here!" Tawna stuttered, "Of course there's bugs outside! That’s where they come from!" Tani replied, Tawna and her sister looked at each other in fear, they both ran behind Crunch "Please protect us!" Tawna cried "What? From bugs? Yeah sure sisters!" He told them, they both sighed in relief.

Tani and the three bandicoots headed far away from Kong, as he was busy sunbathing, Tani stopped in front of a cave "Hey, this is the cave where I saw a glowing light coming out of it last night but you guys didn’t believe me..." Crunch said "Exactly, and now we're going to find out what really is in here..." Tani said with a grin, Tawna and her sister didn’t like the sound of the idea, Crunch seemed interested though "Cool!" he thought.

The four youngsters traveled though the cave, "It’s getting to dark! Maybe we should head back to Kong..." Tawna said in fear "Yeah, Tawna’s right..." the unnamed sister said "Hmm, I guess you two sissies are right but..." just before Tani finished her line, she looked at both Tawna and her sister and noticed a dark figure with eight legs dangling down from a thread of web right in the middle of the two girls, "Uhh... girls.... I really REALLY think you two should stay VERY still!" "Why Tani..." Tawna asked, meanwhile... Crunch wasn’t focusing on the girls, he noticed a glowing light furtherer in the cave, he ran to go and see... he finally encountered the mysterious glowing figure... it was dozens of Power Crystals, with pink and purplish glowing light, Crunch picked up a small shard of the crystal and placed it in his pocket, that’s just before he heard something or someone shuffling from behind the Crystal shards, Crunch quickly stood up, he knew it was something dangerous... he ran for his life.


Chapter 7- Lots of trouble  

Crunch ran as fast as he could, he finally meet up with his sisters and Tani "Run! He yelled, Tani stood there for a few moments until she saw a large dark figure in the darkness, she gasped and quickly ran, the bandicoot sisters then turned to each other, only to see a nice, big, fat, spider dangling down from a web thread, they screamed and sprinted off with Crunch and Tani...

All four kids were outside of the cave, Tawna and Crystal ran furtherer from the scene and hid in some nearby bushes, Crunch and Tani stood there to see the creature, it finally showed itself out in the day of light, it was a huge, overgrown polar bear, Tani and Crunch stood there, amazed at what they saw "What the hell did you do Crunch? We're gonna get eaten by this thing!" Tani shouted "No we wont! We'll fight back... We're not evolved for any reason you know..." Crunch told her, Tani wasn’t to sure, then the bear charged for Crunch, Crunch jumped over the bear and landed on top of its head, he punched its eyes, its roared and went out of control, Tani smiled and wanted to join in the madness, She ran quickly up to the bear and gave it a good kick in the face, it growled loudly and tried to bite her, she quickly dodged the bear and teased it by run around it, Crunch then hoped off the beast and landed in front of its huge muzzle, it slowly opened its mouth but before it had a chance to grasp at Crunch, Crunch punched its snout quick and hard, the bear got stunned for a moment... took a few steps back, as the bear backed away, Koala Kong, Cortex and a few Lab Assistants came to the scene "There they are! AH A BEAR!" Kong screamed, the bear just ran away back into the cave "Heh, just shows how tough I am! Yah!" Kong said proudly, then he started to pose, Crunch and Tani frowned and struggled "You damn marsupials are lucky to be alive! I never said any of you could wonder off into the forest! Especially out of Koala Kong’s sight! So no dinner for you for tonight! And nothing else for that matter! Get inside now and get to bed!" Cortex yelled, the kids did as they were told...

All four were inside the sleeping room, Pinstripe came in "Hah! You losers got in trouble! See! You guys should have come inside!" "Its not our fault! It was... Crunch! Yeah! He's the one who made that bear chase us!" Tani shouted "But you were the one who wanted to go in the cave" He replied "So! I didn’t wake up a monster did I? Why the heck did you do that anyway?" "I didn’t know it was down there!" "Whatever! You just wanted to look tough!" "No I didn’t! You just think you're the best!" Tani got angry and lashed out to Crunch, Crunch fought back, Pinstripe watched them "...wow, they can fight..." The two pulled fur, kicked, punched and scratched each other till one gave up, Kong came in "Hey hey you two! Stop fighting!" He yelled, he quickly grabbed them, Tani by her shirt and Crunch by his scruff "Come on kids! I thought you two were friends... yah?" Kong asked the pair "She started it!" "No he did!" they both screamed, Kong just sighed and put them down "Just try to get along... I don’t want Cortex to punish any of you even more okay?" Kong explained "Yeah.. Ok Kong..." Both Tani and Crunch replied.

Crunch looked at Tani "I’m sorry, I should have told you what I found in the cave..." Crunch pulled out the small crystal shard from his pocket "wow, that’s pretty cool! It glows... but it’s a sissy colour!" Tani said "Yeah I know, that’s why I thought one of my sisters could have it!" Crunch looked at Tawna and his unnamed sister, "Hey nameless sis... I have a name for you..." She looked at Crunch "You do? What is it" she curiously approached him, Crunch handed the small crystal over to her "Crystal..." He said, she smiled "Wow, Thanks Crunch! I like my name to... finally I can be called by a name, thanks a lot!" Crystal said, she hugged her brother, "Hey, no problem. I thought it suited you" He replied.


Chapter 8- Questions and Answers

It was midday, the four kids were very bored and hungry, Crunch couldn’t stand it anymore, he wanted to go and talk with Dr Cortex himself and maybe Dr Brio too, he snuck out of the room... he wandered around the castle, he noticed the higher he went, the flasher the castle got, then he saw many Neo Cortex paintings on the walls, and other paintings of his relatives...

 He made his way through Cortex’s private lab, Cortex was seen working on a large machine, Crunch approached Cortex closer "Cortex" Cortex got a fright and dropped his tool "Ahh! Who’s there?" Cortex turned around, he sighed, "Crunch, what are you doing here? No animals are allowed up here!" "I just wanted to ask some questions" "Questions? Dream on bandicoot, I don’t give advice to anyone, especially furry critters! So go on, shoo!" Crunch just ignored him and went on "I just think that my sisters and Tani don’t deserve that punishment, at all... maybe even myself" Cortex listened to Crunch "Rubbish! If one of you break the rules, all of you will get punished! Whenever you like it or not" "Ok then... I just didn’t understand... So, what are you working on?" Crunch asked, Cortex just froze "Hmm, I guess I could tell you... it’s my next creation, the Cortex Vortex! Won’t be completed for a while though... So I can create more powerful and more reliable minions! Ones that actually LISTEN to me!" "Cortex, we would listen if you didn’t hate us for no reason" "No reason? You don’t know anything! You're just an animal! I hate you for being so ignorant! And the rest for being so weak! Koala Kong is my best minion at the moment!" "We all have something special you know, that’s something you don’t know..." "Hah, pathetic marsupial... get out of my sight! I’m busy!" "Fine, if you wont talk... then I'll talk with Brio instead, where is he?" "Brio? Hah! You wont ever get a chance to talk with him! He's not allowed to go near any of you!" Crunch frowned "Why? He created us!" Cortex got angrier "He did NOT create you! ANY of you! I did! I created everything here! So go away now you filthy pest before I zap you with my laser gun!" Cortex shouted, he grabbed out his ray gun, pointed it at Crunch, Crunch just turned his back to him and walked out of the room...

Crunch stood motionless outside of the room and thought "Man, he's... horrible... what is with this human... I’m sure Brio isn’t as bad as him..." Nina walked up to him "Its ok Crunch! Uncle Neo can be a bit mean sometimes! Lemme take you back downstairs with the others!" Nina pulled Crunch by the hand "Sometimes? Since when has he been nice to us... never, we didn’t do anything wrong too... wrong enough to deserve this" "Well.... he is nice to me! Well, that's because he is me uncle! Come on Crunch! The girls are wondering where you went!" Nina told him, they just went back to the room.


Chapter 9- Good heart from an evil family

Nina and Crunch were back in the room with the other youngsters "Hey Crunch! Where were you?" "Oh, I just had a talk with Cortex..." "What did he say?" "Nothing interesting... just insults" "Meh, who cares about that meanie!" Tawna told him, Nina took her backpack off "Look guys! Look what I got for you!" Nina said she then took out all sorts of food "Food!" Tani yelled "Thanks Nina!" Crystal said, "I didn’t want you cuties to starve! Please don’t tell Cortex! Or else I might get in trouble!" "Yeah we wont!" The minions replied, they quickly ate what they could, Nina just smiled "Me don’t understand why Cortex is so mean to all of you..." Nina said, "Yeah, I know what you mean Nina..." Crunch replied "But it doesn't mean I wont be friends with any of you!" Nina said, she hugged all four of them "Hey, what’s with the hugging?" "Hugs are to show how much I luff you guys! I’m so glad I get to live with Neo to play with you all!" Nina told them, they all smiled, "Its nice to know someone that is related to Cortex actually isn’t an enemy..." Crunch thought...

But as that was going on, Cortex watched them all through the security camera, he was frustrated, "Why... why on earth is Nina doing this! The Cortex family is ruthless and evil! We're not supposed to care for furry vermin’s! I don’t want Nina to hate me though... Hmm..." Cortex thought to himself, he had an idea...

The next day, Cortex looked for Nina all over the castle, he checked the minion room, she was seen sitting with the minions watching Television, Neo Cortex got angry but held the anger within himself and spoke "Nina, oh Nina! Uncle Neo has a surprise for you!" Nina turned around "Oh, hello Uncle!" She came up to her uncle, Crunch turned to see him, he knew Neo Cortex was up to something... both Nina and Neo vanished, Crunch wanted to follow but Tani pulled him back "No Crunch, you might get in trouble! Like yesterday..." "Oh... yeah, you're right but... Dr Cortex is up to something..." "Don’t worry about it... as long as it doesn't have anything to do with us... ok?" "Yeah ok" Crunch replied to Tani.

Cortex was in his lab, Nina wasn’t sure on what was going on... "So Uncle, what is the surprise?" "Well my dear, I'll show you latter... I just want to tell you a few things... You really really shouldn’t be hanging around the minions..." Nina's eyes widened "...Why uncle? They're my friends! They're fluffy and I care about them!" "Well... ok dear! I just, just wanted to know... and now, I have a candy for you!" Cortex handed over a small piece of candy to Nina, Nina smiled "Yay candy!" Nina quickly chewed it, and ate it... but moments latter, she felt drowsy "Uncle... I feel tired... I think I'll go to bed early..." "Its ok dear... its ok..." Before Nina could walk away, she just collapsed... "Now... it is time, time to make her fit in with the Cortex family, she'll be thankful to me one day...”


Chapter 10- Dangerous Hugs

It was nightfall, the young minions were just watching television, playing games and other stuff as Crystal waited for Nina "I hope she’s ok... what if Cortex found out she gave us food yesterday?" "Cortex wouldn’t hurt her... she’s pretty much all Cortex cares for out of all living things basically!" Crunch told Crystal, Nina opened the door "Hello everyone! I’m back! And look at my hands!" everyone stared at her, as she stretched her hands out far and grabbed the light shade, she hauled herself up and jumped down, did a few stretchy punches and spin around like a twister "Neo made me these cool hands so I can do special attacks like a minion!" Nina said with glee "Wow, that looks cool..." Crystal said, "I think it’s SCARY!" Tawna screamed, "Why did he do it?" Crunch asked "He said its so I can be a real Cortex like the rest of my family!" She skipped over to the minions and wrapped her steel trap, metal hands around all four of them, "And look! I can even hug you all at once!" the minions tried to get free, they were getting squashed! Crunch pulled Nina’s hands apart with all his strength, everyone got loose and ran, Nina was confused and saddened "What’s wrong... why are you all running away from me?" Crunch dared to walk up to her "Its... its your arms Nina, they're steel and they can well, crush us! Maybe not me but... you know what I mean!" "But... I was only hugging you guys..." Crunch then thought, he thought about Cortex, he walked out of the room "Where are you going Crunch?" Nina asked, "I’m going to see Neo..." he wandered off "I hope he doesn't get into any trouble!" Tani said "Nah, my bro will be fine... he's brave" Crystal told her, Nina headed to Crystal "I’m sorry for hugging you, and the rest of you guys... I wont do it again! I promise!" Nina cried "Aww its ok Nina, we can still be best friends!" Crystal told her "...really! Aww thanks!" Nina was about to hug her, Crystal backed away a bit, Nina then realized what she was about to do, she dropped her arms "Opps... sorry...”

Cortex was seen walking around the castle, Crunch approached him and shouted "Cortex!" Cortex rolled his eyes and turned to Crunch "What do you want now..." "Why did you make Nina some steel arms..." "Hah, why do you think I did? I did it so she wont be cuddling any of you damn critters, she’s supposed to be evil, like me!" "She doesn't have to... none of us do! You can’t change anyone!" "Don’t tell me want I can’t do! I’m an evil genius! You're just an experiment like the rest of you!" "Why did you and Brio bother creating us then?" "When you all grow up, you'll be in part of my army of minions to take over earth! But you... you're useless, I'll properly use you as some kind of worker latter on!" Cortex said, he just laughed evilly... Crunch just turned away... his ears flopped down, he just walked away.


Chapter 11- Academy of Evil

It was yet another day, Cortex had announced that Nina had been accepted into the Academy of Evil, everyone was sort of upset since she was leaving, "I'll miss you Nina!" Tani told her "Me too!" Tawna shouted "And me..." Crystal said silently "Bye Nina" Crunch told her, Nina started crying, "I'll miss you all! I dun wanna go now!" Neo took her by her hand "Come on dear, the blimp is ready to go... we can’t waste time now can we..." Neo and Nina left the scene, the young minions seemed ok about it but Crystal didn’t say much...

Neo Cortex and Nina were about to enter the blimp, Nina then stood there... "I’m not going uncle... never! I want to stay here with my friends!" Nina screamed Neo frowned "No Nina! You must go to the Academy of Evil! You'll make lots of new friends there!" "No! I want.... I want Crystal to come!" Nina shouted, Neo sighed "Well... ok! I'll get Crystal..." Neo then asked one of the Lab Assistants to go and get Crystal...

The Lab Assistant approached Crystal "Crystal, you must come to Lab with me to be tested on Dr Cortex's new machine" The Assistant told her, She looked up in fear "...Will it hurt?" she asked, but the Assistant just picked her up and took her back to Neo... Crunch, Tani and Tawna weren’t around to see it happen... Crystal was too afraid to say a word...

The Assistant roughly dropped Crystal on the ground in front of both Nina and Neo "Oh, Oh hi Nina! So... what am I doing here? I’m confused..." Crystal muttered "Uncle Neo said you can come with me to the Academy of evil! It’s going to be lots of fun!" Nina told her friend, Neo just smiled evilly "Good, now you two... get in the blimp! We don’t have much time" Nina quickly jumped into the blimp, Crystal followed but then paused at the entrance, and asked Neo "Uhh... Dr Cortex, will I ever come back to see my brother? I don’t want to be gone for too long..." "Oh yes! Of course you'll get to see your brother! Don’t worry, just keep my niece in company ok?" "Yeah sure" Crystal replied, she jumped in the blimp, Cortex smirked to himself "Hah, she won’t be seeing him in a long long time... Oh well, that’s the way it is I guess! While Nina’s gone and becoming a great evil genius like me, I'll get to work on my Vortex.... Muhahhahhahah!".

Chapter 12- Missing sister

Crunch, Tani and Tawna were looking everywhere for Crystal, she was nowhere to be found... Crunch started worrying... "I hope she’s ok..." he thought, Neo came walking down the hallway alone, smiling deviously as usual, Crunch headed towards him "Where is Crystal..." he asked the Mad Scientist, "Oh... Oh Crunch, I was coming to you and your stepsister... to give some... rather, sad news..." Neo spoke, in an emotional way... but he was faking it, Tani and Tawna looked at both Crunch and Neo Cortex "...What are you talking about?" Crunch asked, "You see... Crystal had to be tested on the 'Cortex Vortex' and everything was going fine BUT..." Crunch frowned even more "But what?" "She disappeared! I have no idea how but... she just vanished! I believe the power was too much... to powerful... that’s all I can say for now..." Neo told him in an emotional way yet again, Crunch just turned away for a moment, Tani looked down... Tawna just bursted into tears, "You... you killed her! You killed her!" he yelled, Neo looked at Crunch "Oh no Crunch, the... the machine did! Well, sacrifices must be made now and then... its the, cycle of life!" Neo Cortex told Crunch, but Crunch wasn’t taking any of it, "I'll get you for this!" Crunch yelled, Cortex then realized he was alone, had no guards, had no gun... he looked at Crunch, he may have been quite small but he was terrifying enough to scare Cortex when baring his small sharp teeth, Cortex screamed like a woman, Crunch lashed out and pinned Neo down to the ground and took a bite at his hand, Cortex just screamed more "HELP!!!" He yelled, Tani and Tawna watched "Go Crunch!" Tani and Tawna yelled, but it wasn’t long till some of the Assistants came to the scene, Tani and Tawna went silent, The Assistants quickly headed over to Crunch and Cortex, they grabbed Crunch tightly and pulled him away from Cortex... but didn’t let go, Cortex just screamed “Ahh! Don’t pull him to hard! He’ll tear my hand off!” Cortex then got his hand free, the two Assistants held Crunch by both of his arms, he tried to get free but the assistants had him secure “… You’re... You’re going to PAY for this!” Cortex shouted, Crunch just growled back “No I wont! I’ll kill you!” Cortex just got madder by the second, “Never! Assistants! Take him to… the empty chamber! I’ll deal with him…” The two Assistants took Crunch away, Tani and Tawna gasped “No! Where are you taking him?” Tani screamed “Its none of your business missy! Now you two better get back in your room or else… I’ll punish you as well!” Cortex shouted at the two girls, they quickly did as they were told.


Chapter 13- Punishment

Neo Cortex was in the emergency room, Dr Brio was there, “BRIO! Get me some damn plasters and other medical stuff!” Dr Brio ran up to Neo “Oh Dr Cortex! What happened? Did one of the minions hurt themselves?” Brio stuttered, Cortex just had a blank and angered look on his face “… Err NO! It’s my hand! That damn beast bit me! Hurry! I might get rabies if untreated! Or some other disease!” Cortex panicked, Brio didn’t seem all to thrilled “Err, ok Doctor…” Brio quickly dealt with Neo’s hand, “Well Dr Cortex, its nothing serious… Its just a bite, b-b-be glad it didn’t eat your hand” “Nothing serious? IT IS SERIOUS!” Cortex screamed, Brio’s eyes just widened “Umm, how serious D-d-doctor?” “One of the minions bit me, the one named Crunch!” “Crunch? He's just a little… juvenile… and I’m sure he d-d-didn’t do it for no reason!” “No reason! He wanted to kill me! How dare one of my minion’s tries such a thing! And how dare you don’t believe me! That’s it! I’ll exterminate this minion!” Brio then gasped “Nooo! You can’t kill him! There could be a way around this! Please don’t!” Cortex ignored Brio’s words and headed out of the room…

 Crunch was still being held by the two Assistants in the cold and empty room… Crunch didn’t make a sound, nor did the robots, then Cortex set foot near the doorway, “Well Crunch, since you’re one of the most appalling minions of all, I’ll give you this punishment…. Assistants go on…” The two Assistants looked at Cortex and nodded, Crunch wasn’t sure what was about to happen, then from out of the robots hands can a strong spark of electricity, it quickly shocked Crunch, Crunch had never felt anything like it, it finally stopped… even though it was for a short time, Crunch felt the pain and almost couldn’t move, Cortex just smiled but he was amazed that he actually was still alive, The two robotic assistants dropped Crunch to the ground, he didn’t make a sound nor move but he was still breathing, he got up and looked at Cortex “I thought you wanted to kill me…” he spoke, Cortex took out his ray-gun, he pointed it at Crunch, it sat set to ‘destroy’ but Cortex thought about it, and quickly set the gun to ‘stun’ and shot Crunch, Crunch just fell to the floor, he wasn’t dead… he was knocked out.


Chapter 14- Moving on

Tani and Tawna were curious to know what happened to Crunch, since they knew Cortex had left the room… both girls ran to the room, to find Crunch lying there “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HE’S DEAD” Tawna screamed, then cried, Tani didn’t make a sound, she just quickly ran over to him, she kneeled down by him “Come on Crunch, wake up!” Tani yelled, she pushed him a few times, until he moved himself, Tani smiled “Come on Crunch, me and Tawna are here!” Tani told him, he slowly got up, Tani helped him get up, Tawna smiled and cried “Yay you’re ok!” Tani came over to Tani and helped her bring Crunch out of the room and back to their own room.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the lab, Neo Cortex and Brio were there… talking “So D-d-doctor… you didn’t kill Crunch?” Brio asked “No I didn’t” “Aww, I knew you had the heart not to!” “I did NOT do it because of that, I did it because… well, there’s something about him that I think is of great value… He’s like no other, though I may admit… But I am unsure…” Cortex told Brio, “Well Dr Cortex, what will you do now? Continue on with the Cortex Vortex?” “Yes Brio, and I want you to take Kong, Tani and Crunch to X.Treme Island after Crunch is better…” “Why is that D-d-d-doctor? What about Tawna and Pinstripe?” Brio asked unsurely “Because I need to work in peace, they distract me and I have future plans for Pinstripe and Tawna…” “Oh, alright Dr Cortex, I understand now”

Hours passed by… Crunch still lay still as Tani and Tawna watched over him, he finally woke and first saw Tani, “Crunch, are you ok?” she asked him, Crunch slowly lifted his back up of the mattress, “Well, I feel a bit better now… still a bit sore though… how did I get back in here?” Crunch asked, “Well, I found you in that room so me and Tawna brought you back here…” “Wow… thank you Tani, you’re a great friend… and Tawna, thank you too” Tani and Tawna just smiled “You’re welcome” they both replied.

A few days after that incident, Dr Brio transported Koala Kong, Tani and Crunch to X.Treme island, they arrived at the seashore, all three were amazed at what they saw “Wow, this place looks… cool” Crunch said, “Yeah, you can say that again!” Tani replied Kong didn’t say much, he just smiled and looked around “I bet there’s a ton of eucalyptus leaves here…!” He thought, but Crunch looked at Brio and asked “What about Tawna? And Pinstripe…?” “Well Crunch… Dr Cortex said he needed them for something, don’t worry, your sister will b-b-be safe!” Brio told him, Crunch felt angry hearing Cortex’s name being mentioned, he looked back at Brio ”Just, make sure Cortex doesn’t kill anyone else ok…” “Yes of course! I doubt he will anyway, all of you are important to him… that’s why he decided to let you live” “What? That doesn’t make sense…” Crunch said “Well, I guess I b-b-better get going, I’ll bring resources over to the island now and then and the house is just over there behind the trees, good b-b-bye everyone!” Brio spoke, as he headed back to Cortex Castle Island… “Ok kids, we better go and check out our new home! Yah?” Kong told the pair, all three marsupials explored the house, it was rather basic with a lounge, bathroom, kitchen and a room, Kong quickly ran to the Lazy-boy chair and dozed off, Tani and Crunch ran into the room and saw two single mattresses, they both just lied down on each one, Crunch was silent and still saddened about the loss of his sister, Tani looked at him, “Its ok Crunch… I believe she isn’t dead… I think she’s gone to some dimension or something”  “Well, I’d like to believe that but… I just don’t know… I just hate Cortex so much, I don’t understand him” “Well, who does? He’s just a weird person who likes evil stuff! Lets just forget about him… We have to move on yah know, I don’t want you to be sad all the time” Tani told Crunch, Crunch just sighed “Its hard… But you are right, I cant be sad all the time… I’ll get revenge on Cortex, when I feel I have the strength to do so…” “That’s the spirit!” Tani told Crunch, Crunch smiled back.

ever since then, Crunch and Tani got trained by Koala Kong in fighting skills and more… but over the past year, Kong started to be lazier and lazier while Tani and Crunch got stronger, not only their fighting abilities, but their friendship as well, even though they had fights now and then… and three years from then, Outcast Bandicoot 1 begun.


The End

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