Chapter 32 - Taking out the Trash

The team were in Coco's spaceship, and the trip had been going on for hours. The sky got darker as the ship flew to the other side of the world. Both Crunch and Crystal had fallen asleep from exhaustion, "Wow, I can only imagine how tired those two must be after using those powers..." said Coco, as she carried on driving "Yes indeed. Thankfully their mortal selves will recover fully though, they just both need some good rest" replied Aku aku "So Aku aku... the dark spirit is gone for good right?" "Yes, all thanks to the four elementals and Crunch's control over them... No one else has ever been able to control those four masks near as well as he. Not even myself" said Aku aku, as he watched over the tired burgundy bandicoot and his sister.

The flight had gone on for around six long hours, Coco drove slower than usual to give time for Crunch and Crystal to rest up. Soon N.Sanity island was seen from a distance, as well as X.Treme Island, Cortex Castle Island and... something else. Which came as a shock to Coco "Oh dear... not Dr Neo Cortex... this can't be!" she said silently, she landed the spaceship down on the sands of N.Sanity beach. It was very early in the morning but the stars wear still visible with a bright glow of the sun in a far distance. Crunch and his sister were soon woken, but Crash and Coco had already gotten out minutes before them. The two orange bandicoots stood outside and stared at the large Ice berg with the lab built on it. They were shocked with what they saw "No! Why did Cortex have to strike now! We only just defeated some other baddie!" Coco complained, Crash looked rather bothered with the arrival of Dr Neo Cortex as well. Crunch was reminded and quickly jumped out of the spaceship, he walked over to Crash and Coco "I forgot to tell you guys that... he was the one that sent the Bearminator to take us down..." Crunch told the siblings, both Crash and Coco carried on staring at the huge Iceberg lab. Crunch was starting to get angered and vicious at the sight of Cortex's machinery being around. This was it. He was about to come face to face with his greatest enemy.

Shortly, the large front door of the Laboratory opened and the mad man came walking out onto the metal platforms and hard ice, Crunch snarled immediately and bared his teeth, both Crash and Coco looked at Crunch. They were surprised with how much hate he showed towards the doctor... but they didn't know why, since Crunch had never told them about his bad experiences in life. Coco and Crash decided to move away from Crunch to let him speak with the scientist. Dr Cortex had soon walked up to the edge of the Ice berg. He looked down at the angry burgundy bandicoot, he too soon looked almost as angered as the bandicoot himself, he frowned even more as he stared at Crunch "You...You RUINED MY PLANS!" shouted Cortex, he shook his fists in anger at Crunch, he just stared back with a dangerous glare "So I have... that makes me a little less angry then...!" replied Crunch, with his teeth still bared, Cortex looked on more "I was SO CLOSE to getting rid of Crash and Coco until you had to come and KILL OFF my latest creation!!!" Cortex shouted, as he started to jump up and down with frustration. Coco and Crash gasped at hearing that, but they realized he had saved with lives in doing so... and didn't dare to say anything. Crunch carried on looking up at the scientist... he was starting to lose his temper! He just wanted to get up there and rip the scientist to bits! But he wouldn't with witnesses around, however.... he knew he had to try and get rid of the mad man and his Ice berg laboratory, no matter what. "You bloody sicken me. Trying to exterminate Crash and Coco...! They DON'T deserve such a thing, the only one here who deserves death... is YOU!" Crunch yelled back at Neo, he screwed his face up even more at Crunch's words "SHUT UP YOU WORTHLESS BANDICOOT! I'M NEVER GOING TO EVOLVE ANYMORE ANIMALS ANYWAY... EVER! I'll find a way to destroy all three of you, just you WAIT!" screamed Cortex as he jumped about again. Crunch just carried on his angry glare. He knew he had to hurry up and stop Cortex from starting up another world domination scheme, and quick. He was still slightly tired from the big fight with the dark Crimzon spirit... but still had some energy left to help stop Cortex right in his tracks, "I think it's about time I take out the trash...!" he said, Dr Cortex looked on and raised an eyebrow "Huh...?", Crunch then stood up straight and held out both his arms and hands. Two of the crystal shards on his necklace started to slow brightly, the blue and turquoise ones. Storm clouds and strong gusts of wind started to blow all around the area, and the waves surrounding the Ice berg lab, started to cause the lab to slowly drift away from the N.Sanity beaches "What IS going ON!?" Cortex shouted in fury, Crunch did not reply. His eyes started to glow a bright blue and white colour, and soon the clouds above the area started to darken and flash with lightning. The waves pushed the Ice berg furtherer out to see, Cortex had now realized... that Crunch was indeed controlling the elementals "No... no! How can he do this! HOW?!" he panicked, he had no where to run, no where to hide. He ran around in circles like a maniac and screamed constantly. The storm got worse as seconds passed by, lightning kept flashing from the skies and the waves got bigger. The Iceberg lab was violently shaking with the sea, and the mad scientist was in complete fear, he grabbed onto anything he could and tried with all his power to at least get back inside the lab "THIS CANT BE! I AM THE MIGHTY DR NEO CORTEX! I WILL NOT TOLERATE BEING PUSHED AROUND, ESPECIALLY BY THE LIKES OF CRUNCH!" he cried on and on, while holding on tightly to a piece of metal sticking out of the ice. Crash, Coco and Crystal watched with amazement, as the seawater had risen up surprisingly high near the shores of N.Sanity Island. Crunch pulled both his arms up slowly and as he did... the sea in front of his rose as well.

He was creating a tsunami with both Wa-wa and Lo-lo.

Dr Cortex carried on his screams and held on tight, "I DIDN'T EVEN GET A CHANCE TO START WITH WORLD DOMINATION ARGH!!!" He shouted, but his shouts had gotten quieter as the Ice berg moved furtherer away. The Tsunami seawater had risen dangerously high near the shores of N.Sanity beach, it was a rather frightening sight for everyone besides Crunch, who was controlling it. His hands had now stopped. He held them steadily above his head "...Now... PISS OFF!" He roared, he swiped down both his hands forward like he had just thrown something... the huge Tidal wave had now been 'thrown' forward, everyone at the beach watched as the huge blast of water headed for the Ice Berg Lab, it rushed forward and Cortex could only freeze in fear as the Tsunami came for him, and the huge gusts of wind "AHHHHHHH!!!" He screamed! But his scream was blocked by the loud clashes of waves! The huge Tsunami struck the even smaller Ice berg, it caused the lab to go smashing through the waves. It was pushed many miles to the south, the Ice berg and huge tsunami had soon disappeared into the far horizon.

Crunch's eyes stopped glowing and he closed them shut and shook his head several times, "That's it, no more use of elemental powers for a long time...!" Crunch said, Crash, Coco and Crystal immediately came to congratulate Crunch "Yay you did it! You did it!" Coco said, while jumping around, "Wow that was amazing! How did you do it...!?" Crystal asked, "Well let's just say, a few friends of mine helped me out. The Elementals..." he said, as he looked down as the necklace around his neck. Aku aku flew over to Crunch to give him a compliment as well "Well done... again. We're happy you were able to clear Dr Cortex out of the way before he could cause more troubles than it's worth" the mask told him "Hey no problem... there's no way I'd let that scum hang around here..." replied Crunch. Coco turned to Aku aku "Do you think that's the last we'll ever see of Dr Cortex...?" "I'd like to believe that my child but somehow... I doubt that very much." Crunch also thought about it, he agreed with Aku aku. He wouldn't believe the mad man was dead, unless he saw it with his own eyes. But he was very relieved to have gotten rid of the scientist and his brand new laboratory from this area anyway, "Well guys, I'm sure that'll stop Dr Cortex from striking anytime soon. I really must get going now... I bet you guys can't wait to get back to your house as well!" "Oh yes, you're right Crunch! We have to check up on Pura and Polar...! We'll probably come and visit tomorrow or the next day if you don't mind!" "Yeah sure Coco, I just hope Tani wont get too bitchy with you guys around again!" Crunch replied and gave a slight smirk "he he! Same here well, me and Crash better head off now then... take care brother!" said Coco, her and Crash walked through the N.Sanity jungle and waved back at Crunch and Crystal, "Huh? brother...?" "Oh, long story...! I suppose I have a lot to tell you about us all, and all the adventures that happened since you've been away" Crunch told her "Yes indeed! So, we're going to see Tani now and your home...?" "yeah, come follow me. There's a jet ski we can borrow to get back to my home... X.Treme island." both burgundy bandicoots ran towards the shores, and 'borrowed' the jet ski lying on the sand, which was slightly larger than Coco's one. Crunch pulled it out to the seashore, and hopped on... along with Crystal sitting on the back. They both drove off through the sea... and watched as the sun slowly raised from the distance.

As for Dr Cortex and his Ice Berg Lair... it had drifted all the way to Antarctica. The ice berg was shattered to bits, as well as the lab... metal platforms, walls and all scattered the ice sheets. Emperor penguins were seen gathering around a strange yellow object sticking out of the ice, it was Dr Neo Cortex of course. "Get away from me, get out!" he yelled, the large penguins just stared down at the strange looking human being. Dr Cortex was shivering from the intense cold, it was obvious that he'd freeze anytime soon "I'll.... I'll... get you Crunch.... Bandicoot... Just.... you... wait...!!!" Cortex stuttered, the scene faded but the penguins carried on staring at the strange man. The doctor soon was frozen stiff.

Chapter 33

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